Framed watch design

(English) Design submitted by Rune from Norway.

Rune says: The idea struck me while I was designing a frame for a painting.  The challenge was to make the design simple, but still interesting. And this watch design just got stuck. The challenge was to make it simple yet interesting.Telling time is easy, the position of the light on the lower frame tells hours (1-12) and the upper shows 5 minute increments from 0-55.  The frame leds will light up the arm and make the wearers body a part of the design.

It is a clean design for anyone that is interested in something different. The watch could come with different strap and led colors to fit personal taste.

I hope that the unique design speaks for itself with its framing feature :)

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17 Responses to “Framed watch design”

  1. avatar Alanj より:

    Awesome! I would absolutely by this! Such a simple design, yet very sleek. Please make this. I need more wrists to wear all the watches I like

  2. avatar Nev より:

    I do like the LEDs display. The design is simple, so should be popular. It’s not for me though, for a number of reasons: I like to look at a watch face rather than my wrist (through the gap), I prefer more accuracy in the time and the left hand side of the case is too large for my taste. However, I do think it is impressive, so 5* and good luck.

  3. avatar lumist より:

    Very cool concept! My only suggestion would be to include a way to tell individual minutes… Maybe a row of 4 small LEDs on the wide edge of the frame? Good luck! 5*

  4. avatar Pete より:

    Very clean looking form and fantastic images. If this was made I would buy. I think this one would be restricted by feasibility unfortunately. I imagine if it is possible that the frame would need to be much chunkier to fit the electronics inside. Fingers crossed a way can be found! 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! :D

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice looking frame watch!! Definitely worth buying if it would tell the time precisely. With all the fun we have we mustn’t forget the time. It can be hard to read but it should keep this basic function. Ok an analog watch without indicators can’t be read precisely but the time is there. My suggestion would be adding further lights to the minute light to indicate additional minutes. The idea from lumist is also nice. Or you add a third LED line… The “problem” with the hairy wrist is subjective. I think that the frame would become a cool gadget after some days and the hole in the middle wouldn’t be seen as a hole but just as “not watch area” like the rest of the (hairy) arm. I think it could be made. Maybe at a good price. I hope so :) 5*/Ja!

  6. avatar gordon より:

    at first i generally don’t like watches that let me see my hairy arms, but your attention to detail was very impressive so i think i will make an exception here and get my razor out 5*

  7. avatar Anders S より:

    Great idea, this. ‘Hollow’ cases have been done before, but this brings something new, which is impressive and always welcome…=)
    I’d agree with previous posters that single minute indicators should be included, but my preferred solution would be to add a thin LED the length of each of the inner sides (between the existing rows, prehaps?), which could indicate single minutes 1-4… Anyway, I’m sure any solution would work, I just wanted to chuck my hat in the ring. =)
    good luck!

    PS. Always nice to see a fellow Scandiwegian on the blog, welcome!

  8. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    Rune welcome to the blog & congrats on a brilliantly simple & clean concept analogue one to twelve hours plus groups of five minutes. However I think that if the five Minute groups where broken in to a single minutes increments this would help tell the exact Time. Only the number of single minutes within the required Five Minute group needs to be active so if the time is 48 Past the hour, 45 Minute group is active plus three increments 45 Minute plus 3 minutes increments which would equals 48 Minutes.

  9. avatar xian より:

    Greetings, Rune. I really like the recessed buttons on the edge, very tactile. Beautiful renderings and concept. I’m ok without showing individual minutes, I think this sets your design apart from many others–who’s scheduling meetings at 8:47 anyway?

  10. avatar dm0n より:

    Its almost perfect, the only thing missing here is the accurate reading of minutes,. Maybe you can do the time reading like the rpm,. But beyond that, it is damn fine watch

  11. avatar dzign555 より:

    Looks great, but I’m not sure if I could handle looking at my wrist through the screen. Top idea, though. 5y

  12. avatar Laszlo より:

    Nice work Rune!

    Slice the center top to 4 segments.
    This is a simple solution for the exact time reading.
    See here:

  13. avatar mako より:

    I like this design! Great work!! <3

  14. avatar Makkovik より:

    An interesting concept with a nice buckle look.

  15. avatar Rune より:

    Wow I wasn’t expecting it to be this well received.
    Thanks to everyone that voted and commented.