Vertebrae: If Aliens wore watches

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: Ever since I started submitting designs for the blog I have been trying to think of a nice design based on Armour, Exoskeletons, and Mecha. This design is inspired by those things to achieve an bio-mechanical look. I wanted an industrial feel with a technical detailed look. “Vertebrae” is the result.  This one probably isn’t for the ladies.

The time telling method is based another of my designs that has not yet seen the blog. The basic premiss is there are four cryptic LED digits in a column divided between the vertebrae, the digits are divided between the various faces that make up the vertebrae adding to the cryptic look.

This design has an bio-mechanical look which is very industrial which will probably make this design mostly appealing to the chaps. It should appeal to people who are interested in sci-fi, mech and manga.

The industrial look combined with bio-mechanical theme separates this design from others. The cryptic numbers and combination of materials give it a unique character.

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Vertebrae: If Aliens wore watches, 4.4 out of 5 based on 152 ratings

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66 Responses to “Vertebrae: If Aliens wore watches”

  1. avatar Daniel says:

    Holy Sh*t… just… yes.

  2. avatar pyract says:

    Yes Yes YES I will THROW money at this!

  3. avatar Kevin says:

    If they make it just the way it is shown here I’d buy 2 just for the different colours. Love the Black/Red and Silver/Green. Simply Awesome Design!

  4. avatar SkipIt says:

    Yes, but if, and only if, the finished product were to look exactly like the pictures.

    • avatar Pete says:

      I’m sure if TF chose to develop this design further they would make it look even better! x^^x cheers for the comment and vote! :D

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    I would like to buy this watch :D Awesome segmented look!! Super cool numbers! 5*/YEEEEEEES

  6. avatar Pete says:

    Thanks a lot TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  7. avatar Gabriel_BB says:

    I love it and I want it.

  8. avatar Anders S says:

    Damn Pete, quantity AND quality! =)

    This looks, for want of a better word, awesome… I really like what you’ve done with the numbers to make them a little bit ‘other’, but still perfectly readable. And the glowing dots are just icing on the mechanical cake! I hope TF are able to make this as shown, ‘cos I think it needs the slimness. Best of luck!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Well I would agree with one of those statements! ;) Yeah fingers crossed TF would want to develop this and can keep it sleek. The glowing dots could just be illuminecent or reflective. They wouldnt neceserily need to be lit. That might help in the feasibility stakes. x^^x Cheers Anders! :D

  9. avatar Patrick says:

    Pete’s work is always amazing, beautiful imagination!
    5 * / Yes.

  10. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    OMG this concept is so darn awesome peter. Words fail in doing it justice.

  11. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    I have been waiting for this one to hit the blog so I can say Take my monies NOW!!! One of your best efforts yet in my opinion. Black and red is my fav, this would look awesome in carbon fibre too. 5/Y Sir.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Ummm carbon!! One of my favourite things! I might try a rendering in carbon and red when I get five. Cheers for the support sir and the suggestion! :D

  12. avatar Liam says:

    I want to buy this.. NOW, create it PLEASE! I need it!!

  13. avatar Shana says:

    Really cool design. A little bit difficult to read if you are not just in front of the watches, but really cool !
    Appreciate much the red and black.

    I think I would be a pity than the dots would only be for ‘paint’ on the watches, and not illuminated too.

    Is there any easy way to know which side is the bottom, and which one in the top, without looking to the time ?

    Anyway, 5 * ! :)
    Really like this one.

    Thank you.


    • avatar Pete says:

      Nice feedback Shana! You make a fair point about the orientation. Maybe a logo could be added to show which end is the top. I haven’t dictated the controls on my concept images but maybe they could determin its orientation. Buttons are traditionally on the right etc, so that might be another way. Cheers for the feedback and the colour selection! Illuminated dots would be cool if they are feasible. Cheers again! :D

  14. avatar Sandra says:

    I need it. Take my money, please.
    Seriously – it looks really good. This one IS for ladies. As a woman, I would probably prefer something (just a little bit) more girly though. I’d have to build my whole look around this watch :D But it’s worth it. Before I read your description, I had the word “exoskeleton” in my mind. I love bio-mechanical stuff, I love sci-fi, I love aliens, I love that it looks elegant. I absolutely love the first version. My father would probably want one too :) I’m so excited! Hii-ii-ii.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Great comment Sandra! I’m more than happy to stand corrected! ;) I’m glad it appeals to ladies too! Your enthusiasm is infectious, you got me all excited now! hehe! Cheers for the epic comment! :D

  15. avatar Jim says:

    Wow. Just wow. I don’t care how much I would have to pay for this, Tokyoflash HAS to make this watch, I mean I can’t even decide which color scheme is my favorite, they all look amazing!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Wow thanks Jim, really great feedback! Lets hope one day you have the burden of choosing your favourite colour on the “watches” page of the website! :D

  16. avatar mushy says:

    It looks very nice Pete and there’s no doubt you’re great with the styling and 3D graphics. :) I do, however, feel like I’ve seen it all before on here. It’s a bit too angular and unfriendly for me too, but it’s definitely the sort of thing most TF fans seem to go for. Could the circles with dots inside them either side of the digits be incorporated into the time-telling somehow? Anyway, I gave it 5Y as I think you deserve it. Btw, I like the name “Exoskeleton” that someone suggested above. As a Sci-Fi/Alien/UFO fan, I must confess I really prefer your recent UFO concept design. I think that would make a much better watch and would probably be easier and less expensive for TF to make. Good luck Pete! :)

    • avatar Pete says:

      If we all liked the same things the world would be a very dull place. So no worries if this design doesn’t do it for you. Yeah Exoskeleton would make a cool name, I did nearly call it “Exo” before I decided on Vertebrae. Yeah it would be cool if the dots could be used to display information too. Cheers for the suggestions and feedback Mushy! :D

  17. avatar Digits says:

    as always from you designs: they look amazing. I would gladly spend my money on this instead of buying my new GTX 780
    keep’em coming Pete!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hehe that’s a tricky decision! Funky wrist ware versus graphics heaven! Real world fun vs the virtual veriety. If TF did decide to develop this you should in theory have about a year to save so with any look you can have both! ;)

  18. avatar Juggernautty says:

    LOVE THIS! Everyone vote so it can be made NOW! Money will be spent.

  19. avatar Inillortep says:

    I have not wanted something this bad for such a long time. The fact that you can’t see the time unless its directly facing you makes it look more mysterious as to what it is, which I am really liking.

  20. avatar Nev says:

    Two watches on the same day again, Pete – congrats.
    I love the segmented display – Exoskeleton does seem to be the right name for it.
    Easy viewing from one position doesn’t mean it can’t be read from other angles – it adds to the appeal. I always enjoy having watches that others struggle to read anyway!
    Hope it gets made – I want the black/red one too. 5*/Y

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Nev! Always great feedback! :D
      In reality how often do people look at their watches from random angles. Unless your trying to read the time whilst playing twister it isn’t really an issue. I just like to show the obscure angles as they make for more dynamic looking renderings etc. I’m glad you likey sir and I thank thee! :D

  21. avatar Peter says:

    Love it… awesome looking watch. But I’m sure that I have seen something quite similar before. But I can’t put my finger on where!!! -Keep up your good work, Peter.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Peter, I’m glad you likey sir! I’m not sure what you have in mind in the simularity stakes.
      The only thing that I can think of that might remind you of this or vise versa is perhaps the “Iron Samurai” watch that had its LED display hidden between its links so it looked like a bracelet. But from a time telling method and styling perspective they are quite different.
      If you remember what it was please feel free to link to it here, I would be interested to see! ;)
      Cheers for the support sir! :D

  22. avatar max says:

    the design is catchy but can u make the time reading mechanism slightly better? cuz out of all the time sample i only able to figure out 2 on the first look .

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Max,
      just bear in mind that in the real world you generally look at your watch straight on. Most watches would be difficult to tell the time on when viewed at a shallow angle. Analogues especially if the face is quite deep.
      I have just shown this design at vague angles for dynamic looking renderings. Also the lighting is aimed at showing off the form, you would avoid bright light wihen reading the time on an LED watch anyway.
      The straight on views are the most “real worldly” as you would view the watch when worn.
      Hope this helps. Cheers :D

  23. avatar Chy says:

    Awesome! Especially the brown one!

  24. avatar aaasssdddfff says:

    wow! just amazing, please make this awesome watch!

  25. avatar Jesus Garcia says:

    This is pretty neat. i would buy it in an instant. Would the band be custom made or adjustable. I only ask because of the many different wrist sizes.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Jesus,
      the strap would have removable links like any conventional metal bracelet style strap. So it would be easily adjustable to suit the majority of wrist sizes. Cheers for the neat comment sir! :D

  26. avatar Alan says:

    Love them! Not sure which color combo I like best. I might have to buy two! ;-) I’m seeing this for the first time, right after I made a comment on another concept watch saying it would be the 2nd that I would buy if it’s made…now it’s the third. My wife is going to kill me! ;-)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Haha cheers Alan, yeah my lady friend gets very nervous when I see shines gadgets online! Hehe. I’m glad you like the concept sir! It would be a lovely burden to have to decide which colour combo to buy, like you say buying two might be the only way around it. Fingers crossed that one day we will have to make that tricky decision! Cheers! :D

  27. avatar Vorak says:

    Oh the yellow one is amazing !

  28. avatar Samukun says:

    I want the cyan one *making grabby hands*

  29. avatar isacc says:

    shut up and take my money!!

  30. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look. My fav is the last pic. red/silver/black & green/black/white are also nice. (well, there’s only the 7th pic that doesn’t wow me) 5*

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cool! I’m glad the majority of the colours work for you. I think there would be a few more colour combinations that would also work if TF chose to develop the concept further. I’m glad you likey and cheers for the support! :D

  31. avatar Dan says:

    Please for the love of god create this watch Tokyoflash. It is the coolest watch i have EVER seen!!!! i would definitely buy the silver/green version. Fantastic design Peter

  32. avatar idee says:

    Such Beauty , i must have this :P My precious, Great job on this design Peter! cheers. Hope this turns into a real watch !