(English) Gemini watch has two sides, day & night.

(English) Design submitted by Bennie from the USA.

Bennie says: I came up with this design because I wanted a watch that was tailored to me, comfortable and easy to read but not too easy. I’m also a gemini so I wanted my watch to have two sides to it.

This watch utilizes two shades one dark and lite, two spheres, two large and two small. The inner smaller spheres indicates the hour and the outer larger spheres indicates the minutes. Depending on what side of the two shades the spheres are on indicate whether it is a.m. or p.m.

I see people of all ages men and women wearing this watch, from business professional environment to casual and leisure.

This watch stands out because of its thin lightweight design and flexible material use as well as its ease of use, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s an eye catcher.

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59 Responses to “(English) Gemini watch has two sides, day & night.”

  1. avatar dzign555 より:

    Welcome to the blog, Bennie. It’s a nice, simple idea – 5y!

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Keeping it simple is a motto that I like to live by. People tend to over-complicate things sometimes making a great idea seem not so great. I appreciate your comment.

  2. avatar Ignatius Reillius より:

    I think it’s a very powerful idea, Bennie! I really like this one! 5* and YES! :D

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thank you sooooo much! I keep getting these single word descriptions to describe my design and I love them all. but yours is my favorite “powerful”.

  3. avatar xian より:

    Hi, Bennie! I love the elegant simplicity of your design, and I like semi-circles. I would think this would be easy for TF to make. Good luck!

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thank you. This is the first of many designs I have, it’s also my favorite. I wanted my first design to be one that I felt strongly about as well as one that many could be happy with if it were there first tokyo flash watch or there tenth watch. I’m happy with the way it came out and would be even happier if it were to come to life.

  4. avatar Pete より:

    Looks nice Bennie, I presume that at 12:00 and 00:00 the black/white inverts to give you your am/pm? Does this mean you intend the design to be epaper? Technicalities aside its a simple and pretty design 5/y best of luck and welcome to the blog! :D

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Epaper woul be nice but i’m not sure of the power consumption implications. I would like the face to be a bit oversized but I dont want the battery life to suffer.

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice and simple :) The 10:00 display looks best. The am/pm difference is nice too. I don’t like the date displays – too busy. But always good to think about how to show the date too. Good luck Bennie!

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thanks for the compliment. I struggled with the date display for a while, it almost made me scrap the entire design. I’m glad I didn’t.

  6. avatar Gmoney より:

    Way to go Bennie, I really like this watch. Good Luck.

  7. avatar Jemal より:

    Great concept. I could see this used by many all over the world.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thanks Jemal. That was the whole idea clean, simple and eye catching. Form and function hand in hand.

  8. avatar Bettina より:

    Great fashion forward design that is attractive to a wise range of consumers!

  9. avatar Heavenly より:

    Hi Bennie ! I LOVE IT. It’s a wonderful design and I look forward to it being sold all over the world. GOD BLESS YOU

  10. avatar LaTosha より:

    I love the creativity of this design. It fits the character of both men and women. Good Luck!!

  11. avatar IISHA より:

    When will they publish it as an item that is for sale.

  12. avatar Ricardo Gattas-Moras より:

    Pretty awesome design!

  13. avatar Barrett Senegal より:

    This watch is very innovative. I would love to see it in a retailer.

  14. avatar johann より:

    Nice. Where can you one up?

    • avatar Bennie Thompson より:

      I’m assumeing that means where can you get one. You can get one on this website if and when it goes into production. I predict it will be there best seller.

  15. avatar johann より:

    One up*

  16. avatar Liliana Valdez より:

    interesting and cute.

  17. avatar Jamison Jordan より:

    Very cool and interesting design

  18. avatar Binh Le より:

    cool watch

  19. avatar Verna Leaks より:

    First impression is everything and it caught my eye instantly. I would like to have one. One of a kind.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thanks for the comment. I think this watch will be an extreme eye catcher in person. Maybe you’ll be like me and have more than one when you see all the different available colors.

  20. avatar Thelda より:

    Bennie, your watch is s dynamically cool and unique. I could use one of these on my arm. Let me know when its for sale. Good luck.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thanks Thelda, I’m hopeing this watch will make it to production and when is does you wil definately know about it.

  21. avatar Tiffany Grant より:

    I love the sleek design. Definately a conversation starter.

  22. avatar Tosha より:

    Great idea and intuitive concept. I really like the design where the dots tell day or night. You have a very creative mindset. Keep it up.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      I appiciate the compliment. My goal was to create a design that is able to go into production the next day instead of just putting out a flashy watch that was too far ahead of its time. Doing this would allow for an affordable price as well as giving it a nice marketing push while its fresh on peoples mind.

  23. avatar Monique より:

    Love it, good job Benny

  24. avatar Gwen より:

    Great design. It’s definitely an eye catcher. I can see wearing it in a professional as well as a fun environment. It’s beautiful. Let me know when you need a model to show it off.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thank you. Eye catching watch designs are what Tokyo Flash is all about. Thats why I wanted to bring something to the table that I have not seen on this site. A watch with an oversized face and ultra thin design.

  25. avatar Robert より:

    Good Job Bennie! Very nice, simple design.

  26. avatar Tiffany より:

    I love the black and white design. Definately perfect for a black tie event. I love it.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thanks for the comment. Its funny that you say that because even though the screen would be available in many colors, one of the names that I was kicking around for this watch was Black Tie.

  27. avatar Carolyn Rivera より:

    Awesome design! I love the black and white color and the fact that it is lightweight.

    • avatar Bennie より:

      Thank you. Black and white is just the beginning. With all you can do with LED, LCD and E-Paper the color options are endless. If i could give this watch any other name it would be black Tie, or Yin Yang or Balance.

  28. avatar Tee より:

    Great design. Definately derserves 5 stars. I’ll take one in purple.

  29. avatar JORDAN より:

    Very clean…sleek… and eye catching. Definately would catch a pedestrian’s attention causing them to ask about your watch

    • avatar Bennie Thompson より:

      That was the whole idea. I think e-paper would help with the power consumption of the oversized face. Thanks for the comment Jordan.

  30. avatar Makkovik より:

    The idea is nice. I love the dual-color & am/pm thing. It would need some indicators, on the bezel.

    • avatar Bennie Thompson より:

      I agree Makkovik. If my watch gets chosen to go into production I have a few additional suggestions for it.

  31. avatar Tori より:

    Very unique and creative. I love the design

  32. avatar T より:

    I love this watch

  33. avatar Trenae Cullivan より:

    Very nice Bennie. The watch looks like something I’d see you wear. It’s very unique. Can u see it being any other colors besides black and white?