HM Letters Tell Time

(English) Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to design a classic analog watch including some unique features, new arrows style is used in it.  I tried to join classic and untraditional designs.

Arrow “Hours” is stylized as a letter “H” and arrow “Minutes” is stylized as a red letter “M”.

It’s a new way to tell the time for traditional analog mechanical watches.

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16 Responses to “HM Letters Tell Time”

  1. avatar Andy より:

    Hi, Tokyoflash team and everyone!
    Thanks for post my concept watch. Please change the images- these are stretched, please add an original images.

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Andy,
    The images look normal if viewed on the mobile theme yet stretched in regular theme, strange.
    That aside the watch looks very nice and simple with a classic look. Am I correct in thinking that the time example 13:37 should 07:04 or 19:04 or can you choose which end of the hand tells the time? Either way pretty cool 5* :D

    • avatar Andy より:

      Hi, Pete!

      Thanks for you comment. Yes, you are right. It’s my big mistake! 13:37 please tell as 19:04 or 07:04. Thanks and good luck

  3. avatar anton より:

    great love it so simple yet good

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Yes. So simple. I like red/white/black. The background looks a bit like a record… also nice :) Yes to analog, yes to simple, yes to the color scheme, yes to simplicity.

  5. avatar pawel より:

    Funny idea, Andy.
    The native image size is 1024 x 780. The HTML img-tag scales it down to 760 x 760 pixels while loosing proportion.

  6. avatar xian より:

    Very nice, Andy! Another ‘why didn’t I think of that’ for me. Simple elegance. Perhaps an \/\ on the end of the second hand? 5*/y!

  7. avatar José より:

    I agree with Pete
    For the effort you deserve 5/Y!
    My support. Good luck Andy

  8. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the diameter-wide hands. I like that the letters are on the hands. ( normal analog watches are too much trouble for me because I always forget which hand is what. ) I would prefer if the H hand was as long as the M hand since they are in different colors & if the H was closer to the extremity. I like the “vinyl record” look of the dial. It would be nice to have markers. ( perhaps minor scratches on the “record” )

    A simple, elegant, dress-watch that I would buy.