MAZE LCD watch activates at night.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This watch keeps its LCD screen always on. The built in light sensor is activate the backlight in dark environment. The upper two digits is the hours the two of the middle is the minutes and the lower two digits is the seconds.

Take a walk between the signs and explore the numbers!

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MAZE LCD watch activates at night., 4.8 out of 5 based on 351 ratings

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36 Responses to “MAZE LCD watch activates at night.”

  1. avatar Gordon says:

    Let me be the first to say winner winner,chicken dinner! 5*

  2. avatar Trayo says:

    Looks great! Easy to read but still a bit cryptic on the first quick look. Different colour (mate black wristband and darker blue backlight) and I would buy it!

  3. avatar mushy says:

    Very nice Laz. ;) 5Y That’s a good idea to include a light sensor if it doesn’t use too much power.

  4. avatar akicam says:

    Yes it’s really very nice. Easy to read, interesting display.
    5 stars

  5. avatar Pete says:

    Very nice cryptic but easy to read display. Nice smooth case. One of my favorite of your more recent designs!
    Lets hope there is room for two a”maze”ing designs in TFs catalogue! 5/Y Best of luck Laszlo! :D

  6. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:


  7. avatar dzign555 says:

    Nice one, Laszlo! 5y

  8. avatar Colored circle says:

    Hey Laszlo,

    As always your idea is very well presented and detailed. However I’m curious to know whether you are suggesting this idea as a modification to the ‘maze’ watch that TF just recently launced on their main webpage?

    I was surprised because all of your idea’s are uniquely yours in style and execution so to submit something with the same name as well as a similar display ‘look’ seemed out of character? Anyways, I agree with all the above comments.

    Best of luck with this and all your other submissions.

  9. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    Featuring a labyrinth of LCD pathways that incorporate digital numbers, Kisai Maze displays the time in a fun and unique way.

    With time, date, alarm, animation and EL backlighting, Kisai Maze comes in eight limited edition color variations:

  10. avatar Laszlo says:

    @Colored circle and Andy
    Yes, it is very similar but I sent this concept on august 21.
    (The Kisai Maze was presented on 16 October.)

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      Thanks for responding Laszlo. OK, so you sent this concept before TF launched their ‘Maze’? How do you feel about that? I know that if I had designed it and then found a similar watch produced I would not be very happy to say the least. More importantly I’m interested to hear what Tokyo Flash themselves have to say. It seems quite bold to post your design after they have launched their’s with no comment such as ‘great minds think alike’ or something.

      Sorry for my ‘essay’ and I apologize if I appear argumentative but, I have 3 designs sent that I’m hoping to see on this blog. 1 of which dates from May of this year.

      • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

        Hi Circle. We received Laszlo’s maze idea about a month before we launched our Maze watch. Of course though our maze watch has been in development for almost a year previous. I didn’t think it was worth making a comparison as, apart from the name, Laszlos design is quite different & has its own unique look.

        • avatar Colored circle says:

          Hey TF,

          Thanks for responding (my name is Devindh btw:), The comment I posted was my instinctive reaction to seeing 2 watches with the same name -one produced and one as a concept-. I think It would be great to see Laszlo’s watch produced as a alternative, side by side the TF version, but I guess that’s something only the public and yourselve’s can make happen.

      • avatar Laszlo says:

        Hi Devindh, it’s doesn’t bother me!

  11. avatar gordon says:

    similar in that they both tell time, but i think Laszlo’s watch is truly unique and interesting.

  12. avatar Peter L. says:

    Nice one :-) Cool design.

  13. avatar Samukun says:

    5*/YES without hesitation. Good job Laszlo :)

  14. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    I think i like the look of this Maze design better :) 5/Y

  15. avatar Makkovik says:

    For the “maze” mode, I prefer this one, but I prefer the “normal” mode of the TF maze. I like the overall look but it would probably be too big for me, vs a perfect fit. I wouldn’t buy but gave 4*.

  16. avatar Carlos says:

    Different! More cryptic than TF Maze watch. I like the continous animation in the seconds. They will help you recognize the numbers. Five stars master Laszlo and and of course: yes I want one of these.

  17. avatar Joseph says:

    Hi Laszlo,

    My eye caught at some of your ideas.
    Allow me to make produce them.


    • avatar Laszlo says:

      Thank you for your interest Joseph. I do not know your abilities, but I appreciate the quality offered by Tokyoflash. Thanks again but I do not want to live in the opportunity.