Paperclips inspired watch

(English) Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: As I was waking up, I saw a paper clip on a shelf at the side of my bed. I designed a watch that would cut 3 blocks arranged like paper clips in 12 and 4 segments and fill their center with indicators for the following options: pm, date, show alarm/alarm setup & alarm on. I also designed 2 variants with new arrangements for the minute and options indicators.

It could be made with LED’s of 1 or 4 color(s) or with a LCD screen with a positive or a negative display.

It can use 4 display options:

- Multiple lights/segments on (up to the exact time)

- Multiple lights/segments off (same as above)

- 1 light/segment off (the exact time)

- 1 light on (same as above but LED only)

I made these 3 versions:

RED: The “paper clip” at the left is the hour/month. Midnight/noon is the top half-circle and then you go clockwise. The central “paper clip” is the 5 minutes/days part. 00 at the top half-circle then go clockwise. The “paper clip” at the right is divided in 4 and used for the +1 to +4 minute/day. The big block inside the hour/month is the pm indicator. The big block inside the 5 minute/day is the date indicator. The top part of the last big block is used to set/show the alarm & the bottom is the alarm on.

GREEN: The hour/month (left) & 5 minute/day (right) are the same as the red. The 4 circles inside the 5 minute/day segments are the +1 to +4 minute/day & read top to bottom. The options indicators are the letters/symbols inside the hour segments.

BLUE: Both “paper clips” form a + sign. The vertical “paper clip” is the hour/month. The segments reading order is the same as the others models. The horizontal “paper clip” is the 5 minute/day. The 00 is located under the “D”. Then you go clockwise. The +1 to +4 minute/day & options indicators are the same as the previous but positioned in another way: The circles are inside the 5 minute/day & read left-right. The letters/symbols are inside the hour/month (they can be exchange).

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9 Responses to “Paperclips inspired watch”

  1. avatar Nev より:

    The green version doesn’t seem to match the text, but seems to be an example of the blue version. Apart from that, this is good. I prefer the crossed paper clip versions, as the vertical seem to regimented. Good luck and 5*/Y

  2. avatar Pete より:

    This is nice Makko! Probably my favourite of your designs so far. The first image with the two vertical displays and the + are my favourite layouts. They are simplest and cleanest IMHO. They would look nice on a brushed gunmetal case with slightly raised LEDs to give a subtle tactile feel. Very nice sir! 5/Y best of luck! :D

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    5 out of 5, great Matt!

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    I like the cross display! Could be made into a stylish watch. As for the pm, date and alarm indicators, they should be in a dot, like the dots you use for the additional minutes. It’s a start :)

  5. avatar Firdaus-kun より:

    Agree with Sam about the cross display. I can see room to make the overall design very stylish. Since I can imagine it, I give it a 5 and yes.