(English) Shuriken watch awakes the ninja within you.

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Shuriken” and as the name suggest this design is inspired by the throwing stars made famous by Samurai warriors. The blades of said throwing stars provide the shape for the analogue hands in this back to basics design.

The time is told by three blade like analogue hands/discs which point inwards from the bezel for a dynamic look. The lowest largest of the blades describes the hours, the middle height and sized blade describes the minutes and the smallest and highest of the blades the seconds (the order could be reversed depending on the movement) The blades are connected to three transparent discs which in turn are mounted to a regular analogue movement.

This design although using a specialised inspiration should be conventional enough for the largest percentile but unusual enough for the TF hardcore. The shape and size would probably suit mens wrists more but a smaller version would easily be possible.

The unusual inward facing hands gives the watch a dynamic and industrial look thats sets this design from others.

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(English) Shuriken watch awakes the ninja within you., 4.1 out of 5 based on 149 ratings

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32 Responses to “(English) Shuriken watch awakes the ninja within you.”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    Cheers TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  2. avatar Anders S より:

    Ooh, shiny! Not to mention spiky…=) Nice design work there Pete, and looks very make-able. I tend to have a bit of trouble trying to make something new and fresh from a standard movement, but maybe I’m too prone to complicate stuff…=) This looks fresh (I especially like the brushed steel version), and should have a fairly broad appeal. Judging by the rating it certainly seems to! Fingers crossed mate…=)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Anders! Yeah I think it should be conventional enough for the mainstream but different enough for the more adventurous. Regarding feasibility it should be doable if the weight of the discs can be kept down. I think they would need to be plastic. I have seen metal effect plastics in the past and they look very convincing so hopefully the steel one would also be possible. Cheers for the great feedback sir! :D

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Among the hundreds of projects have you done Pete, this is one of my favorites!
    7* and Yes yes. (the 7, gate happiness it appear?)

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Awesome Pete, simply awesome! I like both, the metal blades and the plastic ones. Both types work great if made real. Good luck sir, 5*/¥€$

  5. avatar Glenn より:

    another design that is added to my “watchlist” :P 5*, great work Pete!

  6. avatar xian より:

    Very nice, Pete. Really like the stainless version. Is the center post necessary, or can that be eliminated? Wouldn’t the discs be gear-driven from the edge anyway? Think I would like to see the center clear of obstruction, just the intersecting markers you show. Really like the bezel too. 5*/y!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I don’t know if the centre post could be illuminated to be honest. There are probably ways and means but I imagine that any other means would be more complicated and expensive. The clear discs being driven by a regular movement with the post seemed the easiest, most feasible way. If it could be done like you suggest I’m all for it as it would ideal for this concept, and would add some mystery to the design. Cheers for the liking and the feedback sir! :D

  7. avatar Nev より:

    Looks great, Pete.
    As you say, analogue enough for mainstream, but different enough to impress those of us with a taste for the unusual. I particularly like the black / red one, but they all are appealing.
    I think this could be another winner. 5*/Y

    • avatar Pete より:

      Wow, great comment Nev! Cheers! Fingers crossed that this one appeals to TF and is easy enough for them to consider seriously, and give you the opportunity to snap up that black and red option :D

  8. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    An analogue wristwatch it will bring out every Urban Ninjas inner Shinobi I like the concept Pete. It will appeal to martial art fans & practitioners. I would like to ask if the rings hands or centre will be back lit for night time reading. I hope to see this made in to reality & on my wrist soon…. Andrew

    • avatar Pete より:

      I figured the lighting would be around the outside perimeter of the discs. That is the blue glow on the stainless steel version and the red on the black one. The white one has green lighting which is would glow thru the transparent areas. This would give a more subtle glow than a full face backlight, so you can still read the time but would be more atmospheric. Cheers for the support sir! :D

  9. avatar mushy より:

    Nicely done as usual Pete, but it’s just not for me. I just wish it did a bit more, I find analogue watches a bit boring now. Anyway I gave you 5Y to help support it. :) I know a lot of people like this sort of thing on here tho.

  10. avatar Firdaus より:

    This is simply a big yes from me. I HOPE it would be considered and CAN be realized (I know one of such design are available) and I believe if TF make it, it will sell well like a hot cake. But make sure it has back light! Good luck!

  11. avatar Ben より:

    Wind chill factor minus zero!

  12. avatar Somebody より:

    I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hope TOKYOFLASH makes this because I need it!


    • avatar Pete より:

      I reeeeeeeealllllllly hope they do tooooooo! Please listen to somebody TF! They neeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddssssss it! ;)
      Cheers for the vote and the many stars somebody! :D

  13. avatar Victor より:

    This is a really fantastic design. I just got my first watch and I would really hope to get this one too.
    But I agree the center pole can be removed

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hey Victor,
      I hope you enjoy your new watch! Thanks for the comment!
      If the conventional analogue post can be removed in favour for an externally driven disc type Im all for it.
      Fingers crossed such is possible! :D

  14. avatar Makkovik より:

    I love the overall look. I like the center pole. 5*, even if I wouldn’t wear it.

  15. avatar Pete より:

    Time runs out for this design soon, but just time enough to say a big thanks to TF for adding it here and cheers to everyone who took the time to comment, like and share!
    Cheers for the support everyone!

    Pete from the UK