(English) Vertigo LCD watch with concentric arcs

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This is the LCD version of my older concept for the Tokyoflash Design Blog.

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(English) Vertigo LCD watch with concentric arcs, 4.9 out of 5 based on 323 ratings

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24 Responses to “(English) Vertigo LCD watch with concentric arcs”

  1. avatar Heather より:

    I’m a big fan of this one. I like it a lot. great outside the box thinking! 5*/yes

  2. avatar Pete より:

    This looks really great when the majority of the blocks are shown, it looks very 3D. The only downside is when the display is fairly empty. Maybe if there were some markings on the screen or glass that were always there so even when there are only a few blocks shown it doesn’t look as empty. Or if the blocks were still visible when off ie faint but still visible this would also help. It’s a subjective thing of course. Either way you got my 5/Y best of look Laszlo! :D

  3. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Please let me buy :O

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Laszlo, a reading a bit complex for me (just for me), but the work is beautiful!
    5 / Y deserved.

  5. avatar dzign555 より:

    I feel sick!

  6. avatar Alexxon より:

    Wow! My eyes says, more, more, more!!! :)

  7. avatar xian より:

    Hi, Laszlo. I think this is my fav design by you. I really liked the 3D effect showcased in the first photo, but then I was thinking that it should be reversed because the wearer doesn’t see it the right way–but then I saw the inverse illusion–brilliant. This is truly great!

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    beautiful and hypnotic display. I like it very much. 5*/YES and good luck Laszlo!

  9. avatar cegl529 より:

    Great work. Easy to read. I need one. My 5 star /YES TF.

  10. avatar Jose より:

    I really like the concept
    Great job as usual
    5/Y_ :)

  11. avatar Laszlo より:

    Thank you Jose. Glad you like it!

  12. Nicely done Laszlo, can we feature it on our site?

  13. avatar mkornel より:

    Hi Laszlo!
    It was long time ago when a I wrote a comment for you.
    But this little one absolutely worth a comment.
    I’m simply love it. I love the way how it works. It’s simple for a TF enthusias, but tricky for a “normal” person. That’s why I like TF watches!
    I have only one very simple question, when can I buy it?

    Thank you!

  14. avatar Brandon より:

    This is a fantastic concept! I would wear this any day, it is a real eye-catcher! 5 stars for sure! Just one question though, What program do you use to design your watch concepts and do you have any tips for a newbie? I have several design concepts on paper but I’d like to design using a program like yours! Thanks in advance!

  15. avatar Makkovik より:

    Great work. The overall look is amazing ! 5*, I would buy.

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      Thank you Makkovik, I’m glad you like it!

    • avatar Makkovik より:

      I also like the unusual buttons position. ( which I didn’t saw earlier ) Also, at the beginning, I tought that the hour should be on the left, but after switching the pic, I realize it’s better this way. I also love that the 5 minutes increment is flipped & that the single minute is in the center. Both these thing make it assymetrical.