(English) Hourglass digital sand LCD watch with dual display

(English) Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following dual LCD touch screen watch is inspired by one of the oldest ways to  tell time a sand clock or Hour Glass Clock. Where Sand runs out of a Top Camber in to bottom Chamber with a certain amount of time: One Minute.

The time is displayed in a 24 hour digital & is divided between two  Touch screen displays. The Top Screen Displays the Number of Hour that have elapsed & the Bottom Screen displays the number of minutes that have passed with that Hour.

In Date Mode the Top Screen displays the Date & the Bottom Screen The month number: 01: Jan to 12: Dec. See Diagrams provided

This watch will appeal to people who are looking for a minimalistic styled watch. This design is simple yet effective design concept & layout.

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18 Responses to “(English) Hourglass digital sand LCD watch with dual display”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    The hour glass inspiration is a popular theme. To avoid the hour glass shape is supprising but may be a sensible move as it sets it apart from other designs based on that inspiration. I would like the digital sand to play more of a part in the time telling somehow, even if it was as simple as the sand bouncing off the numbers as it moves down from the top chamber or the numbers are in the sand etc etc. Either way its a fun idea which I support! 5/Y best of luck Andrew! :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      I have created some alternative watch face shapes for this concept since submitting it.
      Using the same Hourglass concept I have created two alternate dual screened versions.
      A Dual faced Square & Hexagonal Face. Furthermore these designs also use an alternate version of digital Sand featured in the Original Design: Dual Square Face: Fluid: Acid, Aqua (Water) & Blood or Dual Hexagonal Hexagonal: Molten Metal: Gold, Silver or Bronze.

  2. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Good job Andrew. The digital sand idea is very creative & the dual display works really well with this concept.

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      I Would like to Thank you for publishing this latest Watch design Concept. I know that I send many other watch design concepts over the last few weeks / months in the hope that they where good enough too be published / constructed. I would like to ask which of my previous or current watch designs: Published or Not shows the most potential?
      Andrew Joy

  3. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice job, Andrew! Am I detecting some influence from the On Air? I’m not a huge fan of multi-displays, but I’ll give you a 5* for the idea – I like hourglasses. (I want an orange one.) By the way, in Sketchup, when you first draw a circle, you can specify the number of edges. This will give your watch band a more realistic finish, in future!



    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      Please could you elaborate on how this is achieved using the Free Version of: Google Sketch Up?

    • avatar Samukun より:

      If you’re about to draw a circle, just type a number and it appears on the bottom right which for this moment is the box that shows the amount of circle segments. As for the straps, it’s ok to use this much segments if you want this to be segmented. If it’s a soft strap, more segments (this much, that you can’t see them anymore) would be better inteed. Here I would say, the display circles could’ve used more segments. You can try around what’s best for you. You better stay <100 depending on your computer. I recommend a number that can be divided by 4 (having an integer as result) because sometimes you might need to do things with the quarters of a circle and it's good if the poles have corners instead of edges.

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      As Sam says, select the circle tool. You will see the default number of edges in the corner – “24″. Simply type the new number at this point. You don’t need to click on the field where the number is located – this was the trap I got into when I first used Sketchup. For the watch face, you generally want 60 or 120 sides. The more you have, the closer to a circle it looks…but then rendering takes longer.



  4. avatar Firdaus public より:

    I have similar design, but different concept. I can Imagine that this design is good in real life. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the suggested separation hour minute / day month separation is not technically clever, I’d suggest one face shows date and another shows time. Bye2 my design…. I support this. 5*

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      I think that Top Screen Could be used to Display the Time & the Bottom the date while the Digital Sand could still be timed to fill the bottom half once a minute or slowed to fill it once within a 24 Hour Period, displaying the completion of a single day. Like the saying goes: Like grains of sand through the hourglass these are the day of are lives.

  5. avatar mushy より:

    Nice work Andrew. :)

  6. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    very cool idea especially the digital sand bit :) 5/Y

  7. avatar Leonard Lee Kah Khiong より:

    Very good! Different from any kinds of watches I see on market! I like it! Since the touchscreen is so much expensive at the moment, may be you can put the buttons back?

    • avatar Andrew Joy より:

      If a Push Button Controlled version of this watch design was easier, cheaper to construct & purchase I am willing to make the necessary adjustments to this watch design Concept.

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    I like how the digital sand moves down in a minute, so you can see it. Otherwise it would just be two half (more or less) filled displays and one wonders why. Maybe a little narrow connection between the displays would help to transport the theme. I know, it’s hard to make in SketchUP – it’s a suggestion for later ;) Another suggestion would be the usage of an accelerometer to maybe change the “surface” line of the sand depending on how you hold your wrist. There’s alot of fun possible with this nice starting point. I’m not sure about the numbers. Right now they are a little too traditional. Can’t come up with an alternative right now. As for the presentation, one image with touch icons would have been enough. They are not the most beautiful addition to a watch (including the already existing ones), although super helpful. Anyway, I support this idea. You show us enough to tell us your idea and offer a base for discussions. 5*/with Tokyoflash’s magic make-over -> YES.

  9. avatar Heather より:

    i’m not a fan of two screens, but it’s a neat idea.

  10. avatar Makkovik より:

    The overall look is good. I would prefer that the case/display where flat and if the displays where closer. The dual-screen and sand flowing idea’s are nice.