(English) Grid Analogue watch recreates 3D space.

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I have an interest in retro style computer games, the old 8 bit type stuff that tended to consist of wire frames to describe 3D forms. I figured this would make a nice watch face.

I wanted to use this wire form 3D look to tell the time in a retro style.

The watch is basically a disc analogue  watch with a stealthy dark matte face, the face would be 3D with grooves or extruded shapes where the hands would be. The time would be just readable in normal light. When activated the watch would project a grid over the face to help describe the 3D shape of the discs and help highlight the time. The grid size and colour would be custiomisable by the wearer to suit their mood or outfit.

This style of display may also lend itself to a dense LCD which would be flat but give the same 3D look.

This watch has a retro futuristic look feel that may appeal to nerds and geeks who get nostalgic for early computer games and merchandise. It may also appeal to clubbers and people who tend to come out at night as that is when the light show would be at its best.

The grid theme may also attract Tron fans both new and old who fantasise about riding their light cycles around the grid.

The time telling method is very conventional but the means of describing it is unusual and helps the design stand out for that reason.

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(English) Grid Analogue watch recreates 3D space., 4.2 out of 5 based on 83 ratings

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32 Responses to “(English) Grid Analogue watch recreates 3D space.”

  1. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Apparently, I’m not allowed to rate this design… But if I could…….

    5****** All across the board :D It’s beautiful and I love the white+side lights. Looks very stylish and the wire does indeed look fairly cryptic. I call the first made one and Tokyoflash, if you’re reading this, please engrave my name into the back of mine ;)

    Another great design Peter, way to go :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Wow great comment Jordon! Cheers very much!
      Great idea about the engraving! and im more than happy to have watch No 2! ;)
      Thanks for the comment and the vote! :D

      • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

        I guess I commented too early as the voting appeared to be closed at that point (rated 0 stars with no option to rate or yes/no)
        Now that I can, however, I have :D

        • avatar Pete より:

          Yeah you must have been one of the first to try to vote, when I went onto the blog this morning (where I am, it will have been on a few hours by then) it was working ok and on about 4.4. Dipped a little since then! Doh! Now that you can, I thank you! :D

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    First the presentation: Timelapse and color variations ♥ Now the watch geometry: Wow so great Pete! Pure sci-fi. And the time telling method? Wonderful *.* Ok it’s a little hard because we look a still images. But in reality we just need to quickly turn the wrist a little to be sure what time is it. The retro 3D look is so cool! 5*/YES/NYOOM NYOOM (my lightcycle)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah its a lot easier to see with a little movement, a seconds ring would be awesome for constant animation etc (maybe pushing it) Yeah its great TF added all my little animations they do help a little over the static images. Im glad you likey! Cheers for the feedback and the vote! :D

  3. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  4. avatar mushy より:

    I like it a lot Pete. 5Y ;)

  5. avatar Patrick より:

    I am impressed by the work in 3D.
    5 * / Yes.

  6. avatar dzign555 より:

    5/Y – fantasticamundo!

    Ditorikku kun

  7. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks a lot DZ, cheers for the vote! :D

    Just out of interest what does “Ditorikku kun” mean?
    I tried it through a translator and had not joy! lol

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Pete, I suspect the reason Sam is called “Samukun” is because in Japanese this translates as something like “Master Sam”. “Kun” is used after boys names and “chan” is used after girls names. So I copied him. Am I right, Sam?



      • avatar dzign555 より:

        Samu = Sam in Japanese, Ditorikku = Dietrich in Japanese.

        • avatar Pete より:

          I believe Samukun is Japanese for Sam-buddy but I couldnt say for sure, Should have guessed it was your name translated! I was a little slow yesterday! lol



  8. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    More Pete Awesomeness has hit teh blog :) this is another one i would happily have in my collection 5/Y

  9. avatar Cory より:

    Really dig the tactile nature of the indentations in the display, Pete. It gives the design a feeling of a gravity well from a warp drive gravity well or similar tech. Case and strap are pretty awesome too. Well done, man!

    • avatar Cory より:

      HA can you tell the part of the second sentence that I left the computer and came back? lol

      • avatar Pete より:

        At least you had a reason for broken English! lol My typing allways looks like that! hehe
        Im glad it appeals, I dont think I got the optimum size and shape for the hand “grooves” I imagine with more work they could be more clear and impressive but as long as the idea come across that’ll do.
        Cheers for the positive comment and vote! :D

  10. avatar Firdaus より:

    Wow, I have something like this in my Inkscape file, so I’ll pass to comment but it’s 5y from me.(maybe ill pass my file for our next collaboration if possible)

  11. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    such a cool watch!

  12. avatar NL1 より:

    This concept is really cool. More than retro, it has a uber high sci-fi feel.

    I’m less fan of the sides of the case, but it adds something to the whole watch. (Maybe a bracelet as large as the case would change my feeling)

    The display is really catchy, it grabs the attention at first sight, looking like an electro-organic thing.

    A full black with green lights would be my order !

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah a bracelet style design would work nice and to the retro sci-fi feel. I agree a full black watch with green LEDs is a nice combo, reminiscent of early computers. Thanks for the positive comment and feedback Nico! :D

  13. avatar Makkovik より:

    The idea and the overall look are amazing, but I prefer without the grid. Maybe some glow-in-the-dark stuff could be added to the hands.

    • avatar Pete より:

      So you would prefer a more conventional watch with these looks? Interesting. There would nothing stopping us having a grid off mode where the hands alone were illuminated, could be a power saving mode too. Cheers for the feedback Makko! :D

  14. avatar Jared より:

    This is realy cool