BASIK watch blends classic styling with modern display.

Design submitted by Jose from Spain.

Jose says: Always caught my eye, analog watches particularly that do not use hands to tell time.

Furthermore, as a personal choice, I’m very interested in a watch with basic features accurate in the measure of time and datary. This is the basis for the development of this new concept which I share with you: BASIK.

BASIK is an LCD analogue watch that does not use hands. Markings are indicating you the hours and minutes and a line that moves circularly in the outermost part of the display indicates you the seconds.

A metallic line-shaped frame, printed beside the brand on the inner face of the crystal, at 3, shows the datary.

I stand out of BASIK watch the exclusivity of the concept, because it’s unique in the market, its readability, its simple look can appeal to a variety of public among which we can cite those interested to bring unique pieces that go beyond the purpose for which they are designed (Tokyoflash fans), those interested in fashion and new trends, interested in new technologies, lifestyle, so both men and women, according to the materials and finishes.

BASIK stands out including two new contributions as color change display AM (dark) and PM (light). A unidirectional rotating bezel that allows the user to place the dial in the desired location or even change the wristwatch without changing the design. Here you can see the rotation…

I think BASIK includes a series of features that make it unique and attractive, a crown for the control like analog watches with hands, with two positions for the time and date setting, also has a button to activate the light of the display that has a ring containing luminescent pigment for viewing in the dark.

As usual, I really enjoyed preparing this project, I’d like it if you think worthy, and if you have time, your support and share it.

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BASIK watch blends classic styling with modern display., 4.5 out of 5 based on 205 ratings

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61 Responses to “BASIK watch blends classic styling with modern display.”

  1. avatar xian says:


  2. avatar Jose says:

    Thanks for adding this design to the blog TF

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Jose, this is a very nice watch, a little classic for me, even if the technology is present.
    The 3D work is superb and the argument of selling is attractive, this project should interest a lot of people, not necessarily here?
    Anyway, this work deserves a big 5 stars and a big Yes!

  4. avatar Pete says:

    Fantastic looking design and excellent presentation! The standard seems to keep on inproving! I really need to raise my game to stand a chance of competing! :) I like the rotatable dial and the positive and negative modes. Looks classic but modern at the same time with an intuative time telling method. 5/Y Best of luck Jose! :D

    • avatar william says:

      My comment has nothing to do with the current project, but is a “reaction” or more “point of view” to this comment. It is not against you either Pete, since I often agree with your judgement and I use to enjoy most of your projects:

      I hope that this is not the rendering that is considered when TF chose which project will be developped, BUT the quality of the concept even if rendered poorly.
      And I hope (and I do believe) that the fans also vote for or against the different projects with this same philosophy in mind!
      So Pete, do not worry ;) you re still in the game!!! if I vote positively for you it is not because your rendering is good, but because your idea is good and has a potential. I always vote this way.

      • avatar Pete says:

        I totally agree with you William, the focus should be on the idea/concept (and Im sure TF see the concepts this way anyway) but good images and presentation are always nice to see, and if the quality of the images and presentation help comunicate the idea even better. It can only be a good thing.

        That said it should never put anyone with less or no cad skills, a hand drawn sketch or text submission can be good enough if the idea is a winner.

        Im am not too concerned regards presentation, my stuff tends to be quick and loose but it is nice to have something to aim for! Cheers William and best of look Jose! keep them comming! :D

      • avatar Jose says:

        I agree ..
        Regards William

    • avatar Jose says:

      Pete, thanks for your kind words, I learn a lot watching your works not only for the excellent presentations you make but also by cool new concepts you propose, so to me you are a MASTER.
      Maybe one day, get an idea to interest at TF and fans, but in the meantime, I try to present as best as possible my concepts, although these, do not share the TF style theme. :)

  5. avatar gordon says:

    beautiful watch and rendering, may i ask what rendering software you use

  6. avatar Nev says:

    Great design, Jose.
    The classic look will fool people into thinking it is an ordinary analogue watch, but it is much better than that.
    The rotating dial is a clever idea, but, for me, adds nothing to the watch’s appeal as I would always want it in the standard position.
    Anyway, I’ll go for the silver or black case with the black strap, please. Good luck and 5*/Y.

    • avatar Jose says:

      First of all thanks for your comment and support to the concept, Nev
      Now I begin to feel discouraged about the little bit interest for TF fans to consider this concept out of the philosophy of TF after the effort made… but at least are some nice renders :)

  7. avatar Samukun says:

    I like the elegant and minimalistic look. First I thought the Kisai logo is too much but it’s actually quite nice there. The time telling method is maybe not strange enough for a Tokyoflash watch but I wish you good luck. The presentation is very nice. The orange straps and the backlight look really good abd I see you even took care of small details!

    • avatar berenice says:

      I share exactly the same opinion. Nice watch, extremely nice rendering and this feeling that something does belong to the philodophy of TF, bur maybe this is something that TF knows better than me.
      Good luck anyway

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment and your support.
      Yes, the time telling method is minimalist and subtle and so must be easily understood by the user.
      Yes, I like care of the details in these pieces because do more real as I have seen in your work master Sam.

  8. avatar chuckyp says:

    It`s a clean neat look. Very nice design.

  9. avatar pp5 says:

    goog job congratulations

  10. avatar Norman says:

    Really like the concept. If made into reality I would definitely buy this one.

  11. avatar zoe says:

    just beautiful. elegant. great work

  12. avatar Jorge Otero says:

    Enhorabuena. Cada diseño supera al anterior. Chance! espero que sigan adelante.

  13. avatar Juan Seoane says:

    Un diseño muy elegante con una visión muy moderna de como descubrir la hora de manera diferente. Algo clásico dentro de lo moderno, moderno dentro de lo clásico. Un cruce de épocas que da como resultado un reloj que está a la altura, que demuestra un estilo moderno y que sale de lo común. En definitiva un diez.

  14. avatar dzign555 says:

    I love your designs, Jose! 5y

  15. avatar Elvira says:

    Me adhiero a las felicitaciones, es un diseño innovador y clásico a la vez, se merece la máxima valoración.

  16. avatar sophie says:

    ¡cada nuevo diseño es más original que el anterior!este me parece muy limpio. Me gusta el cambio de color de esfera iluminada!…y como siempre una presentacion excelente! Enhorabuena

  17. avatar Thomas says:

    Wow! Fantastische Uhr!

    Bauen! Und wenn der Preis stimmt, kaufe ich!

    Viel Glück!

  18. avatar ALinCAL says:

    Nice and clean design Jose! I really like the simplicity of the face, and the method of time…
    The rotating bezel/face, I would think, would be very appealing to all the left handers out there.
    I guess there may not be any, or have not noticed it… :)
    Great renders, and good luck!

  19. avatar Moon says:

    Very interesting design! Congratulaciones, José

  20. avatar Moon says:

    Very interesting design! Congratulations, José

  21. avatar dani says:

    Another great job, Jose. I think u should talk about how nice it would be on touch, since I can appreciate it is a very worked aspect of the design.

  22. avatar Tristan says:

    J’adore la montre orange et ma sœur préfère la noire!!
    Très jolie montre , sobre et très chic à la fois!!

  23. avatar cmamac says:

    Really nice idea, super design, hope it comes soon the market, if possible with that transparent orange rubber band!
    But I don’t understand the rotating display :/

    • avatar Jose says:

      I’m glad you like the concept. Thanks for the comment and support, Cmamac.
      The unidirectional rotating bezel allows the user to move the watch face to the desired location or even change wrist without changing the design.

  24. avatar cmamac says:

    I’d like to follow you anyway, do you have a page (fb, blog, site…) ?

  25. avatar Sofía says:

    Muy chulo! Me gusta el movimiento continuo alrededor de la esfera, le da dinámica y los colores son sobrios pero molan!

  26. avatar Jose says:

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por tu apoyo al concepto Sofía :)

  27. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look, even if it’s a bit too classical. I like the line for the seconds. I like the idea to be able to rotate the bezel because analog watches don’t always put the date at 3 o’clock! It would be nice if it was possible to use a button to rotate the date digits for when the window is placed on the left 1/2.

  28. avatar sophie says:

    Puse el link en mi facebook y mucha gente me ha comentado que le encanta y donde se podia comprar y cuanto costaba. Espero que podamos adquirirlo y que el precio esté dentro de nuestras posibilidades. Mantenme al corriente…

    • avatar Jose says:

      Muchas gracias Sophie, por tu apoyo al proyecto.
      Estaré encantado de informarte si llega la ocasión, de donde como y cuando :) .
      De verdad muchas gracias!!

  29. avatar Jose says:

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words, comments, suggestions and support.
    Thanks Tokyoflash for posting this concept.
    See you on the next project, until then enjoy life. :)