Quarterback watch simulates the gridiron

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary & William from Norway.

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Rating: 4.3/5
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Quarterback watch simulates the gridiron, 4.3 out of 5 based on 64 ratings

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21 Responses to “Quarterback watch simulates the gridiron”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Very original idea!
    I would never have thought to turn the field markings into a clock, but now I see it it seems obvious.

    I can see it having great appeal for American Football fans. The animations work well to simulate the concept of pushing your yards forward on the field.

    There could be a gold version for the team who win the next Super Bowl!

  2. avatar william says:

    How is it possible to get 3.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings?!?!?!

    I must have some problems with mathematics, or is it the vote system that bugs?


    By the way, thanks TF for presenting our project :) :)


    • avatar Anders S says:

      four 3′s and one 4 would do it, if my maths hold up…

    • avatar Nev says:

      I put in the second response just before going to bed. After the first you had a score of 1 – my 5 pushed that up to 3 which looked a better score to start. With a small number of voters, low scores are more painful. Anyway, good to see it’s up to 3.7 after 11 votes. Good luck.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      I think the 1-5 score is sometimes misleading. To get 5 is virtually impossible, every single person must vote 5.
      Anything over 3.5 means you have a very positive reaction from the majority, 70%-80% of people voted 4 or 5.

      If you think of it as a % it gives a better understanding. Currently 3.9 = 78% of people loved it!

      Just to allay your fears. Out of 22 votes: 15 people voted 4* or 5* (mostly 5*s) only 3 people voted 1*

  3. avatar Anders S says:

    Good to see both of you gentlemen back on the blog!

    I second TF’s comment, this seems to come out of left field (sorry for the bad joke, I’m sad to say it is intentional)…

    It’s certainly an unusual inspiration, but it works very well. I’d need some time to learn to read it at a glance, but that goes for a lot of concepts.

    Good work, and good luck!

  4. avatar dzign555 says:

    Great work! This certainly deserves higher than 3.8/5, but I think vote is steadily rising. I gave it a 5y!

    (Interesting thought on the voting – it’s actually really out of 4, because it’s not possible to give a zero vote…)

    • avatar Anders S says:

      Please expand your voting comment a bit, I can’t get it to make sense in my head…

      • avatar dzign555 says:

        The range of voting is from 1 5, not 0 to 5, so the way I see it, when you give a 2/5, you are really giving a 1/4. Maximum vote is 5/5, which is really 4/4. Min vote is 1/5, which is really 0/4.

  5. avatar Lewis says:

    great design guys! very different, just shows inspiration can come from anything.

    i only have a personal comment to add and thats i’d prefer the background colour to be different or have the ability to change it on the watch but thats just a technical aspect and of course can be integrated easily. it would also make the watch appeal to those who aren’t fans of american football.

  6. avatar Nev says:

    This is great and looks very different. I’m not into American football, but the watch is still appealing.
    I particularly like the wave idea, but the hour and minute need to be far enough apart for this to be effective, and this changes by the hour (e.g. 11:05 & 01:50 would have long waves, but 01:05 & 11:50 would have no wave and 01:07 & 11:48 may just look strange). Interesting. Maybe the wave should only kick in with a specified gap (e.g. 5 minutes).
    Anyway, good luck and 5*/Y

  7. avatar Pete says:

    Nice collab guys, very slick and tastefull design, considering the sporty inspiration.
    The time telling works well and the animations add some dynanic quality.
    I would like an easy mode that maybe shows the numbers along side the markers for training purposes or those days when your brain takes a day off ;) 5/Y Best of luck sirs! :D

  8. avatar xian says:

    Like you guys, I don’t follow football but I appreciate that you’re using it as the basis for a watch. What software did you use to make the logo? I really dig it!

    • avatar William says:

      Laszlo designed the logo for the name we decided. I felt for it at the first glance and then I added some lighting effects in some unconventionnal ways using a mix of indesign and illustrator.

      Thanks to everyone for your positive comments.

  9. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    A very interesting bar /graphical display wristwatch hopefully it will reach the End Zone & make it from concept to reality.

  10. avatar Laszlo says:

    Many thanks to the Tokyoflash for publishing our idea and thank you for all the comments.

  11. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the idea & the look of the display. It is a good idea to be able to choose the mode. If only 1 could be done, I prefer the normal mode. User-modifiable wave speed, like you plan, would be nice. I would buy.