Shakogai Clam Watch from the ocean floor

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: It is by looking my “Shinjugai-Watch”, I wished to remake a very known mollusc, which does not exist in my area.

“Shakogai-Watch” is a watch with LEDs with two versions of reading of time.

The LEDs, by shaking the arm, are activated by a variety of preset animations, before indicating the hour, the date and alarm. Charging is done by an USB cable via the computer.

“Shakogai-Watch” is intended mainly to the delicate women who like the poetry of the shells. Versions more “scratched” are intended to the men.

“Shakogai-Watch” with its soft lines, should allure the people liking the watches jewels.

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Shakogai Clam Watch from the ocean floor, 4.1 out of 5 based on 36 ratings

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22 Responses to “Shakogai Clam Watch from the ocean floor”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Very original concept Patrick, thanks for sending it in.
    I imagine this is what they would be wearing in Atlantis ;-)
    The watch has a strong theme, unusual look and clever construction utilising the drivers style. Its great that you included 2 time modes also. We don’t see 12-5-9 watches doing 24hr very often & it’s a nice touch.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      TF thank you for the publication and the comment.
      I wished to draw a watch for girls, I hope that this model could please them?

  2. avatar Lance says:

    That is a unique design! I think it would appeal to the ladies! Well done :)

  3. avatar Alma Mauron says:

    Wow esta muy bonito! !!!

  4. avatar Pete says:

    Very cool shape Patrick! I imagine this was tricky to model! Love the four nearly seperate displays and the clam like shape. The texture for the lens also adds an extra dimension. If the proportions can be keep slim and narrow enough I think this would be very popular. Chrome or brushed steel for me please! 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Pete, thank you for the nice comment and your vote.
      For me, all watches are dificiles to model, but for you, it is certainly much easier, there is only to look at your beautiful projects.
      I also like the chrome version, but I wanted to widen the choice.

  5. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    This is a real usual digital / binary concept Patrick. I can see this appealing to women more that men as a time keeping piece of jewelry. Especially if their scuba divers.

  6. avatar Nev says:

    Looks great, Patrick, and very different.
    I can see this being popular with men and women, depending on the case/strap materials and appearance, as you say. So, predictably, I like the scratched versions, but I also like the dark/green version.
    The digital time format is appealing, but the other format is even better, so I’d probably use that most. The animations are a nice touch, as is the way of activating the time.
    Looking at it, I’d love to be able to open the shell, so how about doing that to get to the controls to set the time, format and annimation options?
    Hoping it will get made – good luck and 5y (which I did this mooring).

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Nev, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      You have a good look at the drawing and your comment is relevant to the setting, the buttons are hidden under the casing, not visually interfere with the overall shape.

  7. avatar Justin says:

    Although this design isn’t for me I have to compliment your curved designs as that is something I am at present unable to do. Nice renders and a very unique watch. Definitely one for the ladies this one.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Justin, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      Yes, it is a watch especially intended for the women.
      For drawing, with practice (and a little patience), everyone can do it.

  8. avatar Samukun says:

    I really like the display. You can have my Suujimaru numbers ;) The ripple effect in the display glass is also very nice. I wouldn’t wear a clam on my wrist. But the design is clean and not too kitsch. It’s simple and elegant. I think in gold it would look fabulous on a girl’s wrist. 5*/je suis une fille maintenant YES

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Ah ah ah, a clam on the arm, but if it held pearls?
      I agree to use your numbers Suujimaru, it would work really well.
      Sam thank you for your nice comment and your vote.

  9. avatar Jose says:

    Really beauty of the South Seas.
    I agree with the idea of ​​Nev, the controls might be on the inside of the top part of the shell and would not have to take off your wrist watch to handle them. Great work Patrick. Best of luck :)

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Jose, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      The buttons are located on the lower edge of the box, but of course, accessible without removing the watch from your wrist.

  10. avatar Makkovik says:

    The overall look is interesting. Being too girly (not that I have a problem with women watches) I’d like to see a more masculine versions (could be 4 side-by-side bullets, aligned or not, with the LED’s in the flat/round part & leather strap) or unisex.

    I like the 2nd mode (24-5-9 is a 1st & dividing the hour in 2 like the minute is interesting)

    I gave a 4*.