Levitate LCD watch rotates display as time passes.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Levitate: is a dual format (Float / Hover) Rotating LCD / E-INK  Hexagonal Touch Screen Wristwatch. Constructed in the Following Materials: Stainless, White Acetate, Black IP, Gun Metal which all include a multiple select Back Light.

The Pair of digits at the center pivot / rotate around display 30 Degrees Per Hour, Per Month or per five Minutes. So the Digits act like The Hour Hand, Depending On the current Display mode Setting: Alarm, Date, Time Or Stop Watch: See Diagrams provided

This wristwatch will appeal to people who are always on the Move. The Levitate wristwatch is multiple Functional that is easy to use / set.

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Levitate LCD watch rotates display as time passes., 2.9 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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11 Responses to “Levitate LCD watch rotates display as time passes.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Me likey hexagons, me likey rotating numbers, me likey cryptic looking hexagon rings, me likey! Looks very nice Andrew! I like the ringed mode the best as it has a nice technical look. Best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks Pete tried to think of something completely different. I was inspired by Kisai On-Air (which I own in a White Acetate / Green LED model) & to be honest I did not think that it was good enough to be published.

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    Hey that’s nice. The digit display is ok and I like the rotation of the digits. The alternative reading mode looks really good. Two modes in one? Ok, I’m in. I haven’t found out how to read it yet cos I need to run to work, but the first impression has been made and it was good. Pushing up the rating with 5* and a clear YES if Tokyoflash take care of this idea :)

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Cheers Samukun. I came up with the idea for rotating Hexagonal digits in different two styles ( Float / Hover) & not decide which of these to use, so I use Both.

  3. avatar Anders S says:

    Rotating numbers is a cool idea, and I can’t recall seeing it done like this before. The only risk I see is that it’d be a bit difficult to read when the numbers are upside down, but you’d probably learn that pretty quickly once you wore it regularly… Segmenting the LEDs might be a bit tricky too, but that’s TF’s problem.=)
    A choice of modes is always a good thing, and in this case both modes work, and the Hover digits look awesomely spacey. Very nice work, and best of luck!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      I appreciate your input & appreciation of this design concept. The LED back light could b e built in to the egdes of the screen rather than behind the LCD / E-ink Display Screen.

  4. avatar xian says:

    Hey, Andrew! First off–Just know that I love you, and respect you. I think you do good work, and I find our design sensibilities are very similar. That being said…I think you are doing yourself a diservice with your presentations. Specifically I’m talking about the lens flares and the background textures: they look very dated (circa 2000). Does the software you are using enable you bring in high resolution texture maps or use different lighting effects? You are using Sketchup if I am not mistaken? I mean you no disrespect by saying this, it’s just that I’m drunk at he moment and I want your designs to be as good as I know they can be. My apologies if my comments have offended. And I think the rotating numbers are sweet! 5*/y!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      To create my designs using Bracelet / wrist watch case display screen template/s create using Sketch Up which i then use to create my designs Concepts. I then once i export each example I use GIMP to alter the background use lighting effects. I then add text in Paint before Compressing them & placing them in a Zipped Folder. If you have any suggestions of how i can improve my design concepts further I be glad to hear them.

      • avatar xian says:

        Thank you for being a good sport about my comment, Andrew–I should have just suggested to you in an email, rather than post it here. I have not used the software you mentioned. I have played around with Blender, as it is free. Have you tried it? It appears to be very powerful.

  5. avatar Firdaus-kun says:

    At least I know this design has something that made we wana click the link. Then, it’s fine. Quite good though I’m not really sure if I get it how to tell the hour. So I believe it has potential since it really attractive, like Samukun said. I give you 4*/Y.