(English) Arrow LCD watch uses cryptographic code (with easy mode too!)

(English) Design submitted by José from Spain.

José says: Seeking a solution to display an seemingly incomprehensible information despite it being front of our eyes, I found, without trying to create a new cryptographic code, a simple visual effect that applied to the time display, makes this result different and “unique”. Let me introduce ARROW concept watch.

From there, I developed a grid with the shapes that define the empty space of each number or letter, providing sufficient information for the brain be able to complete (without big headaches), the shape of the sign they represent.

As you can see, the numbers are not read clearly until its design is completed with side and center bars that define each one of them indicating hours, minutes, seconds, day of week, day of month and month. The user can choose between different animations or permanently leave revelated mode.

ARROW, may appeal to those who like to enjoy the retro-contemporary design, new technologies, visual effects, and those who enjoy testing their visual and mental capacity.

As for the finish options and combinations, there are no limitations, just have to choose.

As always, I really enjoyed preparing this project, I’d like it if you think worthy of it, and you have time,  support and share it.

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(English) Arrow LCD watch uses cryptographic code (with easy mode too!), 4.5 out of 5 based on 127 ratings

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56 Responses to “(English) Arrow LCD watch uses cryptographic code (with easy mode too!)”

  1. avatar Jose より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Nice work Jose! I like the cryptic display and unusual form. Has a retro charm about it too. Me likey! 5/Y best of luck sir! :D

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Jose, I support and sharing!
    5 stars and Yes.

  4. avatar Laszlo より:

    I like it!

  5. avatar Heather より:

    the reveal makes it easy and cool, but without the reveal, it seems quite impossible, because many of the digits/letters are really very similar looking.
    it’s good that it includes seconds, because I always like that feature – constant movement, and ability to be precise.
    also cool that you include the day. I’m surprised you use a letter combination for each month, instead of the more natural and accepted corresponding numbers, 1-12.
    I really like the brushed metal case with a new and interesting shape, and the backlight examples you show.

    • avatar Jose より:

      I’m glad you like the concept Heather.
      The user really can read the time and this happens with a frequency of 3/5 seconds.
      I added the seconds for the same reasons that you comment.
      Regarding the use of letters for the months gives a different touch to the design, on the other hand to have three levels of information: day of week, day of month and month I have had to identify the day of the week with letters so the rest is history …
      Thank you very much for your kind comments, your time and your support

  6. avatar sya-5 より:

    hola fantastico diseño 5 estrellas y si . suerte
    こんにちは幻想的なデザインの 5 つの星と。運
    Hello fantastic design 5-star-yes. luck

  7. avatar Juan Seoane より:

    Cada día me sorprendes más con tus diseños!!! Yo quiero uno para lucir estilo, modernidad y esa clase que sólo tus diseños son capaces de sacar.

  8. avatar Jorge Otero より:

    Es un diseño elegante y sencillo. Me encanta su estilo, el conjunto es espectacular. A cualquiera le encantaría lucirlo, yo entre ellos. Ojalá sea pronto. El trabajo debería tener premio.

    • avatar Jose より:

      Muchas gracias Jorge por tus amables comentarios por tu tiempo y por tu apoyo.
      Tal vez con la ayuda de todos podamos conseguirlo.

  9. avatar Rurh より:

    José, me encanta!
    Y es difícil leerlo.
    Muy currado.
    Novedoso, genial!!!

    I really like it!!!

  10. avatar dzign555 より:

    Love the look of this watch! Great work!! 5y

  11. avatar Paco より:

    Un estilo muy agradable

  12. avatar Anders S より:

    I really like the look of this. The slight arrow shape makes it feel fresh and interesting, at least to me. =)
    I agree with Pete about the retro charm, it reminds me a little of cameras from the 60′s and 70′s. Which is no bad thing. =) Having said that I also agree with Heather about the readability, it might be necessary to tweak the numbers a bit to differentiate them from one another, but the style of them fits the concept nicely so they shouldn’t be changed more than necessary, I feel. Good work!

  13. avatar Rafa より:

    Hola Jose…
    Realmente sorprendente este nuevo diseño…
    Me encantaria poder lucirlo en mi muñeca… super…

    • avatar Jose より:

      Muchas gracias Rafa por tu tiempo y por tu apoyo.
      A mi también, con vuestro apoyo y difusión todo es posible…

  14. avatar Yalotengo より:

    Realmente me sorprendió este diseño… completamente innovador, concepto y numeración…
    Animo, espero poder lucirlo pronto en mi muñeca.

    • avatar Jose より:

      Muchas gracias Yalo por tu tiempo y por tu apoyo.
      Muy amable por tu comentario.
      A mi también, con el apoyo la difusión todo es posible…

  15. avatar oldchap より:


  16. avatar Bonesey より:

    I love your designs. This one mixes the contemporary with the futuristic. Very nice indeed!

  17. avatar Bonesey より:

    Great design as always. It mixes futuristic with retro in a great way!

  18. avatar Andrés より:

    Como siempre sigues deslumbrándonos. Ojalá esta vez lo consigas.

  19. avatar Sophie より:

    Very good mind gymnastics José… helps to prevent “rusty” cells… jaja

    • avatar Jose より:

      This is my two cents for Madrid 2020.
      Thank you very much for the comment, your support and your time

  20. avatar mushy より:

    Nice graphics Jose, :) but I agree with Heather about the numbers. Sorry.

  21. avatar Jose より:

    Clarifying note

    It seems that this concept aims to create an undecipherable code.
    I want to clarify that this is just a a visual effect that the user can set according to his preferences.
    The numbers or letters are not complete until the appearance central and lateral bars.
    You can choose to see the bars all the time if you want.


  22. avatar Bego Beceiro より:

    Joer chiquillo q currado esta, de donde sacas las ideas?. 5 estrellas y mucha suerte lo mereces majo.

  23. avatar Joseph T より:

    Just Perfect!

  24. avatar dani より:

    Fantastic work, Jose. Absolutly original method of telling the time. So difficult to discover the code, so easy to read when you know it. Nice design as well. A 5 stars model. Thanks for sharing, good luck and i hope to see it done.

  25. avatar Pilar より:

    Como te lo curras, absolutamente impresionante.

    Besos para los dos

  26. avatar JESUS より:

    Magnífico; como todo lo que diseñas, espectacular, original, intuitivo; supera lo anterior; este diseño deja de ser un simple reloj de pulsera para pasar a ser un complemento de distinción; ¡¡ OLE !!

  27. avatar Samukun より:

    I like the cryptic time telling. I agree with heather, if it had seconds, it would not only change alot, it would help you learn the cryptic numbers. The case has a bit too much empty space for me. Asymmetry is good though. The arrow shape is a nice idea. Maybe you remove the Kisai logo and offer the opportunity to wear the watch normal or turned 180° so people can chose if the arrow points at the hand or away from it, no matter if you wear it on your left wrist or the right one. That would mean, the LCD numbers would have to be flippable too. The simple look of the cryptic numbers is interesting and quite a communication starter I think. You have good ideas. Good luck José!

    ps.: good looking presentation :)

  28. avatar Jose より:

    Always is a pleasure hear the master, thanks for your comment.
    I agree what you propose and it would be a good choice for the project.
    Thank you very much for your time, your words and your support for the project master Sam. :)

  29. avatar Makkovik より:

    This is totally my kind of watches ! 5* & I would buy. ( I like retro watches &, more specifically, turning disk that have the unnecessary info covered )

    I like the asymmetrical shape of the case & that the display use 1/2 of the surface. The company name & logo should be removed. I like the digits. I like the contrast between the black rubber band & gray, brushed, SS case.

  30. avatar Wilhelm より:

    I am always looking at the design of a watch casing first before I look at it’s functionality and I LOVE the solid look of this design! It says class and quality. Timeless.

    • avatar Jose より:

      I’m glad you like the concept, Wilhelm
      Thank you very much for your time, your words and your support for the ARROW project

  31. avatar Jose より:

    Well, now is the time to say thank you again to all who have given your time to vote, rate and comment on this project.
    Today, I start my holiday and I wish all a happy summer.
    See you again.
    Until then enjoy.