(English) Time-Card is your futuristic pocket watch.

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: Being a fan of watches its hard to believe that there are people out there that dont like them.

Some of these people are also not keen on mobile phones let alone having to look at their phones to tell the time. So it seems there is a niche for a time telling device that is neither a phone or watch but is compact to be carried on one person.

Most people carrier a wallet or purse as debit cards and credit cards are a necessary evil of modern living so I decided to come up with a credit card sized clock that is compact enough to fit into a wallet or pocket or could be worn on ones person. The creativly named “Time-Card” was born.

Its also worth pointing out that there is market for credit card sized gadgets, I have seen a few exaples of this that include card sized utility knives, golf accesories, memory cards and calculators etc. The perfect gift for the person who has everything.

The time card is a uber thin credit card sized clock. As size is an issue I have opted for LCD for my example. The reason being that its possible to make LCDs very thin but also they can run for a long time on very small batteries. I have opted to use an analogue 12/11/4 format in a star-treky console stylie, but as there is potentially a large screen area this could have easily been an analogue 12/60 format like “Rogue”. I have also included a digital area, this could be turned on or off as prefered and could display the same time as the analogue part or duel time, alarm, date etc etc. Other features include a kick stand so it can be stood up like a travel clock, a belt clip so the clock can be fastened to bags or clothing, a couple of notches under the belt clip so a cord or laynard could be used and speakers for alarm and chime functions.

This design will hopefully apeal to those people who are not fans of wrist watches but still like to have a portable time telling device on them other than mobile phones. A modern day pocket watch if you will. The time card may also appeal to people who just like querky and unusual products and the odd treky :D

The credit card proportions, lack of a watch strap and sci-fi time telling stylie seperates this concept from others.

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27 Responses to “(English) Time-Card is your futuristic pocket watch.”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    The evolution of the pocket watch.
    I agree with your comment that this is probably for gadget lovers. For some people this would be hard to justify as they would say ‘i can just look at my phone’ but then this isn’t for those people, exactly as you mentioned.

    I could use this actually. Despite being a watch fan, I don’t always wear one [gasp] because it gets very hot & humid where I live ~ so I sometimes prefer not to have something on my wrist. I am also not a fan of mobile phones – don’t get me wrong, I love the function of apps etc & I have several ‘i’ devices, but for my phone I just have a cheap pre-pay, it barely gets used. Therefore, tuck this I’m my wallet & i am good to go!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers for posting and commenting Toky! Yeah this one is probably a little niche. But I could imagine these in a gadget shop at the right price doing well. Crikey a TF member not wearing a watch? This is controversial! lol
      I think if this can be made slim enough and light enough to fit in your wallet or clip to clothes then it could be ideal gift for those who like empty wrist real estate ;) cheers

  2. avatar dzign555 より:

    Great idea! Looks really neat! 5y

  3. avatar Nev より:

    It doesn’t matter that I always wear a watch, this is still something I want to have!
    I like the fact that I could use this as a desk clock as well as a portable timepiece. Needs to be thin enough to fit in card slots in wallets, so everything, including the battery, need to be thin. Hope this is possible.
    Good luck and 5y.

    • avatar Pete より:

      I think that because it is relatively wide and tall (in comparison to a regular watch) the components could be spaced out (next to each other rather than above or below one another) which should allow it to be uber thin. I have seen batteries which are large in diameter but very thin which would hopefully be suitable. Fingers crossed such things are possible. :)

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Pete, I’m not a huge fan of electronics, credit cards or cleaning the car, loyalty card etc.., Then one more card in the pocket or around the neck? (I shall be afraid to break it). By cons on my desk yes!
    I like new ideas, so it will be 5 * / Yes, I expect to have on my desk …

  5. avatar Wandadorff より:

    We could do with a nurses version where itcan be read upside down!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Wandadorff, Im sure display could be set out in such a way that the display could be flipped in orientation to allow it to be viewed upside down like you suggest. Maybe if there is room, an accelometer could be used so it flips automatically. Cheers for the feedback! :D

  6. avatar Sebastian より:

    Great! BUT wrong colors. orange + blue doesnt look very good. Look at the original colors of the StarTrek LCARS Panel

    Would love to see the watch in that colors.

  7. avatar Anders S より:

    Great idea Pete, some clever around-the-box thinking there! =)
    I really like the concept of a pocket watch in general, and seeing a new take on it is always interesting, especially one as well-realised as this.

    I agree with Nev and Patrick that the stand and (for me especially as I’m in need of one) the alarm function are very useful features. I’d most likely use it as an alarm clock but possibly take it out for excursions now and again. Again like Nev said I think it needs to be sliver thin (around 2 mm, no more than 3) to really work as intended, fingers crossed it’s possible. If it is I’d buy this quicker than you can say ‘exotic timepiece’. =)

    The only detail I’m not 100% behind is the screen layout, of all things; I’d prefer a 12-5-9. The uneven hour segments would probably cause me some initial bother, but as the 12, 3, 6 and 9 segments are in their ‘proper’ place I’m sure I’d get the hang of it. The dot matrix digits help too, of course. =)
    If possible it’d be interesting to see a version where the unlit segments (or at least some of them) match the background and thus ‘disappear’… Just a thought. =) Best of luck!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Crikey that’s a long comment! This is one of those concepts that I figured would either be a really great idea or really stupid lol so far the comments are suggesting it’s not entirely stupid which is a relief!
      Yeah I think the travel clock like functions are important on this concept, they give it more justification to exist I suppose. Yeah I totally agree about the thickness or lack of, the thinner the better and if it could be metal backed even better. Would give it a premium feel.
      I will have to give a 12/5/9 version some thought, maybe a MkII version in the future might be worth a punt.
      I figured this would most likely be LCD so kept the unlit segments visible. They also stop the display looking empty. I’m sure a photoshopped image could be arranged to hide the unlit segments. Not sure when I’ll get the chance as I will be away from the computer for a couple of weeks. In the mean time you’ll have to just squint! lol
      Cheers for the novel feedback and support sir! :D

  8. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    Nice to see that the Time-card has been adding to the blog Pete, because it would make excellent travel clock gor business professional always on the move. As it could serve as a desk / alarm clock. I particularly like the idea of stashing this clock in my wallet& attaching it to a bag or belt strap.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers for the feedback Andrew! Yeah the more features the better really, and the more ways of wearing and using it the better too! Cheers :D

  9. avatar xian より:

    I like the back as much as the front, Pete. And yes, that’s a compliment!

  10. avatar Samukun より:

    Woah intersting format Pete! If watches become fashion accesories why not leaving the wrist an go other ways? So cool places you show us where the time card can be. Nice advertising of your idea and very well thought through. When I watch TNG the next time, I want this card to join me!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah I think it would be cool for a little more time keeping diversity on the TF watches page. They have had pocket watches and even Bluetooth necklacey gizmos so why not an uber flat personal clock. Fingers crossed this is a desirable direction! Cheers! :D

  11. avatar Kloryc より:

    Nice! 5* but I’m guessing people will want more colour customizations XP

    • avatar Pete より:

      If the watch/clock was LCD or epaper maybe different colour backlighting could be used or different replaceable filters that could be applied like screen protectors on a mobile phone. Many possibilities here I think :D

  12. avatar Makkovik より:

    At 1st I wasn’t impressed because the blog intro pic made me believe it was the size of an tablet PC.

    Being the size of a credit card is impressive! I like the out>in reading, the simple block reading, the +1 to +4 position ( I’m confuse on why 5 blocks! ), the digits & belt clip idea.

    Another option would be a leather protector strap to our fore-arm/close to our elbow, kinda like the thing football quarterback player have (I think it only them).

    I would buy a pocket watch in that size.

    • avatar Makkovik より:

      Blog intro pic & pictures on your FB blog page!

      • avatar Pete より:

        Yeah I understand, the images showing just the timecard on a table top don’t give a very good idea of scale. The context images showing how it could be worn give a better idea of scale :)
        Im glad you likey sir! The fifth +1 could be for AM PM etc.
        An arm band would be a nice addition, ideal for gym goers and sporty people :) Cheers for the feedback and support sir! :D

  13. avatar Pete より:

    Time runs out for this concept today so just wanted to say a quick thank you to TF for posting it here and everyone who took the time to comment, vote, share and like! Cheers everyone!

    Pete from the UK :D