Discreet watch returns with a re-design

Design submitted by Jacques from The Netherlands.

Jacques says: The watch is a redesign of the watch I posted earlier. Although the watch looks quite different from the first one, the principle actually is the same. A minimalistic watch with a completely blank front and time reading functionality on the side, which creates a surprising effect compared to the many watches with frontal displays and numerous clocks/pointers etc.

In the first design the rotating lights on the side of the watch forced the user to turn his/her wrist when seeking the lights to tell time. So not very easy to use.

In this new design the time is displayed on one side of the watch. So time can be read easily and also quite sneaky, when in a boring meeting for example.

Every number slot consists of nine LEDs (inspired by the Kisai logo) from which all numbers can be created. Actually only the midsections of the numbers are displayed (see picture), but this offers enough information to tell time easily, perhaps with a little practice. Oh yeah, the 9 should not be confused with the 4 :)

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51 Responses to “Discreet watch returns with a re-design”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    A very nice update to an already cool idea. I think this re-design has really helped. The case & strap configuration are now much more balanced. The choice of colour/materials is a very beautiful combination which gives me a desire to own.
    The time telling is now not frustrating (as it might have been previously) but still retains a cryptic element.

    I still have a feeling that sub-surface LED could be cool, but I also appreciate the subtle side reading method. Perhaps the watch could do both & the user can decide which is most appealing to them.

  2. avatar gordon says:

    this is one **** watch and the renderings are top quality I wish TF would make a sophisticated watch like this. I must say I was a little disappointed with TF latest release. That said I would wear this in a minute. May I suggest you experiment with more materials and post a link here to pics, I think there are many beautiful design combinations for this watch. 5yes

  3. avatar Makkovik says:

    I love it.

    I love the dark wood used. & combining it with dark materials for the rest. I like that you kept the Kisaï part.

    I like the 4 screws used to fasten the lugs. I like that it’s using a strap & not a band!

    I like the dotted digits. I like that it’s on a row (at 1st, I thought that it was on a column, which would be harder to read).

    The 4 & 9 twist is interesting. I like that the 4 isn’t used for the 4! (all the digits are cryptic)

    I love that they are only on 1 side. I’m not sure about the side it’s on. They have pro & con:

    As is, vs on the other side: the arm need to be stretched more to read, but easier to setup/activate.

    On the other side: harder to setup/activate, but easier to read.

    Having it on a “driver” 70′s watch case would be nice, but there only me & Pete (I think it’s him) that like those cases.

    Anyway, you get a sell.

  4. avatar xian says:

    Excellent renderings, the textures are thoroughly convincing. All class!

  5. avatar ALinCAL says:

    Jacques… this watch is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the color combinations, and materials.
    The method is a bit rough to get the head around at first, but I think it would be second nature after a while…

    Best of Luck!


  6. avatar Pete says:

    Great looking watch and top notch renderings! The original design looked nice but this is a vast improvement. For me the display would be better situated on the face inline with the strap (like a conventional drivers watch) but would probably spoil the proportions. I would be willing to twist my wrist a bit oddly for the sake of style! 5/Y best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Jacques says:

      Tnx! One arm stretch is enough, no stretch required when standing, driving, cycling, mousing, mowing your lawn… :) . The display in line with the strap will result in a very different design, could also be nice. Perhaps a little more easy to use but less unique I think.

  7. avatar Samukun says:

    Absolutely stunning!

    + the materials
    + the numbers!!!
    + the geometry
    + the renderings :]~

    Good hint from Pete about the position of the lights. Doing so would allow wearing the watch on either left and right wrist and it would be more comfortable to read. I think this watch would already sell nicely. Removing the little little inconveniences would result in a top candidate for production I believe, because

    + unique
    + sytlish
    + nice amount of nerdy


    • avatar Jacques says:

      Tnx! Good point about right arm users, did not yet think about that. The display can also be on both sides and also function as buttons, in that way you can choose your most convenient side.

  8. avatar Nev says:

    This is certainly easier to read than the original and the numbers are great.
    As designed, it would be best as a left wrist watch, as it would be awkward to read on the other wrist. Like Pete, I don’t think moving the display would suit the design. Works for me as is, though.
    I do, however, think there is too much casing around the wood. It makes the watch look bulky (even though it isn’t) and makes the wood look like an afterthought. More wood, less “frame”, please. Then I would buy it without hesitation.

  9. avatar Paul says:

    Great deisng and unique idea!


    Removing the top of the numbers? What a f**king terrible idea! There is enough room to have full numbers on the side, so do it.

    • avatar Jacques says:

      Tnx! Ai, too bad you don’t like the display idea. The nine digits derive from the Kisai logo and makes the watch more cryptic and less obvious. The cut-out of the midsection of the numbers also emphasizes the fact the time is one the side which is not very spacious.

      • avatar Paul says:

        You could easily add a few mm to the thickness and have full number displays.

        There’s cryptic (binary watches) and then there is simply unreadable and confusing (this design).

        • avatar Nev says:

          I think you are being a bit harsh here. The numbers are not ‘unreadable’ – they are easy to read once you know how (only takes a quick look at the image showing this).
          Cryptic does not only = binary, but anything that is less obvious.
          If you want easy to read numbers, then this watch may not be for you, but for many of us these cryptic numbers are great and add to the appeal.

        • avatar Paul says:

          I never stated cryptic meant binary only. I wrote it in brackets to signify an example of cryptic.

  10. avatar ObeliX says:

    ohh, I like this design, but would prefer the slim version, too. and the display definitely should be on the other side. stretching your arm forward to read it from the back, feels somehow awkward.
    and I think I would add the second dot to the number 1 (the dot that is only active in the number 4 pattern now). it could help reading 01 and 10 combinations and still fits the digit building concept as ONEs usually have a small forward slash in most fonts.
    and how about making the wooden panel an changeable part, so one could customize the watch for different moods or occasions. plus I would like, that the wooden panel itself is the switch to show the time or (if technically possible) make the Kisai part touch sensible.
    anyway, I would add this to my collection for sure. :)

  11. avatar Justin says:

    Lovely renderings and design, very nice looking watch, it almost looks real!

    But…this one isn’t for me I’m afraid. 5* for the whole package but it’s not for me. I’m not too keen on the numbers being in the side and the thought of turning my wrist to read them isn’t appealing. For me if have to point my fist/hand at my face and in doing that I’d feel rather silly.

    It’s still a great effort and wish you the best of luck though

  12. avatar dzign555 says:

    This is a beautiful design. 5y

  13. avatar Skooma says:

    As a college student, the one thing you want from a watch is for it to be sleek and trendy. There are three watches I would wear from this site 2 of which I bought already. The Denshoku black, the RPM black, and this. Honestly the thin black frame combined with wood looks very **** and would compliment my other wrist-wear.

    If this gets made, I will definitely buy it. Through personal preference though, I would like to see the wrist band be made of a different material such as the matching wood being used on the watch face, or maybe rubber for surfing/durability purposes. Just a suggestion though, the watch face is amazing nevertheless.

  14. avatar Patrick says:

    To avoid twisting my wrist, I would set the time reading on the front, to enjoy the interesting cryptic reading.
    Rendering is always outstanding!
    5 * / Y.

    • avatar Jacques says:

      Thanks Patrick! I made a re-redesign with the cryptic numbers on the side and also on the front through sub- surface LEDs. Hope it will be online soon.

  15. avatar Wilhelm says:

    Great design Jacques!

  16. This is awesome Jacques, we would like to feature this on our site, what’s your full name? We need to credit your full name in the article.

  17. avatar LightDot says:

    This is great. Wonderful design!

    What would be the measuers of this watch?

    One of the issues I have with most products on Tokyflash is the size. I understand that manufacturing some of these isn’t as easy as one would wish and making products more streamilined would mean making them more expensive, but stil… If a manufctured product could be made as slick as these renderings, I would purchase it.

    An idea: the watch could have a removable inner part. Basically, the frame and the wood would be a single part, the numbers / buttons block would be removable once the bottom of the watch is opened. This removable inner block would contain all the electronics and once turned the other way and re-inserted, the watch could easily be used on either left or right hand.

    Anyway, Jacques, congrats on a wonderful design!

    • avatar jacques says:

      Thanks! The watch is about 4 to 4,5 cm wide (case). The shape is rather basic, so should be easy to produce and the electronics can be placed efficiently.

      Yes making it modular is a solution for the left/right use problem, but I think it will also make the watch less easy to produce and less solid/simple. Also the kisai logo part will be trouble?

  18. avatar Jose says:

    Excellent redesign. Simplicity of form and great mix of materials.
    I remain unconvinced side reading.
    Anyway it is an excellent concept. Very well done.
    Y*Y*Y*Y*Y*. Good luck Jacques :)

  19. avatar Gordon says:

    Just wanted to give more support to this awesome watch