A Customizable OLED Screen Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Andrew from the Netherlands.

Andrew says: Because I have always been fascinated with watches, I decided to try my hand at designing one myself. I really wanted to create something unique, that hasn’t already been done like a million times before. That’s when I came up with Eclipse.  You can watch a small motion graphic about it here: https://vimeo.com/70057038

Eclipse is not just a digital watch, it’s a fully customizable and user friendly watch. Users can choose the colors of their watchbands and body separately and can even customize their watchfaces to match. The watch faces are displayed via an OLED screen and can be created and uploaded by users to their own Eclipse watches.

This design will appeal mainly young and ‘hip’ people, who want to identify themselves with style and personality. It’s the crowd that definitely doesn’t want to just go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. It’s the crowd that wants to stand out, that wants to show the world who they are.

The fact that you can customize every aspect of the watch, and the way you can detach your watch body from the watch band, to be able to change it on the fly is pretty unique. Thanks to the overall design of the watch, it can be easily customized and would be able to fit pretty much anyone. It’s a watch designed for everybody.

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21 Responses to “A Customizable OLED Screen Watch Design”

  1. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice work, Andrew!

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Andrew,
    This looks nice, I like the idea of customisation. I presume that the scrren would be TFT to allow you to have the different display styles and colours? If it can be done Im in! 5/Y Welcome to the blog sir! :D

    • avatar Edwin de Jongh より:

      Yeah, that’s the idea :) I chose a color display exactly because it allows for so much more customizability and flexibility than an e-paper display.

  3. avatar Laszlo より:

    Great work Andrew! Congrats. I like the small motion graphic!

  4. avatar pawel より:

    The video presentation on vimeo is really good. After the “Adjust LED Watch” it is the second presentation of this kind I have seen here. Adjust became real product by the way.

    However, the overall idea is not very unique. There is iPod Nano 6th gen. which is suitable as a “smart watch”, and there are plenty of great looking and well manufactured wrist bands for it. The drawbacks of the iPod as watch is the size and the price.

    And there is “pebble” epaper watch soon available for 150 USD, where you can choose watch faces and the wrist band. If you rather prefer a full featured operation system and a color screen, there is “i’m Watch” for 300 USD already available.

    With a good price and creative marketing strategy, this idea could still become successful and take a considerable market share. But at this point: 5 stars for the great presentation.

    • avatar Edwin de Jongh より:

      Thanks for your critique. I did do an extensive check on the current market for these types of watches, but watches like pebble are very limited in terms of customizability, as it only offers around 6 different colors and it’s display is black and white. The idea with Eclipse is that you can choose from a wide array of colors, not just for the body, but for the rubber band and the color led display as well.

      • avatar pawel より:

        Tokioflash has its own niche on the watch market. In the about section you will read statements like: “we design wearable art”, “design is the main point, not function”, “We turn TIME into ART”. You may object that your watch design is art too, and you would be absolutely right. Yet, there is something that makes watches by Tokyoflash to stand out in another way.

        You animation is great and your renderings look really great. My intention is to encourage you, Edwin, to let your creativity flow. We are looking forward to see your next design here!

  5. avatar Edwin de Jongh より:

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments so far! One note to the Tokyoflash team though, my name is Edwin, not Andrew ;)

  6. avatar Glyn より:

    Great design Andrew ;-)

  7. avatar xian より:

    Very polished, professional-feel video presentation, Edwin! Is there a live website for it where we can see your concept for actual features (I can’t access vimeo here and don’t remember the URL in the vid–eclipsewatch.com?)?

  8. avatar Brendan より:

    Would definitely buy!!! I would personally sell this watch independently with a website than through Tokyo flash because you could sell the individual parts and such. I love how customizable it is though! The fact that it could be different colors based on what you are wearing/doing, it’s better than having 10 different watches collecting dust over time.

    • avatar Edwin de Jongh より:

      Thanks! I think if Tokyoflash were to really produce this watch, there would indeed have to be some kind of seperate website/portal through which customers could customize their watch, much like I showed in the motion graphic.

  9. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice!!!! The video is fun, I luv it :3 Nice edgy shape, even in the glass <3 Thumbs up for a customizable watch. Crossing fingers for its feasability. 5*/YES/Good luck!

  10. avatar José より:

    A good concept with many possibilities.
    My support. Good luck!!

  11. avatar Ninth より:

    I love the shape of the watch, but there is a reason why other watches have this bulky frame: it protects from scratches. For this peace one must fine some super glass to avoid scratches and still have this pyramid edge in the middle.

    There are some smart watches on the market. But to reduce a smart watch to time talling and customizable watch face and strap could really work. People like individuality. Just imagine: a watch face market :-)

    • avatar Edwin de Jongh より:

      I can see what you mean, and that it would have a severe effect if the edge would be too far out. In this case, the edge is only protruded marginally, to give it that half-way shine. I do think it would require some good glass, but then again, good watches need quality glass. And yeah, a watch face market would be awesome :)

  12. avatar Rickonz より:

    awesome!! hope it gets made! 5*/Y definitely for me

  13. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the idea of customizable display & case/band. ( I like the snapshot of the video ) I like the 3 circles & the 2 lines + 1 circle displays.

    The strap look like rubber ( my personal experience is that they are not comfortable & break easily ) & too toyish. But I like the 2 holes.