(English) ONE-6 watch pioneers a new binary style

(English) Design submitted by Wilhelm from South Africa.

Wilhelm says: The ONE-6: Counting LED lights on a binary watch is nothing new, but sometimes it is very difficult to read the time, so I came up with a similar idea, but with an easier way to remember the value of each LED by only using the numbers 1 to 4.

The aluminium casing house a module with 16 colour LED lights under 16 flat to the  casing dark acrylic lenses. Reading the time is by means of counting the sum of the value of the LEDs that are on in each vertical row, which represent the digits like in a normal 4 digit watch.

My hope is that this design will appeal to people who love minimalism and LED watches that are different with a hidden code to understand, but dislike those too complicated binary counting methods.

The lighweight aluminium casing, simplicity and symmetry of this concept are the things that will make it a timeless watch to own to suit most occasions.

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15 Responses to “(English) ONE-6 watch pioneers a new binary style”

  1. avatar Wilhelm Brüwer より:

    Thank you Tokyoflash for adding my design to the blog!

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Wilhelm,
    I am one of those people who struggles with binary. This does look simpler to me but I would still struggle to remember the combinations for the numbers initially (I’m sure with practice I would soon get it) maybe the strap should feature you screen explanation for reference. Nice work 5/Y :D

    • avatar Wilhelm Brüwer より:

      Nice idea Pete! Thanx for the 5/Y!

    • avatar Robert より:

      But I hope you will like my pioneer “The Equilibrium” ternary watch! :)
      I don’t understand why TF haven’t published it yet for a month.
      Today I totally redesigned it (hexagon watch face) and sent it in again.
      I am so curious about what will be the opinion of yours :)

  3. avatar Anders S より:

    I’m usually not a fan of binary, but this works for me. I like the symmetry of the 4×4 layout (it’d be interesting to see some variations on the proportions), and the relative simplicity of the time telling. Good work, and good luck! =)

    • avatar Wilhelm Brüwer より:

      Thanx Anders, I have designed a couple of variations, there was even one before this one, called the Quattro, which TF didn’t add here, dont know why. Maybe I must try again.

      • avatar Anders S より:

        TF works in mysterious ways sometimes, perhaps they just thought they were too similar to post both, and decided this had the better chance at a good score…
        As I believe I (and many others) have proved on this blog; you can always have another go…=)

  4. avatar xian より:

    Hi Wilhelm. I like the simplicity, the symmetry, and the case finish and display colors. Sounds like a 5*/Y for me!

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    The thing is, it’s just some rectangles. That could be a good thing for those who like it this simple. (that’s what I wrote this morning and I had to leave before ending my thoughts, now I’m back) I must admit, it didn’t catch me at first but I see a certain retro charme now. The simplicity of the case which doesn’t try to be super cool but just a frame for the light is justified and so it’s cool. What really is a good thing is the fact that this binary is actually super easy! I think this could be used for quite some different display styles. So maybe it’s not outstanding enough in the huge amount of concepts here but seen independently, it’s a nice simple idea and I would get me one if Tokyoflash would make it.

  6. avatar mushy より:

    I quite like this one. Reminds me of the movie Close Encounters. :D

  7. avatar Peter より:

    Not bad, not bad… good luck sir :)

  8. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like binary watches. I understand them without problems. But I like that you divided the time in 10′s & 1′s digits. I like that they are counted as rows & not columns ( it’s a possibility since it’s a square display ). I would prefer to count them from the bottom to the top. I like the basic/simple overall look. I like the idea to match a black synthetic strap with a silver metal case.