Switch watch activated by brute force!

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: When I had presented my “Kuranku-Watch”, comments are deferred mainly on brittleness of crank (even if it activates only LEDs), thus for the “Switch-Watch”, the handle is much more “muscular”.

“Switch-Watch” is a watch with traditional LEDs.

When you push the handle up, the LEDs are activated with a multitude of programmable animations before indicating the time, date and alarm. The high number of LEDs allows scrolling text, message etc.. sent by the intermediate of a computer. Charging is done via USB cable through the computer.

“Switch-Watch” is for manly men who want to show their power and are not afraid to be noticed (some women also may wear it).

“Switch-Watch” with its activation except standard currently dissociate other existing watches on the market?

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Switch watch activated by brute force!, 4.4 out of 5 based on 61 ratings

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29 Responses to “Switch watch activated by brute force!”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    I give this top marks for crazy concept alone nevermind it also being a really cool looking device too!
    The idea of having a chunky analogue switch as if you are activating a power station is both bizarre and awesome.

    I don’t know how to justify it but there is some manly satisfaction gained from engaging a lever that a simple button press cannot compete with.

    I love the two versions; a wood ‘steampunk’ one & a refined brushed steel one, both have a unique appeal of their own.

    Great idea, well executed & thanks for sending it in!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Wow, thank you TF Design Studio, for this beautiful comment, I do not know what to say?
      Thank you, of course, to have published my new project.

  2. avatar dzign555 says:

    Totally bizarre, and therefore worthy of full marks! 5y

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Dzign555, thank you for your comment and your vote, I’m always surprised (… and “totally” happy) by the effect which a new project can cause.

  3. avatar Anders S says:

    It’s aliiiiive! Muhahahaha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself… =) I image I’d be compelled to scream that (or quote old Hammer horror films) whenever I used this watch…

    This is a strange beast, I both like it and I don’t. Or rather, I think the concept is fantastic (love those massive old-shool knife switches), but there are a couple of practical details that turn up like flies in the proverbial ointment.

    To get them out of the way; having to throw a switch when I want to see what time it is seems a bit of a hassle. Not much more than pressing a button though. Returning the handle seems more of a bother. Perhaps it could be spring-loaded (with some sort of retarder to smooth the motion) so it returns automatically and the display shuts off after a set interval?
    Also, there’s the risk of getting it caught in clothes or other things, but as there isn’t that much protruding most of the time that might be a non-issue.
    I really like the domed face, it’s a cool look, but to me it doesn’t quite gel with the shape of the handle. Minor detail though.

    But apart from these little niggles, it’s just too much fun! If this makes it into production, I think I’d have to buy it just because it’s too crazy to resist! Great work Patrick, and I hope this goes all the way.

    • avatar Anders S says:

      PS. the animation’s a really nice touch. Oh, and wooden handle for the win! =)

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Anders, thank you very much for your interesting comment and your vote.
      If you notice the animation when you raised the lever, it stops by itself not drain the batteries in case of accidental operation. Then you have cast yourself the lever in the closed position, as a matter of production costs and the assurance that your watch is properly closed (for possible hang clothes, it would be possible to add a small latch blocking, but it seems useless?)

  4. avatar Lola says:

    Yes, I would have it. Very special

  5. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    I like the old school / Steam punk crank & Pin hole display led Patrick this is sure to go down well with fans of retro displays. I right in thinking that the crack handle powers the display by friction dynamo / servo?

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Andrew, I thought about using the handle as a refill (pump), but it’s complicated and it does not make much sense, since a USB cable is provided for this.
      Thank you for the vote, comment and your suggestion.

      • avatar Andrew Joy says:

        Whoops my mistake, I should really have thoroughly read through the posting be add my previous comment but still thanks for your reply anyway.

  6. avatar Alma Mauron says:

    Interesante! Bravo Patrick! Beaucoup d’imagination! !!

  7. avatar Pete says:

    I really dig the look of this thing! The grille like display is cool and clean, the lever operation adds a manly element and the cool animation has a techy feel. So all boxes ticked for me. If I were to make one criticism, I would say it could be slightly slimmer but the thickness is dictated by the size of the lever. My new favourite of your work Patrick! Well done sir and best of luck! :D

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Pete thank you for your comment and your vote. The thickness is determined by the lever and a slot at the base that is illuminated by LEDs (see the image with green LEDs), I’m not sure it would bring something more?
      (the thickness of this watch is smaller than my “Intoxicaded”)

    • avatar Patrick says:

      The thickness of the watch is normal, on the other hand, the strap is too short and visually it is not good.

  8. avatar Samukun says:

    Wow Patrick! First of all, the watch looks really cool! The display is nice (I like many many holes hehe) Maybe the switch can be there for charging too? I like the display possibilities, the point numbers, the animations. I really like all the details you worked on. Great work! Maybe the lever should have a slight curve too (like the sides of the watch) to look more elegant. Outstanding steampunky retrofun watch! Good luck monsieur!!

  9. avatar Nev says:

    Looks great, Patrick.
    The animation ready shows the possibilities here. I prefer the first image for the steam punk look. The combination of old and new (the mechanical handle with the more modern LEDs and USB charging), make this very special.
    Good luck and 5y.

    • avatar Nev says:

      My internet froze, so thought this hadn’t got through and corrected the text in the next comment – ignore this one.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Nev, thank you for your comment and your vote. I do not know if the textures clearly see on the picture, but the housing body is rusty metal and perforated plate above is copper.

  10. avatar Nev says:

    Looks great, Patrick.
    The animation really shows the possibilities here.
    I prefer the first image for the steampunk look. The combination of old and new (the mechanical handle with the more modern LEDs and USB charging) also appeals.
    Good luck and 5y.

  11. avatar xian says:

    This is great, Patrick! I too think it would be cool to have to throw the switch to charge the watch. Also, have you considered that the direction of the throw might just rotate the watch about the wrist? Perhaps it should be rotated so that the throw is from west to east, instead of north/south. The knives would need to jog up and over so as not to interfere where the band meets the case, but that might add another interesting detail.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Xian, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      There are two things, the first is with your opposite hand, holding your wrist, you can open and close the switch with just your thumb and if you notice, I did not want to open the switch completely for to be obliged to the close. For the second proposal, if you open the switch from right to left, you are obliged to open it completely, the opening is less easy, you master keys the inch in front of the dial, therefore you cannot read the hour correctly (in addition to a factory switch still works vertically). Xian thank you for your comment really interesting.

  12. avatar Makkovik says:

    I prefer this crank. I like all the details like the screws. I like the power generator switch analogy.

    I like the display. It remind me of an old PC speaker I had. I like the animation/simple digits. I prefer the “wood” handle. My favorite is the 1st pic.

    The Urwerk EMC use a crank similar to your Kuranku design. It’s located on the right side of the case & is a watch-winder. (the sides of this crank reminded me of it) http://www.urwerk.com/en/collection-emc-c4-p13.php

    I would buy.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Matt, thank you for your comment friendly and your vote.
      When I have an idea, then I search if anyone has already used, but often this is the case? It’s hard to be different from other designers, the ideas are similar and mix, it is valid for all the “innovations”?
      (fin septembre, je vais manger de la poutine eh eee…)

      • avatar Makkovik says:

        Both of your concept & the Urwerk are the only watches that I know that are using a crank (in the 250 000+ that I know). The 1st was located at a different place & didn’t look like a copy. Here, they are different enough to not cause a problem with intellectual property/patent.

        The crank here seem more solid than the 1st concept, which was my only problem.

        Dois-je comprendre que tu viens au Québec? (Puisque la poutine vient de là et que c’est leur plat national.)

        • avatar Patrick says:

          Believing invent the crank for a watch, I looked after my shipment to TF, then I surfed the Internet and I fell over, everything is imagined almost everything?
          (…au Québec et peut-être en Gaspésie ?)