‘Tentacle’ bio-mechanical alien watch

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This design is inspired by a combination of sci-fi and the natural world. I wanted to come up with a design that has a simple clutter free bio-mechanical look with a retro feel that could be worn as a piece of jewellery that happens to also tell the time. “Tentacle” was the result which looks like a cross between an arm from a “War of the worlds” tripod and a crustacean.

The time is told by a simple LED display which is recessed into the front of the “Tentacles” head and activated by one of the two buttons located on either side.

The display describes the time in a unusual looking digital format, which could also show the date in the same format. The display would show animations at various times of day looking like some kind of alien eye.

The design has a simple elegant bio-mechanical form which looks like a piece of jewellery, this should give the design a uni-sex appeal. The sci-fi inspiration should help attract the techies and geeks amongst us.

The organic but engineered look combined with an unusual looking display separates this design from others.

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42 Responses to “‘Tentacle’ bio-mechanical alien watch”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Cheers TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  2. avatar Shideh says:

    10/10 Would buy!

  3. avatar Heather says:

    love it. would absolutely wear this if it could be made! 5*/YESSSS!

  4. avatar Blake says:

    Definitely want to own this.

  5. avatar Nev says:

    Wow, what a great design! Only concern would be adapting this for multiple wrist sizes, as it looks like a solid bracelet – need the face (or should I say eye) in the same position on the wrist. If that can be resolved, thus would be a must have. 5*/Y

    • avatar Pete says:

      I anticipate that in its current guise that it would be hinged with a sprung bias. Which would have a lot of tolerance for different sizes of wrist. I’m sure if TF chose to take it further they would make sure it fitted the majority. Cheers for the feedback and support! :D

  6. avatar Volt says:

    I agree with Nev about concerns with the multiple wrist sizes. I didn’t see any possibilities to change it on your sketches.
    Also i can say that this watch is really an amazing stylish accessory, but the effectiveness is poor. I am pretty sure that it is quite difficult to check time if you are driving a car, bicycle, in the tube during rush hours – eveything that makes me do additional movements (additional to pushing the button on watches i mean of course). But i can be wrong about it of course. This is just the first idea came to my head when i saw your project.
    And i have some concerns about final “bracelet” – it can be massive and even heavy, so i am not sure that girls would be happy to have this accessory (to my great regret :) )

    But anyway, Pete, I really love this project. It looks so fresh and innovate comparing to all current TokyoFlash watches in my opinion. So keep it up and thank you ;)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Volt, like I mentioned above in reply to Nev’s comment, I envisaged a sprung hinge like some ladies bracelets. This allows for a variety of wrist sizes. Regarding visibility the display is in a similar position to a “drivers” watch so should be easy to see, you may have a fair point regarding the buttons etc. The weight shouldn’t be an issue, depending on chosen materials. Also I wouldn’t expect it to be solid. Again I have seen many chunky metal ladies bracelets and bangles so hope such is possible. Hopefully I have answered some of your concerns, fingers crossed TF would answer any others if they developed the idea further! ;)

  7. avatar Anders S says:

    Digging the design work Pete! I really like the clean, organic look. For some reason it puts me in mind of the shell of a Nautilus (my personal favourite cephalopod). While I agree with the points above that weight and wrist size may be an issue, I think they could be overcome (the display isn’t that complex, so it should be possible to keep the weight down, I’m guessing). Good luck! =)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah I know what you mean Anders, my folder name when I was drawing this up was “chrome shrimp”! lol
      I think with a little TF know how this design or a variation of it would be doable. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D

  8. avatar Goil says:


  9. avatar Patrick says:

    Aah Pete, this is a watch that I would have loved to draw.
    5 * and Yes.
    An admirer.

  10. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    This concept is truly Out of this world Peter. I think that this could be an excellent sports or fashion statement wristwatch. However I would like to make some suggestions of how it could be improved.
    Articulated Bracelet / Links instead of a hinged bracelet. So that the ‘Tentacle’ would wrap itself around & grip the wearer / owner wrist.
    Display: LCD with multiple LED back light selection activated by touch screen. The Screen Eye / Face. The colour would be altering by pressing the surround of the eye / face: Left to select :Colors Z-A / descending or Right Colors A-Z / ascending.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Andrew. The articulated links idea is cool, bit like the legs you see on those camera stands that you can manipulate to stand or grip etc. colour changing displays are always a nice feature. Cheers for the thoughts and enthusiasm! :D

  11. avatar mushy says:

    It’s very well crafted and looks great Pete so I gave you 5Y. I would like a bigger display though with more going on. But that’s just me. I guess I could get used to the angle of the display without too trouble though. By the way, how about some suckers to attach it to your wrist. :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hehe suckers, certainly fits with the tentacle theme. I could understand having more different screen modes or options but not necesarily all at the same time, I like the simplicity myself but a few mow options are always a bonus. Cheers for the vote and feedback :D

  12. avatar Jack says:

    Love the design but it may may need a bigger display. Other then that, Kudos to you for going bio-mechanical without looking Giger-ish. 5 out of 5…

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Jack, yeah it would have been very easy into being tempted into going down the Giger-route. Mind you it would be difficult to do him justice with my modest skills! I have a design submitted called “vertebrae” which some might see as Giger-ish so keep you eyes open for that one. Cheers for the feedback and support sir! :D

  13. avatar Jasunn says:

    That Is one sweet watch design. The green is cool! It’s like having a boom slang snake around your wrist!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Jasunn! Im glad you likey! I can’t say I have ever seen that type of snake but I want one! Cheers for the support! :D

  14. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    So want one 5/Y

  15. avatar Peter says:

    LOVE IT! Would buy it.

  16. avatar Anthony says:

    If I was a woman I’d like this bracelet, but the display section nondescript.
    It’s nothing mystery, nothing interesting!
    Sorry Pete!
    3 stars from me.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cheers for the feedback Anthony, can’t will them all! It’s tricky to make a digital display look unusual and interesting whilst still being easily read at a glance, any suggestions on how to make it more interesting are always welcome. Cheers for the comment and the vote sir! :D

  17. avatar Samukun says:

    Definitely not my style of wristwear but damn, it looks cool :) I like the black one most but it’s still too much a bangle for me. Very nice retro charme and fashionable aspect. I do appreciate the style. I wish you best of luck. Maybe Gucci wants this :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cool cool, yeah I imagine this one would appeal more to the fairer ***! I dunno about Gucci, but maybe Breil? Cheers for the comment sir! ;)

  18. avatar Jose says:

    Master Pete,
    I’d like to know how it feels wearing an alien around my wrist.
    Very cool job.
    Good luck!!

    • avatar Pete says:

      I would love to know too, hopefully one day we will both have the opportunity! Cheers for the kind words and the luck! :D

  19. avatar jourhaney says:

    This watch looks so cool Id love to wear it. Though for different wrist size i think it’ll be cool to use the strap sort of like a hand cuff so it’ll seem like its actually tighteningon your wrist.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cool idea on the strap mechanism! Yeah the strap could have a simple ratchet so it made a nice mechanical click as you tighten the strap. Cheers for the feedback and the support Jourhaney! :D

  20. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the band and display look. I like the “plain wristband” look. But the last segment could be made to look more like a snake/worm head. My fav are the silver with aqua lights ( 3rd pic ) and silver/green light ( 6th pic )

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah the form could be more exaggerated, I tried to be subtle as a lot of people tell me in usually too literal. To be honest there would be scope for a range or a his and hers, his being more brutal looking etc. in glad you likey the principle! Cheers Makko! :D