(English) ORB watch with continuous lines sweeping round your wrist.

(English) Design submitted by Djordje from Serbia.

Djordje says: Motivation of time, I wanted to achieve the effect of ease of watching at time, to understand better their own time.

The idea for this watch is classic plastic bracelet, with incorporated lines inside the watch that show the current time. Those three line are rotating around the watch and show the time, while the seconds line is going around all the time.

All those people who want simplicity of reading time.

As opposed to other watches this watch is distinguished by its shape, purity, and ease of looking at the watch as its highest function and therefore the aesthetics.

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(English) ORB watch with continuous lines sweeping round your wrist., 4.3 out of 5 based on 138 ratings

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40 Responses to “(English) ORB watch with continuous lines sweeping round your wrist.”

  1. avatar Gordon より:

    Great shape, nice modeling, very futuristic

  2. avatar Damon より:

    More color styles, MOOORRRE. I will shut up and give you my money.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Mhhhh I saw this in the interwebz already and I must say it’s super cool. I like the concept for its simplicity and the >all around the wrist< elements! I wonder how this can be made, especially with an adjustable strap ;) Good luck and welcome to the blog Djordje!

  4. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    this is mint!!!

  5. avatar POOL より:

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar POOL より:

    i want !!

  7. avatar Freg より:

    Shut up and take also my money!!!

  8. avatar Zandra より:


  9. avatar Leonard Lee Kah Khiong より:

    This design is already being show on many website. I still love it the simplicity and interaction with bracelet! Are you the same designer?

  10. avatar Ling より:

    Absolutely brilliant concept. Impressive design! At the same time it looks fashionable and sporty. Love it! I would be the first one to buy it! Awesome work my friend.

  11. avatar Djo より:

    Thank you all for feedback!

  12. avatar Pete より:

    I have seen this design floating around the web, it seems to have pretty popular on the sites it was featured on. I think the only way to achieve the animated lines all the way around the band would be to have it as one fixed bracelet as drawn. Getting the shape and size right to suite the majority of wrist sizes would be a challenge. Maybe it would have to be made in 3 sizes; small, medium and large so the fit isn’t too compromised. I bet it would a technical challenge for TF but a worth while one! Nice work 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog Djo! :D

  13. avatar logan より:

    Welcome to the blog. Nice shape. Is it possible to see the animation?

  14. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    This design has a smooth organic style which like a lot. I can see why you choose to White for this design to emphasize the clean minalistic shape of this wrist watch. However I think that it would be to your advantage if this design where available in other Colours: other types of Watch bracelet: Black IP / Steel & Other display colours: Red or Green Etc.

  15. avatar Marky より:

    Not much info. It’s nice!! But, is the watch illuminated? Does it have animation? Nice to see other colors too. Thanks!

  16. avatar Ditza より:

    I love this watch! The thing I like most about it is the bangle concept and the curvy shape. Most of the watches on this site are for guys, and the ones that are for girls are a bit too geometrical for me. This is the only futuristic watch design I’ve seen that incorporates curved shapes. I would be so proud to own one. I agree that it would be important the fit and that it would be best to have different size options and have it go on and off like a bangle. I would like to say that I have seen other colors of this watch, for all of you who asked. They are black with colored strips of light like blue and purple. I think different color options would be nice, but I would choose this one, the white with the orange.
    Thanks for designing an awesome watch, Djo!

  17. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Nice job, Simple and smooth looking. Definitly has my support 5/Y

  18. avatar Scott G より:

    My girlfriend says she would definitely buy one….if it was white with pink or purple strips (so 5* and a yes from her!). I think its a very nice design and one for the ladies. I d like to see the strips illuminated personally.

  19. avatar inigocook より:

    I agree that it would be important the fit and that it would be best to have different size options and have it go on and off like a bangle.

    • avatar Djo より:

      A watch is not designed to be totally with the arm, but have a little space as a classic bracelet. I agree to the various dimensions of watch, or for example three degree movement!

  20. avatar mauro より:

    OMG !! I need ! I no longer watch over years, if tomorrow this watch out, I bought

  21. avatar Jkl より:


  22. avatar Jkl より:

    :c When will this cell

  23. avatar Ambra より:

    I want one in all colors!

  24. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Popular watch is now here! Simply nice! I would like to have the watch as it is, please don’t change anything here., the band can be made with flexible material, can be stretched to fit wrist. I’ll wear it when (if ever) I go to Paris.

  25. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the concept but the all around part would be a problem, specially if it’s made as a 1 part bracelet. It could be made smaller if it was a 2 parts bracelet. Another solution could be to have an attachable rope inside. Nice rendering, but I would have like to see a description/picture of where the time start. I wouldn’t buy.

    • avatar Djo より:

      Thanks for the feedback, it is a plastic bracelets with out two parts of bracelets as you say…
      Plays on the side of the classic bracelet that is not attached to the arm like a classic watch and there would be two different size bracelets!
      Thank you, have a nice day