Continuum LED Watch displays the past and the future

(English) Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: In the year 4013 Time Travel is possible, historians travel through time to monitor & record moments in world history without interfering in them. However some Individuals have seized the opportunity to commit crimes in the past with the aid of future weaponry for financial gain or even manipulate events in the past for the own benefit or political gain. So the Continuum was create an agency that polices time itself.

The display has three rows of four Digits, the top row displays: the past / Previous digits that have Elapsed, Lower row: Future digit that will replace the digits in the Center: Present: Current.

This wristwatch can display the Current Time, Alarm or Date.

This wristwatch has one row that displays the past, present & future digit all at the same moment whilst still being easy to use / Read. Furthermore this concept is available as a E-ink Touch Screen / LCD or LED Display.

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8 Responses to “Continuum LED Watch displays the past and the future”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Cool :D Nice background story. I like the idea of having the past and future numbers attached to the current ones. This idea alone is simple and can lead to a lot of interpretations. You just stick the numbers together and one needs to focus on the middle area to tell the time. When you look quickly, it looks cryptic – like a good watch from Tokyoflash. I think the non-actual numbers should be the same color as the actual ones and doubling the segments is maybe not needed (like the bottom segment of the 9 and the top segment of the 0, both can be one segment I think). Then I thought a rectangular display would be better but a round window into the continuum of numbers looks more cryptic. Well I like the basic idea and the images transport it. Tokyoflash could have quite some fun with it. Good luck!

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      I made sure that I colored the top lines (The Past) & Bottom Lines (The Future) in a faded charcoal & the center Line: charcoal (Present / Current) so that the digits in display are easier to read. If a rectangle Faced version of this concept proved more popular I would consider changing the shape of Continuum wrist watch.

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Nice looking cryptic design. I agree with most of Sam’s comments here. I have a small issue regarding the past and future digits. You have the next sequential number in the Columns which isn’t initiative to me. It should be the same number other than the ones that are changing IMHO. So if the time is 22:34 the new one would be 22:35 not 13:45. It’s probably a subjective matter and my suggestion probably messes with the time travel theme. Details aside very nice work 5/Y best of luck! :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      In order for the Continuum Wristwatch to correctly display the Past, Present & Future time/s: each Line of the should display as the following digits: Black IP (Green) Current / Present: 20:59 Past: 20:58 Future: 21:00. Black IP (Purple): Present: 09:37, Past: 09:36, Future: 09:38. LED Multiple (Top, Middle, and Bottom) Time: 15:31, 15:32, and 15:33. LED IP: Alarm: Blue/ Cyan: 08:19, 08:20, 08:21 & Acetate Green, Date: 11th / 10: Oct, 12TH / 10: Oct & 13th / Oct: Oct.
      So Only the Stainless Steel Edition is correct!
      I only realised this error with the concept after I submitted this concept & I asked TF not to publish this version & I sent them a corrected Version. Copy & Paste the Following Link for the Corrected Version:

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I thihiiink, that every column of number should be diversified, not only the last one. Ok on 09:59 the all next number would be different but mostly the numbers would be like


      and that’s a bit too sober. When every column is it’s own continuum and the meet up in the middle to form the time, it’s totally cool (^^)/

  3. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    In this version concept the wristwatch display the number in previous, Current & next sequence which is one way that this watch could work. However in order to correct Display the Past Present & Future: Alarm,Time Or Date The center line should display the current Time The Top / Past should display the time that was displayed on minute ago & the bottom line should display the Time (Hour & Minutes) that will be displayed in the next minute / & that will replace the current / present digits. In Date Mode the Current / Present date Center, Previous date in the Top line & the following day’s date in the Bottom Line.

  4. avatar Nev より:

    I don’t really care what time the past and future lines show, as long as they are not the previous and next minutes – that would be too obvious. Maybe completely random works best.

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      Have the Past & Present Time line generated randomly Numbers is a Good Idea Nev.
      Perhaps the continuum Could have extra animation modes for The Past (Top Line) & The Future (The Bottom line)
      could animate as follows. Temporal: The Past Time Line displays the Time: Hours & Minute that has just elapsed in the last minute, & the future line displays the Time that will replace the Current / Present Time in the Center.
      Sequence: The top / past line subtracts one from the current Time & the Future / Bottom Line adds one to to the current time. Encrypt: The numbers in the Past & Future time lines are random generated.