(English) SHIFT watch joins clock hand and digits in one continuous line.

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: This idea is sequel to my previous Mainstream watch. It’s a combination of analog and Mainstream digital numbers.

Time is told with analog hour and digital minutes, such time telling can be found in Kisai Night Vision and Kisai Logo. The watch can be made in LEDs with sleek face and strap.

People who love sleek LEDs watch would like this design.

I think this watch is feasible to be made, quite easy to read and futuristic looking.

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(English) SHIFT watch joins clock hand and digits in one continuous line., 4.9 out of 5 based on 223 ratings

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34 Responses to “(English) SHIFT watch joins clock hand and digits in one continuous line.”

  1. avatar Maja より:

    I would most definitely purchase this watch. It’s a **** looking design.

  2. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    This is a winner for me Firdaus. Easy to read, a clever twist merging ana-digi + cool bangle styling.
    The only suggestion I would have is just to add some subtle engraved numbers on the sides for 1-5/7-11
    Great job!

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Hey Thanks TF for you comment! I would say that I made it in hurry and missed some routine check so I admitted some silly mistake as noticed by audiences. Great job for them!

  3. avatar Heather より:

    I haven’t been on here in a long time, or commented on anything, but when I saw this, I had to leave my comment and vote. Totally f-ing awesome, Firdaus! 5*/Y

  4. avatar Antonio より:

    The product is awesome but watch out guys
    How can the time be 7:62 pm… ? the bottom at the right

  5. avatar Tham Wai Leong より:

    Great design Firdaus! Love the simplicity and the sleekness. Tokyoflash please make this and I’ll buy it!

  6. avatar mushy より:

    It looks cool Firdy, but there are some problems. Whenever the minutes say 51, for example, it’s impossible to tell whether the number of minutes is 51 or 57. Maybe a solution to that would be to display the 1 on the left instead of the right. Also, whenever the time’s 06:24pm or 07:24am, for example, it’s impossible to tell whether the number of minutes is 24 or 29. There may be other issues as well, but I’m way too sleepy. :) Anyway, apart from those things, good job and good luck with it.

  7. avatar Firdaus より:

    Hello guys. Thank you for your productive comments. Yes There are some mistakes here and issues with combo and positions of several numbers like 1,7,4,5,9… that can be confusing yeah, but there’s quick fix for the problem. I’ll post a piece of other confusing examples soon. I believe it is possible with LED technology.

  8. avatar Laszlo より:

    Great job! I look forward the modifications in the numbers.
    5 stars for me and YES!

  9. avatar Anders S より:

    Smashing work Firdaus! Clear and clever, though the bangle style is not for me (minor detail). Not much to say apart from that, really, just that I’m often surprised by how deceptively simple the best designs are… Best of luck!

  10. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Fir, very nice work sir and a little GMTA.
    I had to look twice for a second cos this looks so similar to an idea I had that I thought to myself “I don’t remember submitting that” lol. Then I realised it had your name on it hehe. I hope that’s a complement. I love the shear simplicity. It would be so easily made that I’d be amazed if TF didn’t consider it. I agree with Toky that some subtle markers for the hours would be a nice addition. Best of luck sir! :D

  11. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Firdaus, the “7:62 pm”, it’s because you’re ahead of your time!
    5 * and yes, as usual.

  12. avatar Samukun より:

    Haha, I’m working on a watch, working title “true lies” that tells times like 7:62 :D So funny!

    Hey Firdaus, you surprise me every time how simple and epic you can work. I really like this one. The symbol that I see that turns into a time is pretty tokyoflashy and appeals to me personally. There are some tricky times but I think they are all distinguishable. But Firdaus, what do you do on 7:47? As for numbers like 24, you can simply but the 4 one step to the right. Super :D

    Firdaus, it’s good looking, thanks to the bloggers we see how to fix some little things and in the end we have it. 5*/2014 :D

  13. avatar Flora.Clark より:

    Awesome technology. I have taken Rave LED Gloves online which are awesome for parties and we can upgrade it with other colors.

  14. avatar xian より:

    Hi, Firdaus. I was a fan of your Mainstream concept, reminding me of mazes and keys in Adventure from the 8 bit Atari VCS, and this concept appeals to me for the same reason. I would request that you make a version that blends the face into the band, I think that would complement the display. Looks like Sam has dibs on the name though:


    I still think you should work ‘key’ or ‘cypher’ into the name somehow…

  15. avatar Merwan より:

    A really beautiful concept, an immediate appeal, catch the attention at first sight. Nice! 5*/Y
    Hope it’ll be on my wrist soon =)

  16. avatar pawel より:

    This is areally good one! Grat combination of digital and analog time, as other have already written. pm/am shift is also a great idea. Good luck!

  17. avatar Wilhelm より:

    Great looking idea!

  18. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thank you guys. Chris if I make the version that blends the face into the strap that would be too awesome I can’t handle it hehe. And OMG the Shift from Sam… that must be my busy days. That watch was nice. I came up with name Shift because the design make me think of automatic gear shift. Thanks for your suggestion!

  19. avatar dzign555 より:

    Awesome, Firdy. I’ll go the light blue or green, please!

  20. avatar SB より:

    Wawoo SHIFT watch joins clock hand is a marvellous Fashion watches . A stunning example of quality and fashion. I love it

  21. avatar Andrs より:

    Sweet design. i’m wondering what happens at say 8:07; how would the 8hour line connect to the 7minute digit? And what about at 9:11, the line going out to the 9hour would make the minutes look like 17, right? the example times you gave look amazing, but there are a few that would be a little awkward. still I love the design

    • avatar Andrs より:

      Now that I look at it, many instance of minutes ending in 1 would make the 1 look like a 7.
      01,21,31,51, and all 1 minute times at 9oclock, right? hmmm….

      • avatar Firdaus 2013 より:

        Hi Andrs, I sent TF a piece of quick fix at the day of this post but yeah TF were busy with recently new watch release so and I was busy too haha then thing got overlooked but what a great conversation starter! Thanks for your concern, I have that piece updated on my Flickr! just now.

  22. avatar Firdaus 2013 より:

    Sorry everyone, suggested quick fix can be seen here . And thanks again everyone for any comments, vote or suggestions!

  23. avatar Peter より:

    Nice one… very futuristic :)

  24. avatar Makkovik より:

    This one is nice. I like the “belt buckle” look. I would like it more if it had painted markers around the dial. I would buy.