The Kisai Driver

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: This is a watch phone ( design for Tokyoflash Japan. Code named Kisai Driver (abbreviation for Driving Revolution), this watch phone design uses custom Google’s Android operating system and has features like most of today’s smart watches.

Kisai Driver is specially designed and inspired with futuristic and uniqueness, two elements that cannot be separated from Tokyoflash. Since the nature of Tokyoflash is all about deviant from mainstream trend in watch fashion, the challenge in designing Kisai Driver is a bit tough. The design should be new and innovative from any other watch phones in the market and at the same time retains the elements and functionality of a watch phone.

Kisai Driver will have a proprietary app called (code named) Zone. Zone is an application that shape and control the ecosystem of Kisai Driver GUI. The main element of Zone is the watch display, which means the ecosystem will show the watch display as home screen by default, during idle and stand by.

Whether you are gadget freak, design enthusiast or tech wiz, Kisai Driver delivers modern technology and futuristic design that gives unique fashion statement to the wearer.

Kisai Driver is carefully designed to be unique, futuristic looking and at the same time ergonomic and classy. The curved display is very eye friendly and the long display allows convenient text messaging for this small form factor device. The camera is located at a nice place for making video call like in spy agent movies or to take own picture and share it to social media.

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49 Responses to “The Kisai Driver”

  1. avatar Daveto より:

    If this watch is made, this would be the only watch I would ever need ever, I would buy 10 if this watch ever seen the light of day. Please make this watch a reality.

  2. avatar Liam より:

    This concept is truly amazing. I would happily buy this watch. And like Daveto said ‘this would be the only watch I would ever need’.

  3. avatar raymend tang より:

    awesome gadget! one i definitely buy if in stocks!

  4. avatar Ben より:

    Awesome watch! I like the idea of the tokyoflash watches running on the watch! If this were to be made the blog should add downloads of other peoples watch ideas that you could upload and view. This is awesome!

  5. avatar Cory より:

    Firdaus has upped the ante once again. Amazing.

  6. avatar zandar より:

    Absolutely amazing .. the ultimate uber-stylish-gadget watch .. me want it me want it !!!

  7. avatar dzign555 より:

    It’s obvious you’ve put a heap of effort into this, Firdy. I’m giving you 5* for effort. I probably wouldn’t buy it, however – it’s a bit too much for me. For me, something gets lost when so many features get included…and you’ve basically absorbed all TF watches into the one watch! (I was wondering when this might happen.) I’m also not really big on smart phones. I like your other designs better – I think your watches are my favourite on this blog. I do like the quirky things you put into the design: references to your other watches on your contact list, “Mr. Children,” and a picture of what looks like Shinkjuku.

    Good luck, and keep up the excellent work!

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Thank you dzign555-kun for your feedback. I didn’t try to shrink or absorb other designs, I already have answer for that dilemma, I sent a long write up explanation, but I think its too long so was not published here. My intention to create ecosystem for watches designs (if not considered) to be made available digitally, rather than being a concept forever… designers can still obtain royalty from downloads etc. I realize there are SO MUCH unique watch design display here, but don’t have a unique case to make the watch really unique as a whole… can you imagine, TF make 10 LCD watches, different displays, but quite same face+strap design? I’d like to propose a watch design that can fit most displays. BTW I respect your position to agree to disagree. Android kitaaaaa! ;-)

      • avatar dzign555 より:

        Actually, I think it’s a really cool idea to have all the watches in one watch, and many previous designs were pointing to that possibility. You could have different skins and even incorporate watch designs from the blog that weren’t successful in being manufactured. Perhaps after a number of “Concept to Reality” watches, TF could release a watch which includes a number of designs.

        I’m being more philosophical – when technology comes with everything including the kitchen sink, it’s strange how something seems to go missing. Anyway, I’m probably being a fuddy duddy…great stuff, Firdy – it looks cool!

        Cheers, DF.

        P.S. I reviewed your Uzumaki at:

        • avatar Firdaus より:

          dzignfaiz-kun, your philosophical is subjective indeed. I have a good example, if I make a draft of paperwork and ask my boss to review it, he always need me to print the document, and remark on paper, then I have to retype the review, but I always ask my subordinate to save the softcopy in my dropbox, and I just edit and save it. I believe some people is more comfortable to work classical way. I use my ipad to do most things, from playing games, do works, watch hulu, etc… but to some people, watch tv from analog tv, play console game, do work use office pc. I have xperia mini, I use it as modem, mifi, pedometer, camera, phone, pay bills etc. and I like it that way. But there’s gap in how technology is accepted between generation, demographic, or personal preference I believe. I think a watch with many functions is definitely fine and is the future.

          And thanks for your review… nice one, but I feel your review too personal, you must be a caring dad lol ;-)

        • avatar dzign555 より:

          Thanks…you’re a funny guy! LOL

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    This is the future!!!

    Love the possibility to show other Tokyoflash syled times on the display. Argh, the TFT screen beats my smart watch I’m working on ;) You definitely beat the available smart watches on the market with this concept without being too utopic. Awesome Fir, just awesome. 5*/GOSH YES!

  9. avatar Tim より:

    Love it, but also love Scifi. Think the end product would ever be able to look like this as the color is so vivid, and curved screen. Also would never be able to stay on due to battery so all you would be looking at would be a black screen 99% of the time. Any solutions Tokyoflash?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Dear Tim. Just imagine, ipod nano, stretch the display (google flexible AMOLED) , curve it, and add extra battery cell, put in this case… Apple applies principle if the element has no function, it shouldn’t be there… I’m not an Apple die hard fan, but I was somehow inspired by their creativity. Well you can save battery by controlling the backlight brightness, disable most functions if not used… I think the watch should be able to stand by for 4 days on stand by. Android kitaaaa! ;-)

      • avatar Tim より:

        But even the NANO can’t stay on all the time. I have yet to see a protable full color device that could stay on regardless of how big it was. Not even a phone which would have 10x more space to put a big battery inside, then have a curved display on top of that? Then even if these two problems were solved I think it would never have the clarity. Would be very dim, or not clear. Power is needed to make it clear, like a computer screen.

        Don’t get me wrong love it, but just not going to be done for some time I feel. Nano Iphone Galaxy all top in the industry and they can’t have always on for a full day even and there is a lot more space to put batteries. Maybe there is something I’m missing?

        • avatar Firdaus より:

          If you don’t use the watch (to see time for example), the display no need to be visible/on, unless you want to show off, but you most likely not to show off 24hr/day. Just touch the screen to activate the display. You can set the back light intensity, or disable the backlight, the display will still viewable. And since it has usb slot and charge via usb, its not very difficult for you to charge it anytime, since most of mobile phone today use usb charging, you can have a charger to use for phone and watch etc. The curved display won’t need extra battery power, not not possible, it exist now, and current amoled screen use less power than previous generation lcd. If you have a phone or tablet, try to control the backlight brightness, and witness if the sreen is clear or not. I tested in my phone and ipad, even the dimmer one is quite clear… sometimes I intentionally set the backlight dim if in dark environment… I have a small experia mini… I use most of its function and I think the battery is quite decent… some android phone/tablet has so many widget and background apps, that u don’t use but running in background, that explains why ios device last longer than androids. If you root your phone and just run basic android, you can almost double performance and battery life of your phone. I never switch off my ipad and phone… out of battery? just charge it. And type of processor also play role in energy utilization…. there are many technical things to be studied, too long to explain here. And I believe smart watch is a device that you should charge it trice a week, just like how frequent you need to charge nokia lumia 900 vs legacy nokia 3310. Just a thought.

          Android kitaaaa!!!!!!

  10. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Wow, this is awesome, I was going to do a smart watch idea like this, but this is waaaay better than what I was thinking. Instant 5 and YES!!!!

  11. avatar Pete より:

    Pretty Damn awesome Fir, love the alternate themes. If this watch is made the rest of us would be able to our own watch design themes so we all win! The detail and quality of your images is breath-taking sir! :D 10/Y Best of luck! :D

  12. avatar Firdaus より:

    Massive thanks for your input; Daveto, Liam, raymend tang, Ben, Cory, zandar, Samukun, Krautesh Vakir.
    It’s Android time!!!!! ;-)

    • avatar Cory より:

      One thing I would need addressed before I were to buy something like this. Does the ‘phone’ portion come off of the strap? I’m not a big fan of bluetooth headsets, and speakerphone sometimes isn’t an option when the conversation is at all sensitive. If the phone portion comes off, I’m sold, if not, it makes the purchase a tad more difficult.

      • avatar Firdaus より:

        I’d suggest to use bluetooth headsets, I think is more practical. I also prefer if the watch phone is not a fully functional phone, but as a smart phone accessory instead (who doesn’t own a smart phone these days – but I surveyed there are still many who buy a fully functioning generic China brand phone watch). But watch phone or smart phone obviously comes with speakerphone. I think its more economical than just putting a speaker only on the device. A sound is indeed essential element of a watch.

        Actually, my original idea is just about smart phone, but I figured out if use Android OS, its more feasible for app development. I think most watch designs can be created using (for example Adobe Flash) since the software now be able to make Android or IOS apps out of box. There’s already bunch of unique watch widgets for Android, if you know the source code, its gonna be easier to play with designs and output unique time telling mechanism. And Android is open source, so no need to invest for new proprietary watch os development. So since its an Android device, there should be able to functioning as phone or phone accessory, but if decided phone function is not necessary, not feasible or not worth it, I believe the phone function can be disabled, or taken out, just like the function is disabled in tablet. Well just a thought.

        Thank you for questioning Korisan!

        • avatar Pete より:

          If you are proposing this be used in conjunction with a bluetooth headset it would be nice if you can somehow store said headset on the watch somehow, clip onto the strap etc when not in use.

  13. avatar Firdaus より:

    BTW I sensed there’re about +-10 times of one star hit in row on this design. Well I know you, get a life dude, if you don’t like this design, say it, don’t be a coward.

  14. avatar Dyne1319 より:

    Love the concept and design. Don’t really think the Phone part is needed I would be happy if this just linked to my android phone via BT and functioned as such could even use NFC for data transfer of files and contact to the watch from the phone. This would be an amazing device.


  15. avatar mushy より:

    Hey Firdy – awesome graphics. I gave you 5Y. I’m not really into this kind of watch myself because I like to be free of modern gadgets as much as possible, but it looks cool and I’m sure a lot of people would find it useful and fun. Good luck!

  16. avatar Dianekmt より:

    ‘Calling **** Tracy’……..This design is quite FLASH!


  17. avatar ffinder より:

    The design of this watch phone should change..

    The bar shape on the wrist is absolutely wrong..

    It must be widescreen shaped like the following:

    [ ]

    Then and only then it will be useful..
    Watching movies on the bar shaped watch, the movies will look severely squeezed.
    Also not only videos but games, internet and a lot of other stuff
    will look much better in a widescreen shaped watch.


    P.S. what Android version the watch will support?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      ohayo ffinder-san!

      IMHO, the aspect ratio of this watch design display is ideal for android, juts like in most phone, just smaller resolution. If widescreen, the screen have to be made smaller to stable the design, if make it vertical and flat, couldn’t comfortably fit most wrist size and will look classic and obvious.

      I have 2nd design here [ ]

      I don’t suggest watching movie from wrist watch, too small, feeling too lonely. The main idea here is to use android and watch design to accommodate various type of unique watch designs from Tf and designers. If like the watch like you linked, just obtain that one lol.

      Android version is depend on what hardware to be used, some version of android works better on certain hardware… and more recent androids have more functionality than previous ones… most of android functions should be removed for this watch though, since not suitable for small size display, hardware limitation etc. For example, its impossible to install angry bird in this watch blah blah…. but features like calorie counter, digital compass, weather feed, would work. Just a thought.

      Android kitaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. avatar makino より:

    OMG..i like this soo much..awesome concept & design…
    Having a smart watch that’s synced with your phone will make life so much easier…this will be handy for a girl like me who leaves my phone in the handbag & never hear it rings.

    Its high time something like this came out at TF..well done Firdaus.
    I hope TF will put serious consideration in this design..All the best…

  19. avatar Heather より:

    5* beautiful work, firdy! visionary

  20. avatar Firdaus より:

    Massive thanks for your positive feedback Pete, yne1319, King-san and Diane-san, ffinder (friend finder?), makino-chan and Heather-sensei!


  21. avatar Firdaus より:

    THANK YOU TOKYOFLASH for featuring this design!

  22. avatar Patrick より:

    Firdaus is back!
    5 * / Yes.

  23. avatar Jarrod より:

    Please make this as your next watch and I am looking forward to proprietary app called (code named) Zone showing all my watches’ time system on this watch.

    6* Firdaus

  24. avatar Firdaus より:

    Arigatou Paturik-san, Jarrod-san, mina-sama! Wishing one day id Tokyoflash real, Android kitaaaaa!!!!!

  25. avatar M Azwar Anwar より:

    how much it costs?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      M Azwar, the cost of this watch is TBA, since this is just a concept for the time being or forever and ever ~ if decided and considered the watch is manufactured in a right quantity and assembled in Asia, I guarantee Tokyoflash can put a right price for the watch.

      Android kitaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. avatar Brandon より:

    This is a pretty cool watch. If this was made a reality I would buy multiple ones.

  27. avatar Dan Rustamov より:

    I honestly think that if this watch was manufactured then you could sell it you major companies including verizon, At&t, etc. I have actually always wanted a watch like this. If it was on the market right now i would just throw my current phone away. I hope TF takes the time to actually invest in this watch.

  28. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thank you for your feedback Brandon and Dan Rustamov. Also massive thanks to everyone who pinned this design on your Pinterest, commented and liked on facebook, featured on external blogs etc. I’m glad to hear your feedback! Until the nexd design (pun intended), Android kitaaaa!!!!!!!

  29. avatar pcred566 より:


    • avatar Firdaus より:

      I already ordered “something” to prove that I’m at the right track. IMHO, technology and ideas move fast, if you late, soon you’ll be obsolete. There’s no room to ‘I’m afraid not’. Thank you pcred566, though I’m not sure what thing you’re afraid of.

      It’s show time!

  30. avatar Ray より:

    A concept that is has many convienent and definetely a product i would buy.

  31. avatar Marky より:

    Please make this my reality watch! Hopefully the watch will last in reality as well. Battery will be the main issue here. Definitely a buy!