Relativity watch uses proximity sensor to activate.

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says: I wanted to show my two new LED watches to my friend, so I wear them at the same time. But if you want to read the time on a watch you have to push a button. You always need two hands – I made a twist on this basic idea.

The Hour/Month and the Minute/Day screens are not in the same watch. The two half watches work only when they are in the right positions. The main thing is the two pairs of sensors for the wireless connections. The position of your hands shifts between the Time/Date Mode.

The two half watches could be bracelets for women. The time format could be various for men who like geek watches. I think there are a lot of potentials in this two half watches concept. I showed only the most simple one.

I have never seen this kind of two half watches concept before. It is a new but a really simple visceral twist that expands the thinking about watches but in an unusual way.

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16 Responses to “Relativity watch uses proximity sensor to activate.”

  1. avatar Matthew says:

    I really like this idea. The only thing is, I wear my something on both my wrists

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Robert,
    Very outside the box thinking! This is a fun and novel concept. I like the idea but the having to place the two units in the two poses looks a little impractical. I know that two hands are often used with conventional watches, to activate or scroll through modes etc. But this is brief and not reliant on specific poses. To do as you are suggesting could be difficult when driving or riding a bike or carrying two drinks etc. Also you would look like a superhero assuming their trade mark pose or part of the gang-nam dance! I support the concept but its not for me. Best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar xian says:

      Why are you checking the time on a conventional watch with a drink in each hand, Pete?? You’re gonna take a swim and ruin the watch!

      • avatar Pete says:

        Haha, that does make me sound like a drunkard! lol, I seem to be that guy that ends up holding other people’s drinks in pubs when they go to use the WC.

    • avatar Robert says:

      Hi Peter!

      Thank you, Sir!

      And congratulations for your success here!!!

      • avatar Pete says:

        Hi Robert,
        I hope you don’t think I was two negative about your design, I can just see some impracticality. One thing that might be nice with having the two screens is if you could have the time scrolling from one display to the other. Would be a nice effect. Good look with your other submissions too! I hope we see them soon.

        Cheers for the congrats sir! :D

  3. avatar Anders S says:

    Fun idea! I’ve also toyed with the idea of a watch in two parts, but I didn’t get anywhere with it. Glad to see someone did. Good luck!

  4. avatar dzign555 says:

    Great idea. Just so long as you don’t mix up hours and minutes…also, might get a bit tedious wearing two watches! You’d want to have the option of single watch mode and dual watch mode. Love the idea, though!

  5. avatar xian says:

    Cool idea, Robert. I would request that you do not use a clasp on the bands, as this right hand man is not ambidextrous and would take too long to put a watch on his right wrist.

  6. avatar Robert says:

    Thank you guys!

    I saw an American general abroad in the news many years ago and he wore two watches on his two wrists, one was for the local time, the other was for the time in Washington. Now the two watches are in the same military watch… But the idea also came from this. And if you have a smartwatch and a smartphone they also communicate this way – that was the second idea.

    This is my second submission here. I am waiting for the publishing of my third and fourth designs very much. One of them is a Trinary LED watch design. The other watch has a minute hand which is drawing the time on the screen. They are real watch concepts.

    It is just for fun :) Dedicated to Einstein and space-time :)

  7. avatar Firdaus R says:

    I think its a cool idea! Would be a good addition as a fun gadget. Make it plastic and reasonable price (perhaps 49$ per pair). A function like similar pair watch concept in this blog (can’t recall the details) should be included too. I believe it can be done if TF wants it. Good idea, 5*!

  8. avatar naamy says:

    It looks excellent but maybe not very practical.

  9. avatar Thierry says:

    I also thought about a similar idea, I am glad to see someone else already posted it. I hope such watch exists soon!
    Another way to activate a single watch (on a single display on a single arm) would be with a ring. When you close your fist, the distance watch-ring reduces, the watch displays. In any other position, the watch is idle and displays nothing at all. To adjust to every hand, it does not detect distance but variation of distance.

  10. avatar Makkovik says:

    This one of the funniest watch I’ve seen, here or elsewhere, & in a positive way. I like that the display is clutter-free without any decoration. I like that it know which one is on top & assume it know which one would be on the left & right. It would be good if the digits could rotate, like a compass, to always be readable whatever their angle are.