(English) Morpheus smartwatch straps The Matrix to your wrist.

(English) Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Morpheus is a design concept for a smart wrist watch that connects with you smart cell / mobile phone or MP 3 Player. Furthermore this concept is inspired by the science fiction film The Matrix. Available three materials: Black IP , White Acetate or Stainless Steel.

The six digit display is created from lines of scrolling / raining Binary Lines of Code: 0′s or 1′s. A series of Cursors Squares: Horizontal / Vertical form the required square digits.  The Central line/s of scrolling text / numbers in between these digit columns display Selected Function & data stream.

For anyone who is a Fans of The Matrix Films. The wristwatch concept reflect that many people have busy lives online & are always need to keep an eye on their social Live / dates.

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13 Responses to “(English) Morpheus smartwatch straps The Matrix to your wrist.”

  1. avatar Firdaus-kun より:

    Thank you for sharing this on my Facebook. I think I have to like my own designs (act now!)

    Wow this is simply futuristic watch, the fact it’s in white acetate make it visually sleeker. However I’m not clear about the smart functions and I think AM and PM should be smaller.

    I’m Yes on this because I believe it would be so cool in live but since I’m not sure about part of the functions I give it 4*.

    Cheers and goodluck bro. Don’t drink and go clubbing too much. Please listen to mom, stay home and watch Discovery channel perhaps you’d get more scientific inspiration. haha

  2. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    My aim with this concept design was to submit my own Smart watch design I came up with By The streaming code as featured in The Matrix Trilogy. The Streaming Code of 0′s / 1′s could be replaced with lines of encrypted computer Code: java script for example or perhaps Chinese/ Japanese Characters. These Symbols , Number or Characters change once every second. The central Data stream has two lines of streaming text contain all the Smart functions: Phone, Calls: Name & Numbers, Music: Now playing Artist / Track Title, Social: Invites, Updates, Events etc.
    Andrew Joy

  3. avatar Pete より:

    The Matrix code inspiration is very cool imagery which can only result in cool looking concepts! ;)
    This is not my favourite matrix inspired design as that accolade goes to one of Sam’s older concepts but this comes a close second. If it was made I would have to give it serious consideration! Best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      Thanks Pete however I Yes I agree that Kanji flow Matrix code wrist watch is better version of a The Matrix Code Wrist watch. I used numbers: 0′s & 1′s Instead of encrypted characters & add some Streaming Data in order transform it in to a Smart Watch Concept.

  4. avatar Pelly より:

    A great effort buddy! Looks very sleek.
    Im not a great fan of the whole “smart watch” thing so im not instantly drawn to it. I think the smart watch element has caused you to sacrifice the cryptic time telling side of the design and that puts me off even more.

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      This design concept was my attempt at following the growing trend for Smart Wrist watches. However I realize that a Smart Watch is not to everyone taste. Perhaps The digits / Lines could be made more Cryptic by altering the characters / numbers in the Raining Streams of code.

  5. avatar Anders S より:

    It’s a good look, as the previous commenters have already said. I like the half-cryptic display, perhaps there could be modes of different difficulty, depending on how ‘matrix-y’ the wearer likes it? Just a thought…=) The flexibility would depend a lot on what tech is used, though; something like a simple backlit screenprint would probably be the cheapest, if it could be made to work.
    Like the others I’m not sold on the smartwatch thing, I don’t think this concept would suffer if it was removed, to be honest. Good work, and good luck with it!

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      If the Smart watch streaming data element was a obstacle to design could be removed / not included.
      This design could have various different difficulty cryptic modes setting/s for the Streams lines of Raining Code: Binary 0′s / 1′s, Kanji / Chinese or Japanese Character or random encrypted symbols.

  6. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    Perhaps the Lines Code of (Horizontal) of Binary 0′s / 1′s used to create the required numbers / digits are how the decimal number is expressed in Binary Code:
    0 0
    1 1
    2 10
    3 11
    4 100
    5 101
    6 110
    7 111
    8 1000
    9 1001

  7. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the overall look. I like the idea to have smalls 0 & 1. I don’t like mp3 in watches, because of the cable that run from the wrist to the ear.

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      I agree that mp3 player in a watch is no ideal. Instead Morpheus a concept for is a blue tooth / smart watch that links to your phone or mp3 player & allows the wearer to control these devices from their wrist without taking out of their pocket / bag. Furthermore by using a smart mobile / cell phone connected to a Wireless Internet connection or the Mobile Internet the wearer can receive update information from their social network page/s.

      • avatar Makkovik より:

        I don’t know how/why, but I’ve managed to miss all the “smart watch” words! With the 2 vertical lines of texts, it would be a decent looking smart watch.

        • avatar Andrew Joy より:

          The Morphues smart watch concept was inspired by Raining computer code as featured in the Matrix Film Trilogy.
          However I alternate 0′s / 1′s to mimic Binary Code. Cursor Type Square’s then surround specific 0′s /1′s laid out in a grid pattern link together create square digits. Used to create the required digits to display the current alarm, time or date. So I thought that I would add two stream/s of raining data: Function Stream: Phone, Social, Music & data stream: Calls, texts, Invites or Music Artist/s, Album track currently playing. This Smart watch acts as a wireless / blue tooth control hub or interface for your other smart devices: Mobile / Cell phone or MP3 player etc.