Star Wars inspired clear design watch

Design submitted by Daniyar from Kyrgyzstan.

Daniyar says: The idea unexpectedly came while I was watching Star Wars. The idea of what watches could wear some characters of the movie. Clear black or white design where extended edges represent fast movement of, for example, lightsaber.2 central blocks show us minutes and days. And dots, over and under them, represent hours and months. These 12 dots are divided into 4 parts (with 3 dots in each) for a quick and easy reading.

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Star Wars inspired clear design watch, 3.3 out of 5 based on 43 ratings

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16 Responses to “Star Wars inspired clear design watch”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    Q.Q there goes my number idea ;) Hi Daniyar, I like what you did to the numbers. For the presentation you could have made the gaps smaller or LED without gaps. The gaps are there later somehow visible or hidden. The display and the watch are ok but maybe not outstanding enough. It’s definitely a good start for further thoughts. I support this with 5*/YES and hope for the best :)

  2. avatar Pete says:

    I like the asymmetric digits and the time telling is bold and clear. The Star Wars influence is too subtle for me, if it wasn’t for the text I wouldn’t have seen any link. It just needs a little extra something to make it stand out. Support worthy idea, best of luck and welcome to the blog! :D

    • avatar Daniyar says:

      Pete, yes i agree, that the link with movie is too subtle (it’s somewhere in my mind :) ). And thanks for the welcome.

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    Daniyar, for a first design, it is very good!
    5 * / Yes, good start.

  4. avatar mushy says:

    Nice one Daniyar. Keep them coming. ;)

  5. avatar Nev says:

    Looks good, Daniyar.
    I particularly like how easy the hours are to read with the 3-hour groupings. Sam’s suggestion of wrapping the minutes around the sides sound good, as long as it dosn’t make the hours look misplaced.
    Green on black for me, please. Good luck and 5*/Y

  6. avatar Daniyar says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment and support, Nev!

  7. avatar Firdaus-kun says:

    Hello Daniyar-san, WELCOME to the blog. Your first design is much better than mine so I hope you are good and are planning something bigger ;-) . I think it is a good design and like the combo of classic counting time + digital. At first I thought its something like morse code but the oh yeah. I support this with 5*/YES and hope for the best too!

  8. avatar Jose says:

    I really like the concept
    Great job. Good luck 5*/Y :)

  9. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the concept. I like the overall look. I prefer the black band/strap. I prefer the yellow display/lights.