(English) Mugen-Kido LED watch: The art of folding metal.

(English) Design submitted by Peter (UK) and Sam (Germany).

Peter & Sam say: The inspiration for this design originates from “origami” the art of folding paper.

Besides paper, the art of folding covers a whole spectrum of materials. For this concept we have focused on the forming metal. The body and straps are each made of metal strips that have been folded and shaped to create an organic form not dissimilar to a flat strip spring.

This style of construction would cocoon the necessary electronics leaving interesting gaps between the strip. These gaps lend themselves to internal illumination  creating  interesting fan shaped beams of light in low light conditions.

The time is told using number shaped forms created in a similar manner to the rest of the watch.

Two continuous wire-like shapes illuminate in the appropriate places to create glowing figures that describe the time or date.

The top display communicates the hours or months, the lower one describes the minutes or days. These wires also lend themselves to animated light shows complimenting the internal glow of the body.

This design gently fuses traditional techniques with modern technology to create a retro-futuristic feel which will hopefully appeal to young and old. The simple organic form should sit well with both sexes, and the choice of materials and illumination colours should offer enough variation for most tastes.

The combination of the inspiration and design direction sets this concept away from others. The time telling is simple and easy to understand while visually appealing. Also while unique in its appearance would sit nicely with the existing range of Tokyoflash products.

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(English) Mugen-Kido LED watch: The art of folding metal., 4.3 out of 5 based on 91 ratings

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53 Responses to “(English) Mugen-Kido LED watch: The art of folding metal.”

  1. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Nice collab guys! Simple, stylish and that last picture is off-the-hook ****!

    My only criticism with this is (and yes, I have one for every design) it looks as if removing/adding links to the band would be difficult/impossible with the inter-connectivity of all of them.

    5* guys, hope to see this design released to the world!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Jordon, you make a fair point. I dont think the stap could be made from individual links and keep the look as per the images. I would propose that the clasp fixes to the ends of the strap and can be adjusted along its length and then fixed with a grub-screw etc. If the strap need a lot of adjustment you could probably trim the end of the strap like Seven. Im sure this is a detail TF know many ways of achieving anyway.
      Cheers for the feedback and the 5! :D

      • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

        Ah yes, if the diagonal connection between each link was made of some sort of plastic/rubber/other material, it could be cut to make the band smaller.

        Just realized that if you cut it… How woul you connect it again? Hmmm…
        But yes, the TF tend to be geniuses in their field :) I can quite honestly see this conept becoming reality; it just screams Tokyoflash. When it gets made (not if) I’ll be the first to buy one :)

        • avatar Pete より:

          Hehe I love your confidence there! hehe
          Yeah the trouble with the trimmed strap is if you cut too much off your knackard (measure twice cut once as they say) Im sure TF have plenty of options should they take pity on Sam and I.
          I hope you get the chance to own a Mugen-Kido some day!
          Cheers again for the feedback! :D

        • avatar Gordon より:

          Love the watch, don’t think a clasp is necessary it would probably work like a one size fits all springy band without a clasp

      • avatar Pete より:

        Gordon makes a fair point, the strap already looks like one of those extendable bracelets anyway so why not go the whole hog and ave the strap extend and contract to suit all wrist sizes. Thanks Gordon! :D

  2. avatar tyson より:

    I would suggest letting it show the date too. Otherwise I like it!

  3. avatar Svenvonk より:

    WOW, what a true beauty, love the modern design with the subtle lighting through the folding. Especially love the black one…with red light to make it look sophisticated like K.I.T.T. :) I would but it in a heartbeat! ***** and one * extra, just because I can

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Svenvonk! The black is my preference too! Black and red is a nice combination and K.I.T.T is a nice association! Cheers for the comment and the 6 stars! :D

  4. avatar William Morgan より:

    I was completely jazzed by this watch. If only I could pull off a trade in.
    Great job guys, this one sits there looking ****, svelte, and just to kewl for
    School. I get the feeling if this goes into production, it is going to Fly out of the
    Stores. Keep up the great work.
    Best regards,
    Bill Morgan

    • avatar Pete より:

      I like you see it and hope your future vision becomes true!
      Cheers for the compliments and the vote Bill! :D

      PS. we will try to keep up the good work! :D

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog, and cheers Sam for another fun coop! :D

  6. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice one, guys! I’m not sure if it’s a real grab for me, but I think I’m getting more and more fussy. Anyway, 5* for the design geniuses. (How on earth do you guys pump out so many designs? Don’t you have jobs? LOL)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi DZ, Yeah this is one of those love it or hate it designs. Hopefully it will grow on you over time.
      We are rather spoilt on the blog with so many uber cool concepts, which makes buying a regular watch difficut as they look dull in comparision. Regarding finding the time, I work full time so have to do this stuff in the evenings, much to my Girlfriend’s dismay. Sam untill recently was a student so probably has had more flexibility. Who needs sleep anyway (he says whilst rocking, to his imaginary friend hovering above his left shoulder lol) :p Cheers for the comment and the support! :D

      • avatar dzign555 より:

        You’re obviously very passionate about this. You deserve to join the elite club that includes Sam, Firdy, Heather et al.! Good luck on your quest!!


        • avatar Pete より:

          Very kind of you to say DZ! its a club I would love to join (as well as many others who put time and effort into the fantastic concepts we see here, that includes you too DZ) If its meant to be it will be x^^x

  7. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    Wow, this watch concept surely represent the next evolution in digital watch design. Although it may be made of Stainless Steel / Black IP metals, this watch has a organic feel about it which very much appeals to me.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im glad it appeals Andrew. I dunno about next evolution but would be more than happy for it to be part of the revolution! :D Cheers for the comment! :D

  8. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    WOW awesome work guys, totally want one of these. I agree totally with Jordan about the last picture. Loving the twin angled displays also. If i could give more than 5 stars I would and a big YES!!! to go with :)

  9. avatar mushy より:

    Nice job guys! 5Y I like the silver and blue one. :)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Mushy, Im glad you like it. The silver stays closest to its metallic roots. Cheers for the comment and the vote! :D

  10. avatar Patrick より:

    Sam and Pete are my friends “virtual” and I vote 5 * and Yes, I like their work!
    in the style “streaks”, there is also that:
    with a system of reading of the time of style TF?

  11. avatar Firdaus より:

    Simply nice, has retro futuristic feel and cryptic! The black + green one is my favorite… 5*/ yes! Needed!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah I know what you mean there. I can’t put my finger on what gives it that quality but it does feel like something that could have been used as a prop in one of the first star wars films or something.
      Cheers for the 5 the yes and the Neeeeeeeded! :D

  12. avatar Samukun より:

    Thank you for your comments and support everybody!!!

    Jordan, I think it could be done in separate elements, cut and detailed as if a spring goes around. So it’s easy to change the size. Cool that you think practically. It’s sometimes too early when it’s about concepts but it’s welcome.

    Tyson, hehehe. It could show anything that needs 1-4 numbers if Tokyoflash inserts according technology… temperature, blood pressure and date too ;)

    Svenvonk, thank you! The K.I.T.T. connection that you see is cool. I like it, when people have their own inspiration background and a watch bring out such images.

    Bill, that sounds so nice, awesome!

    DZ, thank you thank you! Yes, I was student until recently and now I’m jobbing around. Before my harcore work for my thesis I had quite some time. All the concepts of the last weeks and the coming ones have been made a while ago. I’m full of ideas :) Not sure when I can make a new one, but ideas are floating aroun din my head. The blog is a nice inspiration. Not for copying things but for opening perspectives how to see things. Wonderful!

    Andrew, oh what a nice review!

    Kraut :D

    Lloyd, cool you found a favorite!

    Firfir, nice choice sir.

    Pete, cheers from my side too. I agree with DZ about a Pete in the elite club. But I dont feel elite, I feel lucky hehe. Maybe it’s a mix of both ;) It’s always fun to coop with you. It’s been a while. Wonder what we could come up with next time.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers Sam, yeah the coops are always the most fun and always lead to something that individually would not have developed. Needless to say I would love to be in the club, if you dont like to describe it as elite its definately wonderfully exclusive. Regards the next coop Im not sure what we would come up with “Relatively” speaking ;)

  13. avatar Patrick より:

    Sam and Pete, beautiful work.
    5 * / Yes.
    A little as in the “striated” style, http://www.optionw.fr/travil/Streak-Watch-1.jpg

  14. avatar Heather より:

    the lighting up part is awesome, but the digits are just too simple for me..(i’d buy it anyway if the lights could work that way)!!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I know what you mean Heather, they could be more cryptic. Yeah The glow would be awesome at night time. Thanks for the feedback ana the vote! :D

  15. avatar that0th3rGuy より:

    Usually I prefer the more obscure designs, but this is really pretty! Despite its easy readability, and due to its aesthetic appeal, I’ll give this a rating of 5!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I understand your love for the obscure time telling methods. So I am even more greatful for your support and vote! Thanks a lot TOG! :D

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you for the insight in your thoughts and the support! You’re definitely at the right place if you look for cryptic and/or stylish designs.

  16. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left for this design, so cheers to everyone who supported this design! Cheers to TF for adding this design to the blog! Oh and a Huge thanks to Samukun for the coop! Always fun ;)

    Thanks guys

    Pete from team GB :D

  17. avatar Makkovik より:

    This one is nice. I like the overall look, because I love retro-looking thing. 5* and I would buy. ( my fav is the black/gold with red digits. 2nd pic )

    • avatar Pete より:

      Cheers for telling Makko and showing your support. Black and Gold is a classic combination, Im glad it appeals! Thanks very much for the comment and the vote! :D

  18. avatar Samukun より:

    Aww I missed to yell out for the last twitches of this design :( But you kept an eye on it Pete, yay. Was definitely nice brainstorming with ya Pete.

    Thanks everybody for your support!

    Sam from team EU :D

  19. avatar JP より:

    Cool idea, guys. Glad you kept the origami idea on the table! This one eclipses the previous effort for sure.

    I would say that my purchase decision would be based on the appearance of the band and the choice of display. This MUST be an LED watch, as you’ve planned, or I probably wouldn’t purchase it. I think the band could stand to see some simplification, but it looks alright in the concept photos. I’m confident that this watch could become a reality and, if it did, that the two of you would do things properly.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi JP, Im glad you like the basic concept. Yeah If TF were to develop this concept futher Im sure the details would be refined and perfected. I like LEDs and agree they add a little magic that you dont always get with backlit LCD. Im sure if it got made it would meet or exceed your expectations! :D