Aurora Analogue-Crescent Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: I’ve always been interested in the moon and it was something I wanted to project into a wristwatch design. The moon has been used many times before on the blog but not yet (I think) as an analogue-crescent style.

The watch has dual all-around-the-wrist lines similar to the of the recently-released Kisai Online watch designed by Sam. This watch is thin, much thinner than most of the other Tokyoflash Watches and allows the watch to be light and comfortable.

The face is rather plain, consisting of only 1 line. It is an always-on display and shows in an analogue style. It points to the hours with the closed end at the start of the crescent and the minutes with the open end of the crescent. Reading the time is very simple when you know how.

This watch could appeal to anybody due to its simple yet unique looking face with a recognizable figure – the moon!

The simplicity and ease of reading makes this design stand out from many other designs. This watch is simple yet stylish.

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Aurora Analogue-Crescent Watch Concept, 4.3 out of 5 based on 96 ratings

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37 Responses to “Aurora Analogue-Crescent Watch Concept”

  1. avatar mushy より:

    I like it Jordan! Nice and easy to read and very elegant. Pretty graphics too. ;) 5Y.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice!! Nice name, nice crescent, so nice teal chrome color, so simple time reading too! 5☽/YES

  3. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Thanks Tokyoflash for adding this to the blog :D

  4. avatar Anders S より:

    Ooh, shiny! =) Very well realized idea, Jordan! I also really like the teal colour, the styling and the general simplicity of it. It reminds me a tiny bity of one of my old submissions, but this is a bit ‘cleaner’…=)

    The only slight gripe I have is that the aurora (which is a good name) doesn’t have anything to do with the moon, as far as I’m aware…=) But that’s just me…=D

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      Thank you Anders :) I didn’t see or don’t realize the submission you’re referring to but I’ll run through your entries to see if I can find one that fits the criteria :)

      As for the name, I’ll tell you how it came to be :)
      I use Firefox Aurora on my computer and I love it and I love it’s icon. I google defined Aurora just out of interest and it referred me to a Wikipedia entry on Aurora in astronomy; a natural light display in the sky. At this point, the watch you see above was being rendered but nameless at the time and Aurora seemed as fitting as any :)

      • avatar Anders S より:

        It was a while ago, Orbit, I think I called it… It’s not much like this, I was just reminded of it.

        Considering how I name my submissions I really shouldn’t have any cause to comment on other people’s, but I for some reason felt the need to vent my unfortunate nit-picky tendencies…=)

  5. avatar Laszlo より:

    Thin clean and ****! Congratulations to you, good luck!

  6. avatar Pete より:

    Very elegent design, has a poetic feel. Im loving the simple clutter free time telling method. Would be nice to see a slim line watch on TF’s watch page, would be suitable for all wrist sizes etc. Vewry nice return to the blog Jordon, congrats 5/Y :D

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    It is a beautiful watch, but at 9:45, what happens on the screen?
    5 * / Yes, the moon is beautiful.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I think at 9:45 we see a full moon with the gap at the left side. It can only be 9:45 (about 9:43-9:47) because the hour is not at 10,11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 – those positions would leave a crescent on the display. So whenever we have a full moon, the hour is where the minutes are +-2 minutes approximately. Not super precise but an analog watch without indicators is also like this (and looks less stylish hehe).

      • avatar Patrick より:

        As if the full moon would be opened at the place where the hours and the minutes coincide, it is well that?

        • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

          Yes Patrick, just a simple full moon with a small cut-out where the hours and minutes intersect. I can link to an image if you’re still confused, just say the word.

        • avatar Patrick より:

          OK Jordan, this is perfect!

  8. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice Design, Jordan – very straight forward. I like the name, but there’s an “Aurora” model of the Ziiro watches, which may pose some copyright issues. Also, the name “Aurora” suits the Ziiro watch more than yours, in my opinion. How about calling your watch “Phase,” “Tide,” “Luna” or something more moon-like?


    DZ (5*/ y)

  9. avatar JP より:

    Beautiful idea, this watch is. What display type would you encourage, Jordan? Always-on LCD, like Online?

    I might be more willing to purchase if this was an LED watch or if it could by produced mechanically.

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      I woul encourage an always-on LCD display simply because I love having the display accessible without the need of another hand to press the button. LED is also possible though (perhaps an option for LCD or LED if the design is made). I’m not too knowledgable on the subject of LED vs. LCD however, I’m only 15 after all.

      What you see and what you’ve read in the description is only my personal idealized version of this watch; after I get my idea out there, I’m always happy to leave it to all the knowledgable and friendly people here on the blog or at the Studio to shape the mechanics and behavior of it (to an extent).

      Hope this answers your question =)

      • avatar JP より:

        It seems like it would have to be an always-on LCD, hey? It’s such a difficult decision… I find the LCDs to be so dim, which would take away from the beauty of this design!

        If you’re only 15, your best years of design are still ahead of you. This is the first I’ve seen from you on here, and it’s a great starting point. I look forward to seeing more from you, Jordan. Represent our country well!

        • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

          Indeed LCD is fairly dim but it seems like brightness should be sacrificed for always on, crisp display quality (IMHO)
          I actually have posted a number of designs (mainly last year when my 3d skill was below even beginner quality). I took a break to improve my 3ds max skill and ponder some designs and now I’m back and determined to join the several concept-to-reality designs by the many great designers here. As for representing the country, well, no pressure, right? ;)
          Thanks for the kind words and technical talk JP! I always appreciate and need it. Anybody can put together some shapes and colors to make something pleasing but far fewer can take that design and bring it to life.

  10. avatar prokc001 より:

    very nice! smooth and sleek! has a nice design i very much like the cyberpunk look!

  11. avatar SteinV より:

    Wow, I came across this concept whilst searching for the Ziiiro watch and I couldn’t help but comment on it.
    It’s gorgeous and sleek and all that good stuff but judging by the other watches on this site, looks like it’s not likely to be created. Drawing the dynamic curves of the crescent moon would require something that neither LED or LCD can handle as they’re both segmented displays. It would require a vector display which, no other watch produced by Tokyoflash has.
    In any case, I’ve voted 5* for this brilliant concept. Maybe the vector display will just be a challenge to Tokyoflash if they choose to make it :)
    Best of luck!

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      Thanks Stein! I don’t know much about any kind of display really. Hopefully Tokyoflash knows how to deal with that though :)

  12. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Wow, 4.3! Thanks for all the support everyone!

  13. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the idea and the overall look. I would buy if it was an always-on tech. Some indicators would be nice. ( 12 )

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      Thanks Makk!

      Always on is my hope too. As for the indicators, very possible, however, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the almost-exact location of both 12 and 6 by finding the midpoint between the lines on the band.

      • avatar Makkovik より:

        For the hours, you’re right. Technically you only need 8, for the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11. However, for the minutes you need 8/12 or 60 indicators. For this design, I prefer 12 just so it’s not overcharged with indicators.

  14. avatar strawberry star~ より:

    I didn’t understand it at first but now that I look at it more its really easy, it would be a wonderful way to read the time and it would confuse my friends haha! I like the moon too so it would be great, where can I get this?? :3

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      Thanks strawberry :) I’m glad you like it! Unfortunately, it’s only a conceptual design right now (but I’m hoping that will change!)

      • avatar strawberry star~ より:

        i don’t like it…. I LOVE IT!! if it comes out no wait… WHEN it comes out I will be the first person to buy it!!! <3