(English) Polerize multi-function hybrid watch

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was watching a TV programme about self build homes a while back and they featured a glass system that looked like conventional glass until an electric current was passed though which turned a layer inside the glass opaque. I thought it would be nice to propose this tech on a watch display. “Polerize” was the result.

The time is told by an slightly cryptic looking digital LED display that glows through a “tinted” lens. The top and bottom numbers (irrespective of colour) describe the hours and the left and right numbers describe the mins. This is very simple and clear format for quick reference of the time. If more information is required the lens is un-polarised showing another display (LCD) which remained hidden behind the tint. This display could feature more detailed information or modes which may include day and date, alarm, stopwatch, battery level etc. The watch may also have some basic smart phone connection information that could be shown on this hidden display. The lens could automatically un-polarise when notifications appear.

This design has two distinct personalities, one is clean and uncluttered and may appeal to the more understated consumer. The un-polarised personality is more detailed and busy which may appeal to those who like more information at hand.

The combination of the LED, LCD and lens polarisation separate this design from others. The Jekyll and Hyde contrast between the polarised and un-polarised states add drama to the design which helps it stand out in a crowd.

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72 Responses to “(English) Polerize multi-function hybrid watch”

  1. avatar Kostastrix より:

    amazing design i would definately buy it

  2. avatar Shane より:

    <3 <3 <3

  3. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  4. avatar Maja より:

    This is definitely a must buy. **** looking watch.

  5. avatar Firdaus N より:

    Great design you got here. I actually have quite similar designs (not yet submitted) but yours is much better. Voted up! YEAS!

  6. avatar Digits より:

    I would buy this even if it cost 200 euros. It has a really cool futuristic design and I really like the first one. Good job man!

  7. avatar gordon より:

    way to keep em comin fresh nice job

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Gordon! I must admit that’s the biggest issue with doing so many concepts, it’s easy for them to start looking the same. Cheers for the comment! :D

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Pete, this watch looks great, I love his design.
    5 * / Yes.

  9. avatar mushy より:

    Very cool Pete. :) 5Y

  10. avatar Toby より:

    OMG I want it now :D


  11. avatar Jose より:

    I really like the concept
    Great job as usual. Good luck Pete!
    5/Y_ :)

  12. avatar xian より:

    Beautiful renderings, Pete! Any idea if the curved glass system is feasible? Even without, it’s a cool design.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Xian, Since drawing this concept I heard there was a Storm watch with a tinting glass on the display. I dunno if it was curved, so there is a chance it is feasible. It wouldnt be the end of the world if the glass had to be flat and smaller to make it work. I also wondered if you could get a similar effect by using a transparent LCD above the display to hind the detail when its not needed. My fingers are crossed that such things are possibe or soon will be. Im glad you like the design as well as the proposed tech. Cheers for the comment Xian

  13. avatar Sergio より:

    Just… I want it!

  14. avatar Pete より:

    This is for Axel and anyone else who prefers monochrome to the more colourful colour combinations! :D


  15. avatar dzign555 より:

    Very nice! Can’t give full review…at work, but 5Y! Yum!

  16. avatar Peter より:

    Awesome :) – Awesome. 5 stars…
    Very best from Denmark!

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    Awesome design! Super simple to read and niceley layouted. Cool extra information and yummy grid fun. Then comes the polarizing effect – omfg so cooooool Great job Pete, you made a sci-fish watch without becoming extreme. 5*/wanna wanna

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers Sam, I must admit that the blue and orange colour combo does look a little star-trek console like. Wasn’t a consious thing but I liked the way it worked out. I dunno how makeable it is but my fingers are tightly crossed in the hope that TF can find a way! Cheers for the epic comment dude, its always apreciated! :D

  18. avatar Nav より:

    Would def buy it! Looks fantastic!

  19. avatar Nav より:

    When will you be selling this?

  20. avatar Nav より:

    Awesome watches Pete! Let’s hope they make it. I will be buying a couple of the watches. The Kisai Seven LED watch and Kisai RPM LED look amazing!

  21. avatar Nav より:

    The Kisai Seven LED in both blue and white look fantastic. I’m having a tough time deciding which color to choose. Are they both easy to read the time? What’s the popular color u sell of that?

    • avatar Pete より:

      I dont know which is the most poular to be honest. I dont work for TF so dont know much about the sales figures. I would say the blue is the more popular just going off comments on the TF fb page etc. I prefer the white myself as it feels more in keeping with the Tron theme. Both are nice so you cant really go wrong! :D

  22. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    Pete this has got to be the best watch design concept that you have ever come up with, so far. Surely this is in the front running to be constructed.
    Andrew Joy

  23. avatar Laszlo より:

    Brilliant concept, I love this! But personally I leave the through running glass layer and the underlying signals (the 2×6 stripes) for the simpler manufacturing. Anyway them will not carry more additional information.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah that would make the design much simpler to make, the stripes are just a decorational addition. Not to say they coulndt be used to display information of course.
      Cheers for the feedback and the vote! :D

  24. avatar BrightN より:

    would def buy the **** out of it

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers BrightN! I would happily sell the **** out of this! Fingers crossed one day we will both get what we want! merry xmas! :D

  25. avatar Dave より:

    This is a great design for a watch. I would definitely buy this watch. I will keep a look out for it. Great job

  26. avatar dzign555 より:

    Pete, isn’t it spelt “polarize/ polarise”?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi DZ, I imagine both spellings are used somewhere in the world. But for the name I chose the version with a z cos I thought it sounded cooler! Coz you know Im down with tha kidz! lol

  27. avatar George より:

    Awesome. And if I may say so, I think you could take it a little futher and instead of LED lights behind the polarized lens, and the little LCD, to have an LED screen that is touch interactive. I think that’d be cool

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi George, your idea of a touch screen full LED screen is cool! I must admit to toning down the concept tech wise. I figured that the polerising lens would be a stretch so it seemed sensible to stick to tried and tested display tech. Also I imagine that this design would use a lot of power. If a full LED display could be used with the polerising lens im in! Cheers for the feedback and vote! :D

  28. avatar Raman より:

    Awesome and futuristic design. I must have it…
    Great job Pete welldone !!!
    And also I crossed my fingers :) )

  29. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    BEEEEST WAAAATCH EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Pete より:



  30. avatar EVO より:

    Awesome Watch Pete. I’d buy all 3 colours lol. What software did you do your renders one they are truly amazing mate! Hope this becomes available soon.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot EVO! Cool name btw! I use Solidworks and Photo360 which is a built in render package (and a little photoshop where needed) Its not the cheapest software but is very easy to use. If your looking for free software to get you going I here good things about sketchup and blender. There are plenty of others if you get the chance to aquire (studio max, Inventor, Catia, Rhino, Alias etc etc) they all do much the same thing.
      Cheers for the comment and support! :D

  31. avatar Ramiro より:

    I’ve created an acount espacialy so that I can interact with you and kept informed if it wil make it into prodution.
    It is one of the best looking waches I’ve ever seen the “electric blue and dark yellow” combination is gorgeous, the technology of the watch fills in the missing functions of my Night Vision watch , such as the battery level and a stopwatch. The display which remain hidden behind the tint makes it realy neat looking and classy, it’s another good example of that “less is more” philosophy. So I would defenitely buy it , because it’s beautifull and functional, in other words a good design! :)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Crikey that is quite the compliment, thanks for going to that much effort! :D
      Are you a facebook user? If so you should check out the TF facebook page, they show all the latest news and releases on there too! Thanks for the great comment and support, and hopefully one day you and I will get good news about this design! ;)

  32. avatar Makkovik より:

    I love the idea, very futuristic. I would prefer if the hour was 1 color & the minute another one. ( the monochrome version is also nice, but lack something )

    • avatar Pete より:

      Great feedback Makko, Yeah I think the concept would suite a variety of colour combinations as well as simpler schemes too. Cheers for the comment! :D

  33. avatar Pete より:

    This is due to acsend into bloggy heaven soon so just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who supported this design. I have been really chuffed with how this one was recieved, its been fun!
    Cheers to TF for adding it here and any external blogs that showed it on their sites.

    Cheers everyone and fingers crossed that some of the ideas here can be realised.

    Pete from blighty :D