Day Watcher – Rays inspired LED watch

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says:  This watch design is inspired by ray, and ray. Wondering to the sky, I see beautiful horizon changes color as the time passes. I initially have an idea of watch design based on ray (fish) and then I came up to blend the idea of ray fish and wonderful ray of light!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Day Watcher – Ray, is a watch design that really change the way you think about time. The time is told based on ever changing ray of colors in a day cycle; from night, to dawn, to sunrise, to daylight, to sunset, to dusk and finally back to the night. The colors are in gradient tone so you can see the color(s) shifting effect in line with the color of your local horizon as the time passes. The colors [blend] may not be 100% accurate, but I think it is enough to create fun moment and to attract a conversation. If you still need to see the real time, there’s stylish digital time mode available, both in always on energy saving mode and in overlay mode.

This concept of watch is suitable for those who like to have a unique and futuristic looking watch that really change the way to think about time.

The display is not unintentionally cramped for the sake of design alone, but rather to enhance futuristic element of the watch while enable more efficient use of power, thus enable longer battery life. Watch can be made of plastic fiber body in bracelet style strap as depicted, or with PU strap with butterfly clasp. The display may use full color LCD technology (or other tech in it’s class) with back-lighting.

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28 Responses to “Day Watcher – Rays inspired LED watch”

  1. avatar Gordon says:

    Pretty slick, I like it!

  2. avatar Louis Droit says:

    Silence! Obtain my currency!

  3. avatar Jimmy says:

    I reailly like this design!
    can’t wait for buy it

  4. avatar Ranjan says:

    Good One … nd Very Vivid Design … Looks Like Band … All Da Best … :-)

  5. avatar Bravehartk2 says:

    Built it!!!!! I want this watch!!! I need it!!! My Waaaaatchhhhh :-D

  6. avatar Pete says:

    Very very nice Fir, one of the best concepts I’ve seen in a while. You can tell much time and thought has gone onto this one! Fingers crossed it gets made! 5/Y best of luck sir! :D

  7. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    Wow what an amazingly original design concept, well done.

  8. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Firdaus, a very original concept that deserves 5 ​​stars and Yes!

  9. avatar Samukun says:

    Hmhm 5*/YES !! Good stylish and simple look ♥ Nice display ♥ Cool features ♥ I’m impressed :)

  10. avatar Nev says:

    Another great design, Firdaus. Looks fantastic.
    I’m not keen on bracelets, so would go for the version with a strap.
    I think setting the times of Dawn, Sunrise etc manually through the basic configuration would get tiresome as we progress through the seasons, so automation would be essential.
    Certainly hope this gets made – 5*/Y

    • avatar Firdaus-kun says:

      Thanks for the feedback Nev. I really appreciate it. I would agree with you about the band, I would chose a strap version over bracelet style. And about the configuration, finger crossed that TF can incorporate built in GPS so that auto config would be possible. Another option would be a companion phone app that feeds the config through Bluetooth, but I believe the first option is the best.

      But first, hopefully TF will consider making this concept a reality.

  11. avatar xian says:

    Hey, Firdaus. Would you consider narrowing the bezel and band? I’d prefer you lessen both sides by 66% if possible. I really like the colors and how well-suited they are to particular times of day.

  12. avatar Firdaus-kun says:

    Thank you everyone for the supports, and thank you Tokyoflash for publishing this design. I hope it gets to the next stage. Cheers!

  13. avatar dzign555 says:

    Funky! !

  14. avatar Daniyar says:

    Hi, Firdaus. I like this design vvvery much! Only 5/Yes :)

  15. avatar Seth says:

    I love your work of genius. I wish FOUR made it however this concept is beautiful aswell. Hope you can make your works of art a reality!

  16. avatar mushy says:

    It looks really cool Firdy especially the shape of the watch, but, for me, the numbers could be a bit more interesting or inventive. Also the space occupied by the display seems a bit too narrow to make the time and date easy to read. However, I do love the idea of the display changing colour with the day! :D

    • avatar mushy says:

      I guess you could have a cylon type effect with the display, except that it goes up and down instead of from side to side. :) Anyway good luck with it Firdy.

  17. avatar okevino says:

    Woo very cute style i want buy it

  18. avatar David Rivera says:

    Different from the rest. Fresh look design in a long time.

  19. avatar Jose says:

    Really a beauty Firdaus (the great)
    My support, best of luck Fir!

  20. avatar Firdaus-kun says:

    Yes all. Yes. Thanks. I. Yes. Ok. Hope all good. Yes! <3

  21. avatar Makino says:

    Superawesome…I LIKE THIS SO MUCH..Good luck to you.

  22. avatar Moo says:

    Please make this!!!!!

  23. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the configuration method. I like the overall look even if I would prefer if the digits weren’t fixed together. I like that the 1 is centered. The changing colors idea is nice but minor change in gradient tone from one to another would be a problem for me. ( changing 1-2 digits by case in the red-green-blue & Hue-Sat-Lum code (see Windows Paint > Define Custom Colors) )

  24. avatar changbachang says:

    please built this