(English) Digilog LCD watch keeps track of day & night

(English) Design submitted by Nazuk from India.

Nazuk says: Idea for this watch was born in classroom project. It is inspired from Yin & yang, which implies night and day for me. Time is read in an analog way but by way of digital display, giving the name ‘digilog’

Its a 24 hour AM-PM, watch without displaying numericals, by playing in the negative and positive.Will be backlit, enabling the effect of positive and negative to be visible when dark.
It is capable of showing time according to the daylight, if its 12am, its midnight and pitch dark outside, in the watch it will be displayed as full dial covered with black pixels, and as the day progresses, so will it in the watch.
It will follow the same principle, and will be full white when its 12pm, and as the day will progress into night,so will the progression in the black pixel translate into time. For reading the minute, there is a single pixel which moves along.

It is designed for both the sexes. Also for people who are passionate and often lose track of day & night, a gentle reminder when they see the watch, instead of just reading the time, they will be able to tell what part of day it is. For people who are restless at night and keep waking up in the middle, to remind them its still night and they can snooze for some time more.

It stands out as it replicates the progression of day into night and vice versa. It justifies the concept very well as it is unisex, tells AM-PM, uses contrast to tell time and is an amalgamation of analog and digital.

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27 Responses to “(English) Digilog LCD watch keeps track of day & night”

  1. avatar Firdaus より:

    I was diggin’ this design on the Internet quite long time but now it’s finally here. High 5* !

  2. avatar Clandestine より:

    Sensational design…I’d buy this in a heartbeat!

  3. avatar Dana より:

    Great concept! Simple, yet clever all at once. Now I be in a dark room, look at this watch, and realize it’s the middle of the day :D 5/Y

  4. avatar Ranjan Arora より:

    Nice combination of innovation and creativity … :-)

  5. avatar dzign555 より:

    I like the design and the sketches, Nazuk. I would like to see a bit of colour in the design, though. Great work.


    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Also, the band looks like the one on the Skagen watches…don’t know why it doesn’t appeal to me! I think your sketches are awesome, though!

  6. avatar rayobear より:

    Hey I like this and you can like tokyoflash_scamschool

  7. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Nazuk, Nice work, great images and nice to see some sketching! very nice
    The only thing is its not really a “new” concept. There have been a few around the internet with very similar time telling sadely (GMTA) Using the dot to show the minutes allows the display to be less dense which probably makes this version easier to make. Either way it looks great so congrats 5/Y welcome to the blog :D

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice sketches!! And very nice concept. I’ve seen it in the internet for a while now and I liked it right away. Pixels + analog = ♥ Very wise decision to let the area tell the hours, so only certain angles are shown. Smaller angles (like 6°) would look less cool and these 30° angle steps here are clean. I like the digital alternative in the sketches – definitely worth implementing!! Also very nice weather application. So much fun with pixely displays hehe. Good luck, 5*/YES

  9. avatar Anders S より:

    Good work! I really like the combination of ‘techiness’ and the clean display. One difficulty might be to make sure that the minute dot isn’t out of position due to the pixel matrix… But I’m sure the clever folks at TF could work around that.

  10. avatar xian より:

    Hi, Nazuk! We’re on the same page, I like pie segment watches. Great idea switching white/black to show am/pm, I only wish I had thought of it first :P Great job!

  11. avatar DOMINUS25 より:

    I like this concept! I was also trying to think of a Ying Yang concept! This is brilliant! Good Luck!

  12. avatar Nazuk より:


    thank you everyone for the feedback..!!!!
    TF team…. I am thrilled to see this here… :)

  13. avatar md shahid より:

    great concept najuk..5/5

  14. avatar Amol D より:

    Great work nazuk..the best design is the simplest of all…yet its damn smart..kudos :) 10/10

  15. avatar mala より:

    Gr8 wrk nazuk ..5/5 :)

  16. avatar Watchlover より:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this design, we NEED this in the market, I would totally buy it! It looks like Pacman, its sooo awesome! Adore it x

  17. avatar Sougat より:

    Great work .nice co relation and good illustrations. good luck

  18. avatar Disha より:

    Interesting Concept Nazuk!! Love the play of black n white, you’ve actually used the concept of yin n yang very intelligently!!

  19. avatar garima より:

    the day night concept is a great observation!! Good work! all the best..

  20. avatar elisha より:

    lovely idea… it is quite different from usual inspirations and derivations done by designers…

  21. avatar shreya k より:

    love it..yes!

  22. avatar chakku より:

    Very good user interaction, excellent work 5/5

  23. avatar Flash banner より:

    Great design i love to watch this again and again…

  24. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the idea & the case/bezel/display look & the presentation box. I don’t like that type of band.

    I would buy.

  25. avatar munmun より:

    intellignt wrk !!! desrvs 5/5**

  26. avatar Varun より:

    I love it…..am waiting for something like this to come out in the market…a perfect 5/5.