(English) ‘Flying watch’ lifts off your wrist & becomes…

(English) Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: While surfing the Web, I noticed that my “Flying-Watch” was always displayed on multiple Websites (a project positioned on the site of Tokyoflash since nearly 4 years), so I decided to update it by adding some additional features.

The “Flying -3D- Watch – Removable ” is an analog watch, from the center of the 12 bars indicate hours, then the light points denote the minutes ” 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55″ and the remaining 4 squares denote the minutes only ; added, they range from 1 to 4 additional minutes. By pressing a button, activates animation ending on the exact time (choice of several animation). Quickly press 2 times in a row, one avoids the animation by going directly to the correct time.

Programming enables entertainment every quarter hour or every half hour or every hour, this animation can be a choice, coupled with the alarm or the alarm can operate without LED lit, with the buzzer or 3 or 4 music notes function (see the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”). The alarm can be activated in a repetitive fashion (every quarter hour, every half hour etc.), the alarm function can obviously without repetition and the time desired. A GPS can geotag the wearer of the watch (a child, her lover etc., It will be notified by a pulse of the crown of hours), on a smartphone or computer etc.

The housing can dissociate the bracelet, and it may have in your pocket, attached to a belt or simply as a pendant around the neck. Recharging the battery will be done by USB. (A motion detector as my ” Convex -Watch ” would be great.)

The “Flying-3D-Watch – Removable” is for women and men “geeks”, enjoying the movies of science fiction.

“Flying-3D-Watch – Removable” by its facility of reading, its new GPS function, will allure a large number of followers wishing at the same time a watch, an alarm clock morning, pendentive, wanting to locate  or geotag the carrier of the watch via a smartphone, a computer…

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28 Responses to “(English) ‘Flying watch’ lifts off your wrist & becomes…”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Nice update Patrick. Sleeker, easier and with a clever way to detach – I think it could really work.
    The super-reflective surface you used makes it seem like its made from an non-terrestrial material!

    I love your animation with the arriving UFO ;-)

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Thank you for the nice comments from studio Tokyoflash.
      For hyper reflection metal, you deciphered my thoughts.
      What do you think of GPS tracking

  2. avatar Anders S より:

    I really like the 50′s SF feel of this, there’s nothing quite like an old-school flying saucer! Time telling is pleasantly simple as well, yet still not too obvious. Animations (of the display I mean) are always a plus of course… I also like that it’s detachable (having done a few concepts like that myself).

    Not much to fault, really. People who like the style will be all over this, but I suspect it might turn some people off too. But then, what style doesn’t? Best of luck Patrick!

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Hi Anders, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      What do you think of GPS tracking?

      • avatar Anders S より:

        You’re very welcome.

        GPS tracking can be a cool feature if it’s implemented in a meaningful way. I suppose the wearer would have to be careful who they gave the access information to, so not just anyone could find out where they are… But that aside I think it could be a great selling point. It’s good to see some new ideas sometimes, you never know if it’s popular until you ask.

        • avatar Patrick より:

          Anders thank you for your views on the GPS.
          Of course, the details will be planned and furnished to others, by the user or for parents wanting to have a trace of their minor child or to follow hikers.

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    A big thank you to Tokyoflash for this new publication.

  4. avatar Lola より:

    Cette montre mérite un score intéressant. Je suis sûre qu’elle va plaire à tous ceux qui sont passionnés par son style original.

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Nice to see a re-work of a classic design! Cool classic retro shape with great new features. The only thing I’m not sure about is the shape of the single minutes (not that I have a better suggestion) they don’t fit as well as the hours or 5mins. Fingers crossed there is time and space for a UFO watch on the TF watches page! 5/Y best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Hi Pete, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      It is time to manufacture a spaceship to go to visit new the exoplanet, with a GPS for not to lose it in stratosphere (just kidding).

  6. avatar Nev より:

    Great looking design, Patrick. You have really thought through all aspects, including the separation from the bracelet.
    The GPS tracking may come into its own if the watch has been separated, although once you have located to GPS accuracy, you would probably need something from the watch to actually find it (sounds/light etc).
    I think this is great and would be a wonderful addition to the TF range,
    Good luck and 5*/Y.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Hi Nev, thank you for your comment and your vote friendly.
      Yes, I like science fiction, you had to notice it? ehee

      • avatar Nev より:

        I had guessed you did. I like science fiction too (not just scifi), and remember reading old stories with flying saucers in my youth (and seeing them in the old ’50s films), so that adds to the appeal of this watch. Great stuff.

  7. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    I really like the retro UFO / flying saucer shape of this concept, alien yet strangely familiar. Beam me up.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Hi Andrew Joy, thank you for your comments and your vote.
      If aliens exist and they come to us, they are inevitably in another space time, so the word retro, in this case, does not mean anything? ehee

  8. avatar mushy より:

    This looks really funky Patrick. ;) 5Y I’m not really into pocket watches but I’d wear this one. :)

  9. avatar Pelly より:

    Very cool…makes me want to run around with tin foil on my head screaming “they have probes”!!

    But nah seriously…it’s cryptic at first…once you know how to tell the time, easy peasy. Nice unique addition of the removable watch idea. Might need that gps to locate it because I’m the kind of person who would remove it, lose it, then cry for abit coz I can’t find it.

    Would be great if the alarm sound was the 5 key tune from the Close Encounters movie….you know the one….lol

    I’ll be honest…4* as I’m not fully into the UFO look for my watch but it is a cool design and I love the hyper-reflectiveness. The only thing I would change about this watch is the chain for the pocket watch…something abit more fancy.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Pelly thank you for your comments and your vote (4 * is already very good!)
      Indeed, the GPS was also for me not to lose the watch, ehee. For the chain, I am entirely of agreement with you, but my competences in 3D are limited, this is why I drew a chain of stopper of sink of bathroom of the Twenties, because I am not able to draw a superb chain that TF will be to propose, if this project arrives in the paperboards?

  10. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the overall look, the reading, which is better than the original, & the idea of a removable band, pocket watches being more useful during the winter. I like the hyper-reflective metal, but wonder if it would impair the reading!

  11. avatar Jose より:

    Good update.
    5 / Y