Timeline LED Watch

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says:

This is a new approach to my first Timeline concept http://blog.tokyoflash.com/2012/06/timeline-crypted-watch-design/ and this time I liked to use LEDs. The basic idea is using just normal LEDs, a silk screen to blur the gaps between them and then a stencil layer with timey wimey lines on top.

The display has to be read from left to right, starting with the left border for the hours, going over the center for 10 minute increments to the right border for the single minutes – so basically a 12-5-9 reading. The amount and colors of lines that pass these areas are important. I chose blue and red for the time lines while blue stands for 1 and red stands for 3. Other color combination are welcome. Now a little math is required to add the values. So for example a red line and a blue line in a certain area means 3+1=4. When the values change across the display, the lines connect or divide, creating a cool sci-fi look. Zero is represented by a missing line. I liked to have the missing line in all of the three areas, so I decided let the 12th hour to be 0. That’s actually not so strange for those who know 24h. But to keep the math simple there can’t be so many lines for a 24h display. I kept it a 12h display with a pm indicator.

I like the different states the lines can go through and the analogy to the multiverse theory. Sometimes the display looks busy, sometimes really clean. Sometimes the lines meet in a T or an X junction, sometimes they run parallelly.

The Timeline LED watch is for those who like association provoking displays, sci-fi and a little crypticness.

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22 Responses to “Timeline LED Watch”

  1. avatar Nev より:

    A colourful variant on the original. I like both. Only problem time will be midnight, where all the lines would be off and so the display would be blank. Maybe you should show the watch is still working with some animation.
    Not quite as good as some of your other recent designs, or those that have been produced, but still worth 5*/Y

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Hi Nev! Good idea about the working animation for midnight. Otherwise you would live in a minute of fear hehe. Thank you for the input and the support!!

  2. avatar Anders S より:

    The thing I like most about this is the way you’ve jazzed up the LED display. It looks very cool, though as a whole the appeal isn’t that strong to me. I suspect I’d have trouble reading it; keeping track of which colour means what is a bit too much for me, unfortunately…=)
    I’d very much like to see more variations on the display tech, the potential seems huge…

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Sam, still a work in perfect 3D!
    By cons to read now, I’m not strong enough to associate mental computation and remember the hours and colors.
    Anyway it will be a 5 * and Yes, nice work.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you very much for the support Patrick! Oui, I see the difficulty here. I’m glad to get all your comments so I know how to direct my fun in a convenient direction :)

  4. avatar Pete より:

    I like the look of both this and the original version, this just wins out of the two in the looks stakes.
    I struggle with the time telling, I have read the explanation several times but my little brain isn’t getting it.
    Ease of reading aside this isn’t my favourite of you designs (it’s difficult to have a favourite as you have had so many awesome designs here) but definitely support worthy 5* best of luck sir! :D

  5. avatar gordon より:

    very stylish and unique indeed.The red white and blue colors remind me of the American flag, maybe we can call it the Uncle Sam (punn intended)

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Yeah when I saw the colors, I thought the same :) Blue, white, green was too depressive for me hehe. But I’m open for other color combinations. Thank you for your words Gordon!

  6. avatar Firdaus-kun より:

    I like that ultra futuristic (and artistic) effect of LEDs, though I suffer difficulty on how to quickly discover the time. Still, a very 5*Y from me. Cheers!

  7. avatar Michael より:

    I love the concept and the design, but man that will be one helluva hard read at a glance. But 5 stars my friend just for the ‘timey wimey’ phrase!

  8. avatar Michael より:

    And just to add, I would love to be wearing this and for someone to ask me the time and I can look at my watch and say “I don’t know, but doesn’t this watch look cool?”

    Maybe it’s not everybody’s idea of an ambition, but that’s okay

  9. avatar dzign555 より:

    Looks cool, just wonder about battery life…usb?

  10. avatar kangpi より:

    Even more impressive than the first aproach; I Ilike it a lot, but this one is simply IMPRESSIVE

  11. avatar mushy より:

    Um not sure about this Sam. There must be another way to use this idea so that the time-telling is simpler. I do like the Doctor Who reference tho :) and the graphics are great as usual. I also like the fuzzy effect. Good luck with it.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh I thought it’s pretty simple ;) It’s more pushed towards the look and away from reading comfort, that’s true. Thanks for the kind words Lloyd!

  12. avatar Makkovik より:

    I prefer the original (overall look & LCD over LED’s) but it’s nice that it’s using color code instead of thickness for 1 & 3. I like the “no hour lights” at midnight & pm light from noon to 23:59.