(English) Werewolf watch tells the time with a bloody claw slash!

(English) Design submitted by Jean-François from Canada.

Jean-François says: Roman numeral is an ancient way to write numbers that has survived to this day. Inspired by the passage of this code through the century, like some kind of supernatural force, I designed the Werewolf watch.

On a band of thick leather, a few claw marks between two rows of small LEDs. In the grooves, lights shine forming roman numerals to display the hour from I to XII. Above and below the marks, sets of LEDs mark the minutes. The top row shows 5 minutes increments, the single minutes are marked by the bottom row; adding up to the precise time.

The ensemble is pulsing at a rate set by the bearer. The lights will dim and brighten up to mark the chare of every hour, every minute or every second (creating a steady light pulse).

The leather bracelet will be white, black or natural.  It is the green, red or purple light that brings the aura of surnatural. A perfect fit for the person who wishes to display a distinguished, yet slightly eerie,  watch. It not only displays time, it also reveals your inner beast.

Creatures of the night have worked their way into the mainstream culture. Likewise, a leather bracelet watch using roman numerals was destined to be.

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51 Responses to “(English) Werewolf watch tells the time with a bloody claw slash!”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    Nice idea Jean-François, your concept makes roman numerals appealing to a younger generations. I struggle to read roman numerals but this design would encourage me to get more proficient. 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! :D

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Thanks for your feedback Pete. Indeed one thing I like about Roman numerals is that they are cryptic, yet easy to read once you get the hang of it. :)

  2. avatar dzign555 より:

    Great idea, Jean-François – very simple! I would like to see the number concept of this watch with a bit more “classy” design – i.e. less plasticky. Good stuff – 5y

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Thank you. With a leather that is a little less glossy than the texture on this rendition, the watch looks a litlte more distinguished (or should I say steampunk) … Maybe that would be more in your chords. In any case, thanks for the stars, much appreciated!

  3. avatar Vonk より:

    Love it!

  4. avatar geek より:

    HOLY ****!
    It was amazing! Nice choice of roman number with the werewolf claws! 5 stars!

  5. avatar Sandra より:

    Wow, very cool concept. I would like a white or a dark grey one with blue LEDs. But since it’s leather – black would be great too. It’s easy to tell time, but it still looks unique and mysterious. When I was about seven years old, I got my first serious looking watch which had roman numerals and I had no problems telling the time. Roman numerals – yes, no problem, cool. Leather band – yes!, very beasty and nice. Pulsing – what a great idea; what if the lights would pulse in the rythm of the wearer’s own pulse? Or would that be too private thing to show others, especially to enemies? ;) Anyway, I like it, I would like to have atleast one and I would like to see others wearing it.

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Thanks for your feedback. I had thought of having it pulse at the bearer’s heartbeat, but the technology requirements bummed me down… and yes, who wants to reveal their most secret beat to their nemesis? ;)

      I feel that the every second pulse is the purrfect combination of a calm throbbing and an eerie ambiance. I hope you get to have one (or two) someday. :)

  6. avatar Firdaus 2013 より:

    I like the idea, I think its quite evil looking and that makes it rad! I wouldn’t mind getting the white+purple version. Me gustaria 5/y!

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      I was going more for ‘eerie’ or ‘strange’ than straight out evil… but it does sound like a compliment, I’ll take it! :)

  7. avatar thisisnotaCat より:

    I want one!


  8. avatar Nev より:

    Great idea.
    With the werewolf theme, my first though was that it would have the be red LEDs (for blood), and I still think that looks best, but your last image reminds me of Predator so maybe alien blood works too!
    Needs to be made – good luck. 5*/Y

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Same here… My first thought was red light through a black leather bracelet! But I thought that green, or purple, would give a more original twist to the concept. . . I am flattered to read that you agree.

      Thanks for your feed-back!

  9. avatar lumist より:

    Absolutely luv this design… Great way to use Roman numerals! Fingers crossed that this design becomes a reality, I’d get one in a heartbeat! :-)


  10. avatar Horst J. Viergutz より:

    Hello J-F!

    Very interesting design! I wish you good luck with this undertaking.
    Grand Pa

  11. avatar LeoSnake より:

    So impressed! You guys came up with something that combines Old and New so well. So simple and yet distinctive. I’d love one for myself and for every member of my family.

  12. avatar Crock より:


    j’en veux une, quand sera t’elle disponible à l’achat ?

  13. avatar xian より:

    Very nice, Jean-François! I agree that you should pursue syncing the pulse to the wearer’s heartrate–that is too cool to pass up! 5*/y!

    • avatar xian より:

      Accidentally deleted first post–also wanted to say how clever and well designed this concept is. It is simple while accommodating many displays.

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Thanks xian. Your feed-back is noted… I will see if this is in the cards for the Werewolf, or if I will use it on a future design.

  14. avatar Merwan より:

    Good use of roman numbers, a great idea, if the minutes could be in a roman or claw shape too, it’d be cool ( // // // // // // ) 5*/Y

  15. avatar mushy より:

    Good luck with it Jean-Francois. It’s a fun idea, but a bit simplistic for me. I think a lot of TF fans would like it tho.

  16. avatar Mark Heinz より:

    Your design is very clever. It’s a beautiful combination of high tech and ancient inscriptions. It would be especially popular with all the vampire movie and program fans. Plus, it’s elegant enough to appeal to people who appreciate a unique and stylish design. I think it’s a winner.

    Best of luck to you.

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Thanks Mark, Indeed, the current trend of cool ‘supernatural’ creatures has inspired me to work the Werewolf angle. I too believe that it is distinguished enough to be worn as an accessory, leaving the time-reading aspect of it in second place.

  17. avatar Claudette より:

    J’aime beaucoup le modèle de cette montre avec les chiffres romains.

    Bonne chance à vous

  18. avatar Marie-Pierre L. より:

    Wow! Just amazing! Tell me if this product come in production, I want my!!! Classy and original!

  19. avatar Nitar より:

    Est ce qu’il est possible une notification quand elle est disponible?

    • avatar thisisnotaCat より:

      Oui et non. Je te suggère de t’inscrire à la newsletter de TokyoFlash. Chaque nouveau modèle y est annoncé… en plus d’offres promotionnelles et tout le gratin. :)

  20. avatar dj4w4s3s4t より:

    beautiful timing :)
    Nice one

  21. avatar Jennifer より:

    J’en veux une! J’adore la version noir et rouge!

  22. avatar Sam より:

    This is one of the best designs I’ve seen, and the how easy it is to read! I would definitely buy this if it were produced! Good luck :)

  23. avatar Chantal より:

    Love it!!

  24. avatar Fred より:

    Wow i whant soo bad the black one with the red leds !!!
    very nice look ! good job i hope you win !

  25. avatar Rickter より:

    I love me and my GF wants one each !!!

  26. avatar Mazelord より:


    I like the fact that this is slick and classy, has an intriguing aspect to the way the time reads and appreciate that it wears like a leather bracelet. I find the various bracelet/led color combinations very interesting; with a little imagination they allow this watch to become a gothic curiosity, a steampunk device or an alien artefact. I am thinking mine would be natural leather with a green display.

    I gave it V Stars!!!

  27. avatar geoff6565 より:

    I love it and NEED one.

  28. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the overall look. Going Center>Up>Down would take some time to get used to, but all the slashes fit better in the center than up. It would help me with roman numerals reading. I like the way the strap close. My fav is the black/red. 5*

  29. avatar katherine より:

    Awesome !!!