(English) Tokoro combines clock, watch & collectors box.

(English) Design submitted by Dietrich (Australia) & Peter (UK)

Dietrich & Peter say: ”Tokoro” – a watch-box that’s also a clock! “Tokei” – a matching watch! We thought outside the box, and came up with…the box!

Do you have cool watches lying around that don’t have a home? Perhaps you need a suitably cool place to store them – a “Tokoro”, for instance? And how about a matching watch – a “Tokei” – to go with it? Tik-tok!

The “Tokoro” is a watch-box with a difference. Sleekly designed according to Tokyoflash parameters of ultra-coolness, it attempts to win the hearts of Kisai fans the world over. And it has a companion watch – the “Tokei”!!

Features include:

- Ten alcoves in which to store your Tokyoflash (and other – heaven forbid!) treasures.

- See-through lid, so you can view your treasures. Which watch will you wear today?

- Time display, with alarm and date function. Use the Tokoro as a bed-side alarm clock!

- Quirky time-telling, as standard with any Tokyoflash product.

- Swipe lock with light-up feature. Brilliant!

- Inner and outer USB ports to charge your various items – be they phones, music players or radical Tokyoflash USB watches with breakfast-making capabilities. (Don’t put your breakfast in the Tokoro, though.)

- Inner and outer audio sockets. Feed the music from your mp3 player into the Tokoro, out through the Tokoro’s speakers and into the room!

- Stacking capabilities, should you exceed the 10…20…100 watch limit.

- Separate “stripped down” Tokoro available for storage only – “Tokoro X”.

- Different colours to choose from.

- Carry handle.

- Hinged lid, so Kisai logo remains upright when box is open.

- Battery/ USB/ mains powered.

- Optional matching watch – “Tokei” – as a companion! Yum!

Time-telling is dead easy for both Tokoro and Tokei.

Hours: The flashing outer segment points to the hours.

Tens of minutes: Each filled letter of “KISAI” represents ten minutes.

Minute units: Each filled dot on the KISAI logo represents a single minute.

Seconds: The flashing outer segment for the hours marks the seconds.

Date-telling is a piece of pie for both Tokoro and Tokei.

Months: Missing outer segment represents the month.

Tens of days: Each filled letter of “KISAI” represents ten days.

Day units: Each filled dot on the KISAI logo represents a single day.

Buy a Tokoro (and matching Tokei) today, and spare all your valuables the heartache of wear-and-tear!

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62 Responses to “(English) Tokoro combines clock, watch & collectors box.”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this/these concepts to the blog, and cheers to Dietrich for the coop! :D

  2. avatar Ty より:

    Thats an absolutely fantastic concept! Great work!

  3. avatar mushy より:

    It’s a fun idea Dietrich and Pete. 5Y. Good luck with it!

  4. avatar Gordon より:

    Great job guys, love the watch and storage concept

  5. avatar dzign555 より:

    Thanks to Tokyoflash for posting our design. Pete, it was a lot of fun working with you – thanks!

    Thanks Ty, Lloyd and Gordon for your support!

  6. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Fantastic idea and very refresh. Not boring at all. Great job guys. Super max 7* Wow!

  7. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Gotta say, I’m 200% on-board with the idea of a LED Tokyoflash watch box. My current collection of 9 is looking for a place to live. 9 + Tokei = full house ;)

    Tokyoflash, if you’re reading this, a special collectors box is definitely the way of the future :D

    Way to go, Peter and Dietrich!

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    I DO have my watches… well not lying around but hidden in their boxes and I could use an original tokish box that shows them in a cool way. Cool Denshoku revival :D ~ The Tokei is nice. It could work with the word TOKEI too ;) A box to encase them all mwahaha bought 5*/YEP

  9. avatar Patrick より:

    How incredible imagination!
    5 * / Yes, very unbelievable!

  10. avatar Joe より:

    Oh guys!
    Good idea, but for a long time I was thinking … I couldn’t find a better phrase, this storage box is disgusting! Looks like a overcomplicated plumber tool box. I certainly don’t buy that!
    Re-imagine that! Be more elegant, be more Tokyoflashy!
    Peter, it’s not worthy of you!

    Forgive me for my words!

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Thanks for your feedback, Joe. Back to the drawing board! :)

    • avatar Pete より:

      No worries Joe, there is always room for improvement. Maybe a more flowing organic form is better suited to your tastes. Im sure if TF chose to make this concept they could make the design sleeker. Cheers for the feedback :D

  11. avatar Javier Martin より:

    I love the box, in black and blue lights it would fit perfectly with my Kisay Seven ;) . I hope it gets into production :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Javier, Im glad you likey. Yeah fingers crossed TF are looking for a little diversitification (I think thats a word) lol.
      Cheers for the support! :D

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Thanks for your support. Yeah, my Zone, Maze, 3D Unlimited, Hanko, …etc. could also do with a home :) . Oh, and my Tokei :D .

  12. avatar Heather より:

    i love the box 5*…in BLACK. the stacking capabilities would be necessary for my collection. :0 i don’t care for the watch, though.

  13. avatar dzign555 より:

    Thanks, Heather – yeah, I need the stacking capabilities, too! One Tokoro – hold the Tokei – coming up! :)

  14. avatar Mike より:

    Storm on the potty!
    There’s nothing interest for me in this design.

  15. avatar dressel06 より:

    Mir gefällt das Design der Box wirklich sehr gut. Passend für Tokyoflash. Die dazugelieferte Uhr erweckte aber noch mehr mein Interesse, da von Kisai und gut ablesbar. Ich hoffe sie wird bald hergestellt und zum Kauf angeboten.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hey Dressel, Danke für die Unterstützung. Ich bin froh, dass Sie es mögen! Fingers crossed TF, wie es auch und machen es zu einem der Realität! Cheers! : D

      • avatar Pete より:

        Hopefully that made some sense, I’m a little reliant on google translate :D

        • avatar dressel06 より:

          Ich bin auch abhängig von Google-Translate. Habe aber jetzt auch erst das die Box auch eine Uhr beinhaltet. Jetzt bin ich doppelt begeistert.
          I’m too dependent on Google Translate. But now only that the box also contains a clock. Now I’m doubly excited.

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Vielen Dank fuer Deine Woerte, Dressel. Ich hoffe auch dass sie wird bald hergestellt – ich hab zuviele Uhre ohne irgendwo zu leben. :)

  16. avatar DOMINUS25 より:

    And here I was thinking that TF should develop some long lasting, Durable, Protector/Storage Units so i can preserve my Limited Edition TF/KISAI watches that I received the other day and I’m going to be purchasing more of and designing in the near future. And yuz twoz just went and developed it, with time telling stacking capabilities too.
    I’ll take two or four please!!!???
    Good work guys! 7*

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Thanks for your feedback, Dominus. I hope it gets produced so that we both have somewhere for our ever-increasing TF watch collections!!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Great comment Dominus! I’m glad you like it! Cheers for the comment and vote! Good luck with your designing too! :D

  17. avatar Justin より:

    Awesome job! I just found TF a week ago and I’m planning to start a collection. This case would be a great way to store it!
    Hope it gets produced you have a buyer lined up. haha!

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Welcome to the blog, Justin. I hope we can provide you with a home for your collection!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Justin, You are at the begining of an expensive habit! hehe I hope you create a fine collection and can one day store your treasures in something like this! :D

      • avatar dzign555 より:

        Fortunately he’s not about to embark on collecting Tag Heuer watches…or is he? :) (I saw a pretty groovy Tag Heuer watch the other day…uh-oh!)

        • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

          I’ve got 9 Tokyoflash’s and a Movado Luno – don’t even make me think about buying more watches xP

        • avatar dzign555 より:

          Surely one more wouldn’t hurt? :) The Spider looks groovy, not to mention the Logo, Maru….

        • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

          I’ll need a futuristic box to store them all in before investing in another watch ;)

        • avatar Pete より:

          Hey Jordon, I see you bought another wath the other day, so you be needing that storage solution even sooner! hint hint TF ;)

  18. avatar Makkovik より:

    The watch is nice. I love the overall look. I would buy it.

    Now, about the box : It’s not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t buy it as a “stand alone” item, but it’s nice if the watch come in it. ( Even tho I currently own 6 watches. But 1 has is own wireless charging box. )

  19. avatar Pete より:

    Time runs out soon for this project so a big thanks to everyone who voted, commented and shared! Cheers to TF for including this on the blog and thanks to Dietrich for the coop!


    Pete from the UK :D