Ammonite watch inspired by prehistoric fossil. (update)

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: This following LED Analogue / Binary  concept is inspired by the fossilized shell of a prehistoric creature know as a Ammonite. This concept is a 12-11-4: Incremental LED Display. 12: Hours / Months, 11: Five Minutes / Days groups &4: Single Minutes / Days . This wristwatch is constructed in three material: White Acetate, IP Black or Stainless Steel with various LED colors: See Digrams

This wrist watch uses three circular / Spiral ring dials each used to display different increments / the passage of time: Outer ring: Hours 1 to 12 / months 1 Jan to 12 Dec, secondary ring: Five Minutes/ Days 5 to 55 & inner Ring: Single Minutes / Days 1 to 4 & a central PM indicator.

This wrist watch will appeal to people with an interest in nature, fossils & prehistoric life: Dinosaurs etc.

This wrist watch concept is unisex & can be worn by both men & women alike.

In order to set the watch the user must first unlock the display & the press the corresponding LED incremental Tile / Key within each ring plus the Pm indicator to set the alarm date or time correctly. This mean that the user can set the display with a single finger

UPDATE: Using more natural/ organic  materials stone effect acetate / plastic case / bracelets or fake snake / croc leather straps with a fossil embossed Leather detailing strip.

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Ammonite watch inspired by prehistoric fossil. (update), 3.5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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17 Responses to “Ammonite watch inspired by prehistoric fossil. (update)”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    When I first saw this design I wasn’t too excited about it because it appears quite ‘normal’ but then I got thinking about the fossil theme & I believe there is potential here, with a little more refinement, to bring the theme alive.

    Perhaps if the watch had a stone effect like a fossil or some engravings of ancient fossilised flora? Something to really take advantage of the theme & then hopefully spark peoples imagination. LED’s glowing through the stone Ammonite texture could be quite stunning.

    • avatar Pete says:

      I have seen cast resin materials that have a concrete like look which could work in this kind of way. And being resin based would presuambly let a certain amount of light through. Also shell like materials would also work. The acetate material used on the special editions of RPM might work and looks a little shell like. Would certainly be an interesting look and if the display was raised a little could be quite tactile too.

      • avatar Andrew Joy says:

        Using Resin, plastic or acetate means that this would keep the weight of this wrist watch light. Furthermore color / style the material could be altered with marbling or by adding grains of sand, stones, crystal, Etc.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      I would like to thank you for reconsidering this wristwatch concept. I like your idea about changing the watch case for a more natural materials: stone effect Granite, Marble, Engraved Fossilized skeleton. Plus the LED glow through Ammonite would only benefit this Watch.

      • avatar Andrew Joy says:

        Cheers TF for adding my update for the new “Natural Materials” used in construction of the Fake leather Straps / Stone Effect Acetate / Plastic Bracelets & Watch case/s for the Ammonite Wrist watch. I truly appreciate the swiftness of your response to my updated submission for this concept. Thank You

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Andrew, I totally agree with TF Studio, the idea is interesting. If you do not have a 3D software, trying to draw by hand, even briefly, to give your project a little more visually appealing and you will see that your rating will go up quickly.
    For me it is 5 * / Yes, because having a good idea, it’s essential!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks for your comment / input Patrick. I do draw most of my concept roughly first. I use Google sketch to create all my current 3-D models & use GIMP to add background’s & use Paint to add information concerning each example’s: Alarm, Date & Time Modes.

  3. avatar Nev says:

    I love fossils and think that if the display (and case & strap) looked like it was stone, this would be a great watch to have. It would be important for the ammonite to be raised, appearing like a real fossil – even with the display off it would then look great.
    Captures my imagination – 5y.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      The many other people including TF have mentioned idea of creating this watch in a fossilized / stone effect material I will go back to my design & make the necessary changes.

  4. avatar Anders S says:

    I agree with the previous posters, having a stone-like material would really make this concept. With a classic leather strap, and possibly a metal body to look like the ‘fossil’ had been fitted into it (not unlike a cabochon jewel would be), it would look very classy indeed…

    The only problem I see is that an actual ammonite is spiral, but the display could quite easily be adjusted. Alternatively the display as shown might give the watch a technological look with a ‘fossil’ flavour (Paleo-futuristic, anyone? No?=)

    Good design, and unusual inspirations are always nice to see. Best of luck with it!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      cheers for the leather strap suggestion Anders S. I had the idea for sketch a Fossil shell watch some time ago, I decided to revisit this concept in a 3-D model & came up with Ammonite. I like the current organic / natural appearance of this design, although a more technical / futuristic would be interesting.

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    The fossil inspiration is pretty cool and I think with the right display type and color choice it would work well. The display right now works in terms of readability. The little irregularity coming from the “missing” segments is nice. Maybe some more irregularity would be more captivating. But it’s difficult to balance irregularity and the taste of the masses… Actually the activated display is irregular enough. An always on display would be best I think. As for the watch material, it should be something that ages with time – wood or metal – or acetate with some marble-like coloration. If the ammonite inspiration would be expressed a bit more literal, the watch might compete with the Rogue (circular, at first irregular looking and hard to comprehend display, also slightly vortex-like deformed display segments) because of it’s uniqueness. Nice work in general, no doubt. Good luck Andrew!!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words of Support Samukun. This concept would befit greatly if it was made in more natural materials: Wood marbled / stone effect acetate case & bracelet or a fake crocodile / snake Skin or plain leaather starp with an additional central leather fossil embossed detailing strip.

  6. avatar Nev says:

    As expected, I really like the updated watch with the stone effect, both on the face and the strap. Looks great.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks Nev I like the suggestion for a stone effect / leather strap in previous comment, I went back to my model & changed the type Materials used to construct each example. This resulted in the Ammonite: Fossilized update. I am glad you approve.

  7. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the idea (I have a similar idea in my sketch book. This one is a bit better, since a theme is present/force some decision vs just being symmetrical)

    I like the reading order. It make it easier to read than in->out. (I have the same reading order)

    I like that the 11×5 & 4×1 don’t use all the ring space. I like the position of the alarm/date/time lights.

    I prefer the black/grey band + sand = lights off + red = lights on (update pictures. 2nd picture. Left model)

    White/bone color lights could be used to get an impression of the fossil raising from the sand.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks for the complements about the quality of this design. I updated Ammonite in response to comment posted on the original submission example this resulted in, Ammonite: Fossilized. Which features stone / bone material faces Bracelet or Fake Crocodile / snake skin straps with a central strip of skin Fossil embossed leather featuring: skeletons & fossilized plants.