Quattro binary style watch tracks the moon phases.

Design submitted by Wilhelm from South Africa.

Wilhelm says: Quattro 2.0 – This is a revamp of my first Quattro design on which the One-6 concept was based. The idea started as a new concept LCD using a “new” “binary” idea, but I realised this can be a pure LCD, a LED or a LCD with a patterned template over the LCD.

The alluminium casing house a LCD or LED module. Reading the time is by means of counting clockwise the sum of the value of each quarter, 1 to 4 of each full circle, which represent the digits like a 4 digit watch. The modules also feature an 8 moon phase mode.

The idea is for people who love “binary” type of watches, but also prefer something extra like a moon phase mode.

In this design the patern for the binary module works perfect for displaying 1 of the 8 moon phases, making it simple in symmetry and unique with its 2 modes in 1 module. There is also a possibility for a third mode like an alarm.

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Quattro binary style watch tracks the moon phases., 3.2 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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17 Responses to “Quattro binary style watch tracks the moon phases.”

  1. avatar geek says:

    Toooo hard for me! >.<

  2. avatar Nev says:

    Binary takes some time to work out, but this is worth the effort. Good luck with this design. 5*/Y.

    Note that the first number on the fourth image is wrong – you end up with 45:39.

    • avatar Wilhelm says:

      Thanx for pointing that one out Nev, lol, missed that up until now! Spot the spelling error ;) Note to myself, never work late into the night on binary watches! Lol. Thank you for the 5*.

  3. avatar Wilhelm says:

    Thank you TF for adding my idea to the blog.
    Most of the time I prefer LED modules, but in this concept the LCD module with a green backlight is my favourite.

  4. avatar Pete says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of binary as my little brain struggles with it. That said this seems pretty intuitive. It has a simple and clear look that I like. The only change/addition for me would be to have subtly etched numbers for extra clarity. The metal faced version are my favorites! 5/Y best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Wilhelm says:

      Thanx Pete!

      I must agree, binary watches are not easy. I bought the Kisai Sensai, and I almost never use it to see what the time is, I rather use my mobile phone for that. But I see it as a piece of art I can carry around. I know it is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that is why I love them. As long as they are not too complicated to read like some the designs on this blog. You’ll see that I’m trying to find a balance between simplicity and mathematics.

  5. avatar Firdaus says:

    I think the time telling is quite hard for me since I have a very simple minded, but perhaps would appeal to binary fans. I would suggest easy mode, look you can utilise the middle circle with the rest of 4 1/4 circles to create numbers. I can imagine the display looking good in person. Good luck sir!

    • avatar Wilhelm says:

      Thank you Firdaus. I like your idea, maybe an easy mode for those who struggle with “counting”. This one is actually easier than other binary watches, by I guess it is the thing to remember the total value of each quarter that makes it difficult, IDK. For me the focus was more on the moon phases, because I constantly Google what phase the moon is in. I even had an app for that on my previous mobile.

      • avatar Wilhelm says:

        But the idea will only work with a LCD module.
        What makes this easy for me to read, is that once you learned what the value of each quarter of a circle is, I start my counting the quarters of the circles from the highest to lowest, anti clockwise.

  6. avatar Anders S says:

    Fascinating how far you can get with only 20 display segments…=) I like the regular, almost austere look of organization in the display, it’s very well-proportioned. I’m usually not a big fan of binary but occasionally an interesting variation comes along, and I think I could get on board with this one. It’d take a bit of practice, but it’s not rocket science. I think it’d look pretty good indeed with a mirror LCD display, but that’s a matter of taste…=)
    Good work and good luck!

    • avatar Wilhelm says:

      Thank you Anders for your positive feedback. A mirror idea also sounds good and I think there are so many variations one can do with this. Like I said, my idea started with a LCD with a template over the module, but now my 1st choice is the LCD with the green backlight under clear glass, also because the time is always “on” with that design and it is less cluttered. I have another LED design with the same “binary” method in the same minimalistic casing I’m working on. From what I have notice lately is that there is somehow a move away from complicated binary ideas, or that the market for that is much smaller, IDK, I’m still testing the waters, lol.

  7. avatar xian says:

    Hi, Wilhelm! At least until I am a savvy coder, I will have trouble embracing binary watches. That being said, I love both your design and the concept of incorporating moon phases. This is the first binary I’ve seen that would probably sway me to learn it. Good luck!

  8. avatar Samukun says:

    You know what, you can make digital numbers with these segments. Look up “SuujiMaru” in the search field (top right of this page). This could be an alternative reading method. So special binary for the super geeks and digital for the normal geeks :) The watch geometry is simple – nothing to complain here. If Tokyoflash want to go the more cryptic way again, they can start searching here. Good luck Wilhelm!

    • avatar Wilhelm says:

      Thanx Samukun. I remember Sam’s design. Still very impressive, one I would love to have if TF ever make it a reality. I was thinking of making digital numbers out of the patterns, without copying Sam’s idea, but then you have to combine two circles and maybe turn the patterns of the circles a quarter. Also, with LCD/LED modules the gaps between the quarters is part with that technology. With the smart watch technology this and Sam’s idea would be possible. Not so sure if I want to go that way, it’s just too easy to upload any pattern on a smart watch, making it not a collectors piece anymore.

      • avatar Wilhelm says:

        On the other hand, I think it will be worthwhile to have a look into the smart watch screen’s technology, maybe more ideas here on the blog from the past would be possible!

  9. avatar Makkovik says:

    I love this one ! I like the moon phase. Like the ONE-6 : I like the basic/simple overall look. I like the idea to match a black synthetic strap with a silver metal case. My favorite method is “LCD with a patterned template over the LCD”, because it combine the look of LED’s with an always on tech. Alarm & date would be nice. I would definitely buy 1. 5*