Slim Latitude Watch Design Stretches Time


Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: “After completing my VISE concept, with vertically elongated digits, I considered trying to develop some horizontally elongated digits, and LATITUDE was born.

Latitude is an always-on digital display that includes hours, minutes, and seconds in the format hhmmss from top to bottom.  Each digit is made of seven segments, but they are all horizontal, which makes them flatten out a bit and allows for 6 digits to be displayed quite easily.


Those who prefer a read at a glance, accurate time display will appreciate this easy to read concept, which gives the time to the second.


This unisex design stands out because it is offering a new arrangement for digits, without taking up too much space.  This design can be executed with a relatively small case to wrist ratio (and slim), which can make it very appealing to the small wristed Tokyoflash fan community.”



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Slim Latitude Watch Design Stretches Time, 3.8 out of 5 based on 52 ratings

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20 Responses to “Slim Latitude Watch Design Stretches Time”

  1. avatar Jens より:

    As always with your work.
    Exact the right level of mystery until you solve the riddle, then it is as easy as anthing.
    I do like the slim, elegant case. 5*/Y

    • avatar Heather より:

      Thanks Jens, for taking the time to “solve the riddle”, and for leaving your nice comment. Thanks for the stars, too! ;)

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Hey Heather,
    This looks cool! Cryptic but easy to read at the same time. It reminds me of the way early computers used to load up images a line at a time, real retro futuristic look! 5/Y Best of luck! :D

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    Damn cryptic, but I think it’s cool. A good rival for Kisai Upload for smaller wrist. I can imagine this in real. Good luck!

    • avatar Heather より:

      Hey, Firdaus. Thanks. You know, I didn’t realize how cryptic this one was until some people started telling me to explain it because they didn’t know how to read it…If you can imagine it real, that’s quite a compliment, so thank you!! :)

  4. avatar Romain より:

    The black & white one looks like a barcode ^^ I really love it, good job 5*/Y

    • avatar Heather より:

      hi romain. yes, i thought it had a bit of a barcode feel too — although that idea has already appeared on the blog a while back, so i didn’t want to focus on it. ;) thanks for the comment and vote!

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Stylish visual effect of the display (liiiiines) , easy to read, cryptic at first glance – quite nice. Maybe too simple display, maybe simple enough. Good luck in any case :)

    • avatar Heather より:

      well, thank you very much, Sam. simple for some, but as i’ve been hearing, not too simple, so i’m happy with it ;) thanks for your support!! :)

  6. avatar Matthew より:

    Nice work, Heather! I love the design and colors of this watch, as well as the way to tell time. At first I had a bit of trouble, but then i was able to read it easily! 5/Y

    • avatar Heather より:

      Thanks, Matthew. I tried to pick colors that would stand out nicely on the black background – thanks for noticing! Glad you took the time to see how to read it – thanks for the comment and vote!! :)

  7. avatar mushy より:

    It’s a very nice looking watch Heather and people do seem to like barcodes round here! :) However, having so many horizontal lines in close proximity makes me feel a bit sick. Please don’t hate me and good luck with it. :)

    • avatar Heather より:

      aww, mushy, i would never hate you. can’t please everyone – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :)

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    Comments as you wish (I am like you), mine is a little closer to that of Lloyd, but I know the work involved to invent something new and that’s why I give you a 5 * and Yes .

  9. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Once again you have done a awesome job, easy to read but still looks cryptic, love it :) 5/Y

  10. avatar Jose より:

    I really like the concept
    Great job. Interesting variation VISE concept.
    My support. 5/Y_:)

  11. avatar RyanMcG より:

    Very cool display idea. I think with a little more flair on the case without being obnoxious the whole watch would look excellent.

  12. avatar jun fan lee より:



  13. avatar Makkovik より:

    The idea & overall look are nice. I like that the seconds are there. It would help to learn the digits.