Icon LED watch with customizable palettes

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: This is ICON. A watch that can be customized by choosing from a palette of materials to fit the wearer’s style.  I was going for a minimalistic style that was rugged and modern, but not too rugged.  I think this watch is unique because it uses what i like to call a 11-4-11 method of telling time.  That is to say 11 lights for the hours, 11 lights for the 5 minute intervals and 4 lights for the single minutes.

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Icon LED watch with customizable palettes, 4.0 out of 5 based on 63 ratings

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36 Responses to “Icon LED watch with customizable palettes”

  1. avatar gordon says:

    hey Toky, thanks for posting looks like the pictures are stretched there are more pictures here http://www.coroflot.com/GordonLardi/ICON

  2. avatar Kloryc says:

    I personally like the black+gold one and the carbon fiber idea is implemented very well. Lightness + ruggedness. I hope the strap is adjustable.

  3. avatar gordon says:

    cheers, i hope time telling is easy

  4. avatar Makkovik says:

    I’m happy they posted it. I saw it recently on your Coroflot page.

    I like the overall look, specially the “boat porthole/boat part” look. I like that you found another place for the 12th hour instead of placing the PM light after the 11 lights for the 5 min. I like that only some of the digits are written & the usage of dots for the rest. At 1st I thought that the top half should have been divided in 2 & the bottom by 4 but I like the ring seen at 4/9/etc min.

    My fav is the one with the wood finish. I also like the 2nd model but with another band, perhaps like the 3rd pic.

    I would buy. 5* (because it’s the max)

  5. avatar Marco says:

    Black+Gold is just amazing!

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Gordon, welcome back to the blog.
    I like the idea in general and I especially like the carbon version and the one with the blue bracelet. The other models are well also, especially the wood.
    5 * / Yes, nice work!

  7. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Gordon, nice to see your work back on the blog sir! And very nice work it is! Has a kinda steam-punky robot eye look to it with a really initiative looking display! 5/Y and best of luck! :D

    Ps carbon and black one for me! ;)

  8. avatar Timur Sharapiev says:


  9. avatar DAVID DICKINSON says:

    Excellent watch!,is it going into production?

  10. avatar Nev says:

    As you are only using the centre lights for the 12th hour, the only time you see whether it is AM or PM is between 12:00 and 12:59. I think you’d be better just having a single centre 12, used for both. Apart from that, I think this looks great. Good luck. 5*/Y

    • avatar gordon says:

      Thanks, I went back and forth with that detail. In the end i thought it added a little more interest like a little sun rising and setting even if it is only for the 12 hour. Cheers for being the first to pick up on that

  11. avatar dzign555 says:

    Very edible indeed! 5y

  12. avatar Firdaus R says:

    hmmm instant buy, i like the wood version of this, very manly and beauty in one. the time telling is interesting too, i believe ill have this watch in my wishlist if its ever being considered. so finger cross for it. 5y and good luck pop!

  13. avatar gordon says:

    this interface can also be animated to be a stop watch or tell the date or just cool animated patterns

  14. avatar ALinCAL says:

    Excellent design and presentation!! Your color and material combinations make it difficult to choose a favorite!!
    I want them ALL…!!! Nice job Gordon. (Also checked out the Coroflot page..awesome!)

  15. avatar matrix86 says:

    Being a fan of blue and usually wearing a good bit of it, I instantly fell in love with the clear-blue band with the blue lights (I’m assuming it’s a clear blue band…looks that way from the picture). Regardless, I can honestly say that for the first time in my time browsing this site, this is actually the FIRST watch i’ve looked at and said “screw the price, i’m buying this watch!” Seriously, I find the prices on many of these watched to be WAY out of my budget, but I would actually throw my hands up and just buy it. Love this design. I actually hate all these cryptic watches. I find your design to be AWESOME! Sorry, i’m a little excited. I really hope this one goes through to reality. Gonna try to get my friends to come here and vote on this one! I really want this watch!

  16. avatar gordon says:

    Please check out ICON in the round at http://www.coroflot.com/GordonLardi/ICON-ROUND

  17. avatar gordon says:

    thanks TF for adding the round version pics

  18. avatar Makkovik says:

    The new/round version is also nice (my fav is the last pic) but I prefer the rectangle because the case can have a more “exotic” look.