Delamination LED watch adds organic layers to your wrist.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I have always liked furniture and other products made out of formed and laminated materials like ply-wood. This type of material lends itself to ribbon like geometric and organic forms  which often have very dynamic looks. I decided it would be nice to design a watch around these types of forms with a laminated look, “Delamination” was born.

The watch consists of three ribbons or bracelets of material that are all laminated together to form a strap, this strap delaminates at the top to form three separate ribbons/bracelets which carry a display each. Having three displays lends itself to a basic 12-5-9 time telling format. Each of the displays consists of stripes which are illuminated to tell the parts of the time, these stripes blend into stripes in the ribbons/bracelets. The left display consists of three groups of four stripes to describe the hours, the middle display has five stripes for groups of ten mins and the right display has three groups of three stripes to display the single minutes.

This design has an architectural feel which may appeal to people who like structures and forms. The organic shape may appeal to those who have an interest in modern products and furniture. The lamination of the three stripes/bracelets lends itself to different combinations of materials which may help it appeal to a wider audience. The 12-5-9 format will hopefully keep old school TF fans happy.

The form of this design is what sets this it aside form others. The delamination  of the strap into three separate ribbons gives the watch a unique feel that lets the wearer stand out of the crowd.

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Delamination LED watch adds organic layers to your wrist., 4.3 out of 5 based on 129 ratings

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51 Responses to “Delamination LED watch adds organic layers to your wrist.”

  1. avatar Matthew says:

    Good Job, Peter! I find it interesting how the watch has 3 layers that tell the time. At first it seemed confusing, but after looking at it for a bit, it became easy to read! I also like the colors :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      I know what you mean Matt, it looks chaotic at first but the speration of the three time elements of 12-5-9 makes it easy to read one you get your eye. Im glad it appeals and thanks of the support! :D

  2. avatar Heather says:

    i like the black one. really cool idea! :)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Im glad you like it Heather :D I did contemplate doing a narrower two screen version with the hours on what is currently the centre screen and all the minute stripes on the righ hand screen. It was a compremise on the time telling but may be more suitable for smaller wrist sizes. Its an option if anyone finds the original version to wide. Cheers for the comment and the support! :D

  3. avatar Larry Cohen says:

    I have to agree with Matthew, confusing at first but a great design. Let’s make it :-)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks Larry, Im glad you took the time for it to grow on you and get easier. Cheers for the comment and fingers crossed TF listen to you! :D

  4. avatar Gordon says:

    Nice job Pete,this one looks classy even a little retro, right up my alley

  5. avatar Xevailo says:

    Do want! Now!

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    Awesum :D ~ This is really an outside the boxy watch concept. Time telling is super simple and perfectly combined with the delamination theme. 5*/YES

    • avatar Pete says:

      Forget the box man, its too square! lol
      It reminds me a little of the online concept with the contious lines, which is an association I am more than happy with. Thanks for the comment and the high 5! :D

  7. avatar mushy says:

    Interesting design Pete. 5Y. ;)

  8. avatar Cris_Gato says:

    I’m curious how flexible the band is and how the clasp mechanism works.
    It’s a beautiful design but it needs to be comfortable and easy to use to be practical for everyday use.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Cris, regarding the flexibility that would obviosuly depend on the material chosen. If the band was a kind of rubber then flexibility would not be an issue. If it was actually made of some type of wood then some development would be needed to find the rignt combination, thickness and lamination process to make it sturdy but flexible enough. Regarding the clasp I didnt really spend much time on the detail. Ultimately if TF chose to develop this design Im sure they would decide on the nitty gritty stuff. I would imagine a butterfly type of clasp would suite this design and offer the right amout of practicallity. Cheers for the feedback! :D

  9. avatar dzign555 says:

    Very nice craftsmanship from a great carpenter! :)

  10. avatar Pete says:

    Crikey where are my manners? Cheers for adding this design to the blog Toky! :D

  11. avatar Pete says:

    I added a couple of new colours to my fb album after requests, please feel free to take a look:!/photo.php?fbid=382637088484691&set=a.382542578494142.90023.159423137472755&type=3&theater

  12. avatar Anders S says:

    One word mate; brilliant. I think the basic idea is fantastic, and the modelling is spot on. I’m a big fan of wood, and even though it’d be a hell of a job to make this out of actual wood, I think it still carries the same feel. Reminds me of some woodwork I did last year, actually. If I have one small niggle it’s that 12-5-9 isn’t my favourite layout, but it’s a small matter. Still, top marks!

  13. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    Another awesome job Pete :) 5/Y Black one for me

  14. avatar Maja says:

    Very unique and not boring. I can imagine the compliments i would get if i had this on my wrist…beautiful design.

  15. avatar Nev says:

    I love the look of this watch, Pete. However, I do have the same concern as Cris over the comfort. The strap needs to appear to be the same material as the face – matching may be a challenge. Hope the reality doesn’t differ much from your version, if TK make it – I was disappointed with the transition in Sam’s Online where the line continuation looked wrong on the face as did the lack of colour on the strap. Anyway, 5* from me.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Nev, yeah most of your and Cris’s concerns would be determined by material and type of construction (assuming it was made of course) the strap could well be a type if rubber with the stripes running through it. It could be plastic but would probably require segmentation. It could be like the Nekura watches with a rubber strap body and a very thin flexible “vaneer” layer if you know what I mean.
      If it can be realised and TF choose to fingers crossed they can make it practical whilst keeping the look. Cheers for the feedback and the vote Nev! :D

  16. avatar Henrik says:

    LOVE IT – hope this would get produced – i would love to buy one.

  17. avatar Chris says:

    How would you adjust the size?

    • avatar Pete says:

      I must admit to not spending much time on the practicalities on this one as I was convinced it would be deemed too conceptual. If TF chose to develop the idea further they would decide the strap style/construction.
      The strap adjustment will depend on the strap construction. If a rubber strap and butterfly clasp was used like “SEVEN” some trimming maybe required. If a segemented strap was used then removal of links would be possible. Another alternative would be a rubber strap and a clasp that clamps onto the strap. The clasp would need to be fairly long to hide the excess strap. Or of course a traditional strap with holes and buckle could be used. Hope this helps! :D

  18. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    Please let me buy this watch…please!!!

  19. avatar Chris says:

    Just a thought, the 9 minutes below might be covered, making it abit difficult to read, other than that, it looks good, but would suit women more than guys

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Chris, cheers for the feedback. The 9 single minutes could be easily moved over to the right some more to make time reading easier, so thats no probs. Im glad you likey if not necesarily for yourself! Cheers for the comment! :D

  20. avatar Jose says:

    I really like the concept
    Great job as usual. Good luck Pete

  21. avatar Patrick says:

    Here is Pete, it is made!
    5 * and Yes, of course.

  22. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like laminated material. I like the brown, the black & the “polished metallic” versions. I would buy.

  23. avatar Pete says:

    Time is short for this post so just wanna say a quick thanks to TF for posting this design on the blog, and thanks to all that voted, commented and shared!

    Merry Xmas in advance!

    Pete from the UK