vtol: Sci-fi powered LED watch

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: As blog regulars know I have a thing for industrial and mechanical designs. Im also a bit of a film buff and gamer and like futuristic cars and planes that often feature.

This design I guess is inspired by futuristic planes from film and games and has a little DNA from earlier designs like “hunter killer” and “drone”.  This design is called “vtol” (vertical take off and landing) and features two jet engine like displays.

The time is told by the two jet engine like displays in an analogue format. The top display describes the hours and the lower one the minutes. This could either be analogue with “3D discs” with cut out markers or two LED arrays. I have divided the displays into 40 segments (1.5 mins) to keep it as simple to make as possible if LEDs proved to be the preference.

This design is mechanical, industrial and futuristic. It may appeal to people who like expensive mechanical watches who dont have the budget for such. The design could also appeal to steampunk fans and techies alike.

This design could be very easy to make using two LED arrays or two conventional analogue movements mounted in the  aircraft shaped body. This simplicity mated with a striking look seperates it from others.

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30 Responses to “vtol: Sci-fi powered LED watch”

  1. avatar gordon says:

    very cool, you are a watch designing cyborg i am convinced!!!

  2. avatar Igor says:

    Absolutely stunning! Every comment is unnecessary… Definitely would buy! 5* from me. Good luck.

  3. avatar ALinCAL says:

    Another great submission Peter!
    I like all versions… WAY COOL!!!

  4. avatar dzign555 says:

    I love the look of this one, but…as you know by now…khaki is not my favourite colour!! :)


  5. avatar Marcel says:

    I need this watch!!!!

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Pete, really very original!
    I would reduce just the length of the screws of the strap not to hang my sweater, but it is a detail.
    5 stars and Yes.

  7. avatar Berenice says:

    Not quite my style, but the design is interesting.
    Any chance to make something of it that also fits for girls?

    • avatar Pete says:

      Im sure the design could be made a suitable size that would suit most wrist sizes.
      It could also be made in a range of colour and finishes that would appeal also to women.
      Cheers for the interest and feedback Berenice! :D

  8. avatar Camiel says:

    Well, you are the reason why I love Binary Led Watches. Awesome design. Please let this design make it to production, because I’d buy it for sure!

  9. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    Another awesome concept Pete :) 5/Y

  10. avatar Samukun says:

    Bought!!! This is the right balance between literal (you know what I mean Mr. i-make-a-car-watch hehe) and stylish. Damn I like the red one 5*/YES Good time alternatives. Animation must look yumm with this watch. Good luck sir!

  11. avatar mushy says:

    It looks awesome Pete. 5Y Be great if you could shave with it too. :D I’d love a silver and purple version. Any reason why there are no seconds?

    • avatar Pete says:

      Haha if you shave with it too it would be “the bathroom buddy” from the Gremlin film! lol
      The only reason for no seconds was the two dial configuration. Could have been three but I had a look I was going for. The minute dial could have an outer ring of LEDs for seconds if it was deemed a necessary feature. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D

  12. avatar Brice says:

    This is really amazing! No words! Just incredible!

  13. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the idea & the overall look. I like the rusted steel/black strap finish. I don’t like army camo, even if it’s appropriate here. LED’s could have a very nice animation!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks for the feedback Makko, I can understand that camo wont appeal to everyone.
      Yeah there is potential for development and additions like the animations etc. Finger crossed TF agree x^^x

  14. avatar Pete says:

    Time runs out for this one very soon, so just wanna say a big thanks to TF for posting it here and everyone who comment, voted and shared! Cheers everyone!

    Pete from the UK :D