Spring Washer Inspired Double Helix Watch


Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: “This is “Double Helix” a back to basics analogue watch design. The inspiration for this design is the humble spring washer or locking washer which simply consists of a washer which is split and shaped into a subtle helix. This design uses two helix like forms to describe the time hence the name “Double Helix”.spring_washer_inspired_double_helix_watch_purple_strap

The time is simply told by two helix shaped discs attached to a conventional analogue movement. One larger disc for minutes and one smaller one for hours.



This design is very simple and clutter free and will appeal to people who like clean and simple watch designs. The time reading is easy to recognise and read so should appeal to the wider audience.


The simple elegent forms of the helix shaped discs allows this design to stand out from others.”




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66 Responses to “Spring Washer Inspired Double Helix Watch”

  1. avatar Anbreen より:

    That’s CLASSY! Simple, elegant, very easy to read, but befuddling to the observer. I would strongly consider a purchase.

  2. avatar Anbreen より:

    The only thing is.. I’m one of those peeps with a tiny wrist. Could such as I be accomodated by the band?

    • avatar Pete より:

      The original idea was to have a flexible strap with an elasticated cover that adds tension. This would accommodate for a variety of wrist sizes. I imagine if the concept was developed a conventional adjustable strap would be favoured to make it available to the majority. Cheers for the feedback and the vote! :D

  3. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nuts! 5y

  4. avatar Nev より:

    This IS a very clean and simple design that works well.
    The raised edge of the current hour and minute, along with the markers around the casing, make this very easy to read – I don’t normally go for this, but here it looks different enough to be appealling.
    The last two, with the backlighting, look fantastic – would that be always on, or just for nighttime use? Either way, I would certainly like one of those.
    Just need to change from a bangle to a normal strap and I’d buy one. 5*/Y

    • avatar Pete より:

      Nice feedback Nev! I imagine that the backlight would be at a press of a button due to power consumption. Unless it was a illuminecent material or that triton gas stuff. I imagine that if the design was taken forward a more conventional strap would be favoured so you should be well catered for! Cheers for the support sir! :D

  5. avatar Anders S より:

    Sleek and clean: I like it! =)
    Not much for me to criticise, really… the look is nicely consequential, and I like the look of the strap although I’m not sure it’d be very practical. Something with the same basic look but jointed at the bolts (which I really like) might be more useable, and makeable whilte retaining some of the uniqueness. Good luck sir!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I can’t ask for fairer than that sir! Great comment and feedback. I think you comment regarding the strap is a good one. A more conventional strap with a similar look would be a sensible option! Cheers for the mighty fine words sir! :D

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Pete, I’ve seen this style of watches and I know you love this style of watches.
    I also like this style of watches.
    5 * / Yes.

  7. avatar gordon より:

    nice design, i saw something similar done by someone who was making a watch readable by blind people by touching the raised edges. this could work as well.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Gordon,
      I think I may have seen that the other day too.
      Yeah if a suitably robust movement was available and maybe the addition of a hinged lid (to protect the face when the time wasn’t being read by a visually impaired user) this could be used by the visually impaired too.
      That would be a nice additional market. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D

  8. avatar diclonius より:

    this reminds me of cypher…and i loved cypher. this is really awesome too.
    c’mon TF…when are you gonna make something like this?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Wow that’s quite the compliment, as cypher was/is one of my all time favourite blog designs.
      Hopefully this is easier to make (which I presume is the only reason cypher wasn’t made)
      Fingers crossed that this type of design will one day temp TF! Cheers! :D

  9. avatar Anbreen より:

    Actually, I USUALLY prefer more of a challenge on the time-reading end. I don’t go for the easy ones.

    But, this design is just that cool, sleek, clean, and futurist. It would go well with jeans, or in a board room. Or, in black for a formal setting. The 3D face instead of the digital adds something a little raw, robotic and industrial, IMHO. Simple, but dynamic. Or, maybe dynamic BECAUSE of the simplicity. MayBE USB?

  10. avatar Anbreen より:

    I just Googled Cypher. Yeah, it IS a bit redolent of Cyper. But DH shows a little less light. IMHO, that’s a GOOD thing, with this design. It’s all about the raw screws. Too much light would detract.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah I suppose any analogue design that uses 3D arcs will ultimately share some similarity with cypher. In reality this is more similar to Uzumaki due to the time telling method. Either way they are both inspirational designs I’m more than happy to have people make associations with or compare against.
      My main thing with this design was to use a 3D element with a standard analogue movement, to hopefully retain the feasibility. The hands/discs would need to be very light weight. Hopefully it is possible and different enough for TF to consider. Cheers for the great feedback Anbreen! :D

  11. avatar Anbreen より:

    Good point about it being a good watch for the blind. That’s right! It can be easily read in the dark! Maybe an “always on” option for people who like the bare outline of light enhancing the design. With an option to turn the light off for people (like me) who like the raw, industrial unlighted look. It’s great either way, so social setting could dictate the look. Thinking an on-off light option might broaden the age range of appeal, as well.

    The light could imply, “I am creative, artistic, hip, and forward thinking.” Unlighted, it seems to imply, “I mean business, and must be taken seriously.”

    Just throwing stuff around, here. :-) Thank’s for all the fun, Pete! ;-)

    Yeah, I guess it could almost be called, “Industrial Uzamaki,” except there is the tactile;-) I call Uzamaki “Dragon Eye.” ;-)

    • avatar Pete より:

      I really appreciate your input, its great to here peoples opinions and suggestions! that’s what makes the blog what it is IMHO. The voting is a small factor in comparison to the comments and feedback.
      The backlighting suggestions you make are great. I think the option to turn on and off and sensible as power consumption could be a factor depending on method. It would be cool if the colour could be changeable like “Adjust” and in an ideal world brightness adjustable to suit the wearers mood. It would certainly give the watch multiple personalities like you suggest. Thank YOU for all the fun! This blog would be nothing without the commenters and supporters!
      “Dragon Eye” is a cool name. TF should have polls for the names of perspective successful designs.
      Cheers again Anbreen! :D

  12. avatar Darin より:

    I don’t usually like analog watches too much, but the LED back-lighting sold me! The helices would have to be very sturdy, or maybe have a glass lens (but that wouldn’t look as good).

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Darin,
      Cheers for stopping by and giving the analogs a chance. I have included a glass lens in my images but it is very subtle as not to detract from the design for that very reason. It would be cool if the helices were touchable but you would need a very robust movement and the hands would need to be very sturdy like you say. If the design was developed with the visually impaired in mind a hinged lid would be a sensible addition to protect the hands the rest of the time. Cheers again! :D

      • avatar Anbreen より:

        Just me, but I hope that the face will be unobstructedly touchable. You know those long meetings or events where you want to glance at your watch, but you can’t– because it would be obvious? Just read it with your fingers! But, I’m also thinking it would need a tough mechanism, and maybe lunch crumbs on the fingers jamming things up……:-(

        • avatar Pete より:

          If would be cool if its possible and/or viable. I would love to know TFs opinion on watches suitable for the visually impaired. Obviously talking watches get around the issue easily and a few blog submitters have gone down the vibration route which is another viable means. But the tactile quality of time you can touch would certainly appeal.

  13. avatar Anbreen より:

    Well, TF struck a HUGE coup, when it started soliciting designs and feedback from fans. Their designers and engineers are brilliant, inspired, and visionary. With so much input from brilliant, inspired, and visionary fans, from around the world (which is every, single, person, on this blog) TF just can’t HELP to stay far ahead of the game. Everybody wins!;-)

  14. avatar Anbreen より:

    WOW! Peter! Congratulation re: “Blade!” I think I NEED a turbine on my wrist! You must be thrilled!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Anbreen,
      Yeah today so far is a bit of a blur. Blade has worked out really nicely and Im so pleased with the result.
      Im glad you likey! Please show all your friends! Cheers! :D

      • avatar Anbreen より:

        Me likey LOTS! The coolest thing about the coolest watch makers is that you’uns are getting stellar stuff to put in your portfolios and on your resumes. And, how cool is it to wear your own creation, engineered by a world class company? And, TF engineers are never gonna run out of ideas!

        Yep! I got my jeweler (had to get Optical Illusion’s band cut WAY down) to drop work and go to the TF w/s, again. And, I just introduced the TF w/s to the IT guys at work.

        Whenever I get back to Los Angeles, I want to show my pieces to friends in Pasadena. Some of them work at our big rocketry lab. They are all into visionary stuff. And, they LOVES them some gadgets, puzzles, and secret and futurist ways to look at things!

        Looks to me like TF managed to attract a whole hive full of creative winners, from all over the world. Just like bees to the honey pot! Good on TF, and good on you’uns! Everybody wins! Later, gator! ;-)

        • avatar Pete より:

          Crikey, sounds like you have had a pretty interesting day yourself!
          Good luck in Pasadena, that sounds cool!

          Yeah there are some great people with some great ideas who contribute to the blog and make it the success it is today.

          Cheers for the support! :D

  15. avatar Patrick より:

    Congratulations to Pete for his perseverance finally rewarded (Blade).
    A well deserved gift!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Patrick, Its been a long road but it has all been worthwhile.
      I hope you and all the other guys and girls who put in so much effort and submit their work are also this lucky in the future! :D

  16. avatar Anbreen より:

    The question, or course, was gold or black. Gold is the best for personal coloring. Black monochrome is the most industrial looking (not to mention mysterious). Black it is!

    Unhappily, our Customs has just now begun sitting on the watches, for a day or two. They need to buy their OWN! :-(

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah that happens here too and then they charge you for the privilege!
      Yeah the Black vs Gold choice will be a difficult one for a few people I image.
      I too had to make that very decision. I choose black cause its all stealth like but the gold would have been a guilty pleasure! :D

      • avatar Anbreen より:

        Well, gold and red would have looked better on a redhead. But, the gold looked a bit dressy, to me.

        I also liked the stealth concept. Plus, I wanted all the focus to be on the turbine- not the pretty gold steel (though, I LOVE the pretty gold steel!)

        And black is mysterious, maybe a tad bit sinister. Maybe a little bit Jules Verne, even. And one could have picked it up off a workbench in an auto or jet mechanic’s workshop. ;-)

  17. avatar Anbreen より:

    It’s also a little bit cool to be able to cite the designer. “Yes, this watch was designed by Peter Fletcher of the UK, for Tokyoflash.” ;-)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Its nice to be cite’d too! doesn’t happen very often! I will enjoy my 15seconds of fame! ;)
      Thank you for choosing Kisai Blade! :D

  18. avatar Anbreen より:

    I didn’t choose Kisai Blade. Kisai Blade chose ME! ;-)

    With the spin time display.

  19. avatar Anbreen より:

    BTW– I will remember to cite you often, when people admire the watch.

    • avatar Pete より:

      You are too kind! I thank you. I hope you enjoy wearing the watch when it arrives! :D

      • avatar Anbreen より:

        Thanks! I will if it gets here! It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. :-) )))) But my third order (the one before the Blade) is missing somewhere between US Customs and TF. :-(

        • avatar Pete より:

          I hope your Blade showed up! Mine is still in the post somewhere. I imagine the UK customs people are hanging on to them just to be awkward! :(

  20. avatar Samukun より:

    Luv it! So simple and stylish :) The gaps for lighting up the display are very good. This should be made! 5*/DEFINITELY

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Sam! I guess it all boils down to technicalities (whether it can be made easily) I assume that is why Cypher is not on my wrist now :( hopefully this is doable and more importantly TF want too! Fingers as ever tightly crossed! Cheers! :D

  21. avatar Anbreen より:

    Blade showed up right on time.

    Third order (Adjust) never did, but TF just resent. That will make FOUR that I own.

    Speedpost checked it in, then two hours later sent it back to TF falsely claiming “failed delivery.’I guess they are also taking their time sending the original package back to TF.

    Today, I had my Black Blade’s band cut down. VERY imposing watch. Great presence! Looks like it means business!

    Or, as we say, hereabouts– “It’s BAAAAAD!” ;-)

    Sometimes it even almost looks like the rotor face is spinning, during the animation!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Logistics can be a nightmare. Mine took over a week to arrive but well worth the wait. I have an all black one too! (Blue LEDs) and like you say has a very serious stealthy look :D

      • avatar Anbreen より:

        Bet you’re glad you chose the black! I sure am! (green LEDS). Now, we need the double helix….

        One think about TF– ALL the TF pieces.. there are SO many customization choices. 12/24, choice of animation, choice of time display, colors, bands….

        • avatar Pete より:

          Black and Green LEDs is probably the best combination IMHO, it’s a classic. It was my first choice actually but because I already have a few black and green watches I went with the blue option. They all look pretty awesome to be honest.

          Yeah one thing you can’t take away from the TF range is there is plenty of choice. If you can’t find a design or combination here you like there must be something wrong with you! lol

          Fingers crossed Double Helix finds its way onto that watches page x^^x

        • avatar Anbreen より:

          Yeah, I got black and green because most of mine are red or blue. :-)

  22. avatar Anbreen より:

    A ninja could wear the black one– but not between 6 pm and midnight! ;-)

  23. avatar Demarkus より:

    This is a very great piece, I just have one question when will it be available. This is one of the best designs I’ve ever seen associated with this site.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Demarkus! That’s quite the compliment! If this design was lucky enough to be chosen for development it takes typically about a year from blog post to release. Fingers crossed it gets picked! :D

  24. avatar Anbreen より:

    That’s another BIG TF strength– soliciting designs from fans is something EVERY company should do. BIG win for the fans, BIG win for the company. Humongous potential design team possibilities. Global team input from all over the planet. Best imaginations on tap. Leave it to the Japanese to be that forward-thinking. BTW- from Net posts of older TF watches for sale, it appears that old watches appreciate, not depreciate, in value.

    As for the designers– you can schlepp your portfolio from agent to agent. Or you can become an instant world-known watch designer, with a permanent Net designer credit.

  25. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the band. I like the last pic. However, the time-telling is not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t buy, but I gave 4*.

  26. avatar Nocoins より:

    I love the look of this watch and would definitely want one if it was manufactured. As mentioned in earlier comments, the strap would be the only criticism, but other than that, I would definitely purchase one of these! Great job!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Nocoins! Cool name by the way! ;) yeah I’m sure TF would give the design a more conventional strap if they decided to bring this one into the real world. Fingers crossed they do and you can change your name to “savedenoughcoins” ;) cheers for the feedback and support! :D

  27. avatar Jose より:

    Here a classic, Master Pete
    Great job as usual. Good luck master Pete
    5/Y_ :)

  28. avatar Pete より:

    This one ends soon, so a big thanks goes out to TF for adding it here and everyone who voted, commented and shared! Cheers everyone!

    Pete from the UK :D