(English) Photon LED watch creates lightning storm on your wrist!

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: Came up with this idea after reading some articles about photon light, then I remembered EL wire, browsed the internet, watched Youtube videos, read about them and I have a good display for a watch with “photon light” theme.

The time telling for this design is a struggle at first, but thanks for some tutorial and article about EL wires and finally I had managed to utilize time telling as we have on Kisai Night Vision (which is awesome too) for this watch design. Please see the animation for the visual.

Personally I myself really want to wear this watch, so I guess other people like me would like to have photon light on their wrist too!

Photon is a very good theme. Futuristic, scientific, a little bit clinical-look and feasible to be manufactured. Browsing the watches page and the watch museum page, I can say that this design is suitably different to other designs that Tokyoflash has and had.

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37 Responses to “(English) Photon LED watch creates lightning storm on your wrist!”

  1. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Thanks TF to allow my design posted here :-D

  2. avatar Cory より:

    Pretty amazing, this one! I like the way it erratically animates in the final 2 gifs. nice work, Fir!

  3. avatar Layfon より:

    I WANT THIS! This is amazing!

  4. avatar mushy より:

    Beautiful watch Firdy. ;) 5* and Yes!

  5. avatar logan より:

    The animation puts this over the top. Also, the raised black bezel around the LED in the middle is a nice touch. Somehow, this reminds me of 1950s sci-fi, in a good way. Very nice, Firdaus!

  6. avatar Ranjan より:

    Firdaus … It’s really a great design … simply amazing … animation is just out of box …

  7. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Thanks all for the support and likes =D

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    This one looks greaty! Impressive pictures 8O The colors looks so cool in this light. Fantastic numbers, striking hours hands, 5*/NOW

  9. avatar Pete より:

    Instant buy! Great work Fir! 5/Y Best of luck sir!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I think its worth mentioning that even if the technology proved an issue for TF they could achieve a similar result with hidden LEDs illuminating transparent plastic tube/coils (internal refraction) this would look much the same as your images but may add to the viability. I hope this can be made!

      • avatar Firdaus より:

        Thanks for the feedback saiko patona ;-)

        The technology suggested here is not an issue at all. The electroluminescent wire will works as the hour hands as shown in the pictures, if not exactly, probably brighter or dimmer, but the entire wire will glow. EL wire use same mechanism as EL tape and EL backlight for LCD and some analog watches with EL backlight, the only different is it’s in form of wire instead of plate. See science.howstuffworks.com and read about EL wire. There’s also a tutorial on youtube how to make your very own EL wire at home.

        The watch generally will use the same programming as the Night Vision, but the watch computer just deliver the programmed time and animation to the module consist of digital EL/LED and EL wires, instead of LED digital module we have in Night Vision (DISCLAIMER: this is my assumption only ;-)

        I hope it can be made too.

        Thanks again for the encouragement Cory, Layfon, mushy, logan, Ranjan, Samu-sama, and you Pete ;-)

  10. avatar Laszlo より:

    The plastic tubes is great idea!!!
    I hope it will soon be on my wrist!
    High 5 and yes!

  11. avatar yoann より:

    A big YES !! I already have a rpm but i would by your watch anyway ;)

  12. Wow…this looks cool, love the animation, it’s like there’s lighting on the watch.

  13. avatar Patrick より:

    For me, the model Blue!
    5 * / Yes.

  14. avatar Firdaus より:

    Laszlo, yoan, Industrial Design Inc and Patrick from the Earth, thank you for your input!

  15. avatar dzign555 より:

    Firdy, I think you need to look into the possibility that those photon flashes might electrocute the user. TF will have to take some severe safety precautions in the design and manufacture – just in case of stray lightning bolts.

    Cheers 5*

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      You scarred me. Buyers would given limited one year life insurance for every purchase of this watch then. Thanks!!!!!

      • avatar dzign555 より:

        Congrats on the Uzumaki, Firdy. I’m awaiting one in the mail. That’ll be my fourth TF watch – along with the Hanko, On Air Acetate and 3D Unlimited. (Plus I have a Storm Remi.) I’m a watch addict…

        • avatar Firdaus R より:

          Glad you like my design. We probably the same, even as the designer, I also bought one in black blue because I’m a customer too, got almost 10 TF watches lol. Uzumaki is the best size on my wrist just like the size of Q version. My favourite is Ni and always be my 1st TF watch. Thanks for buying too dzign555!

        • avatar dzign555 より:

          I thought I was bad, Firdy! :) But who knows – these might become collectors’ items. Some of the old TF watches are really cool, and there’s no way of buying them…haven’t seen any being sold on ebay. I’d love to get the anticlockwise watch, for example…

  16. avatar glen1n より:

    very nice . im sold.

  17. avatar Scott G より:

    WoW! Very flashy. Love it. The animations really compliment the design. 5* Yes!

  18. avatar Heather より:

    Hey, Fir! I’d like the purple one please! :) 5*

  19. avatar Heather より:

    Hey, Fir! I’d like to buy the purple one please!! (assuming the case size is appropriate for unisex — the case of the On Air, for instance, is too large for my comfort.) Your animations are seductive and mesmerizing.
    5* / yes

  20. avatar logan より:

    UZUMAKI! Congratulations, Firdaus!

  21. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Thanks Scott G, Heather, Heather, Logan, and jealous fingers. Wishing all the best to everyone too!

  22. avatar Ranjan より:

    Hey Firdaus … Congratulation for your Kisai Uzumaki Watch … Kisai Uzumaki Watch is jolly, vivid and nice in color … Best of Luck for your future watches …

  23. avatar Ranjan より:

    Hey Firdaus … May I know which software you use for your watch designs … I have good design ideas but don’t know any software [some easy software] for designing the watch … Could you please help me out with that … Please tell some easiest one for beginner especially … Thanks a lot in advance !

  24. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Hi Ranjan, I use Blender, an open source 3d modelling software. For vector artwork and image processing I use Inkscape, Gimp 2 and Photoscape. All are free. There are many tutorial on youtube. You may ask other designers here who also use Blender like Corry, Laszlo, and myself if need specific help on how to. The easiest software of course the most expensive ones, for example Solidworks, Cinema4d, 3dsMax, etc. If you are serious and willing to spend 1000$ I recommend Cinema 4d Prime R13. If you want simple easy and free try out Wings3d but I can’t help with that software because I don’t use it, plus you need to find external renderer yourself. If I get extra money, of course I’m getting Cinema4d, but better spend some money to contribute to Blender foundation (that’s another story). You can personally contact me at another.d.teach@gmail.com or seek me on Facebook or google plus with that email address. Above all, I still prefer Blender. Hope this helps.

  25. avatar Pete より:

    I cant stop looking at these images, Im like a fly heading towards the light! bzzzzzzapppp!

  26. avatar Rithy より:

    I do like this design.i hope it will become true soon.

  27. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thank you Pete and Rithy, may the photon be with you soon bzzzzzzzzzzzzaapppp ~~