(English) Laser watch is just-in-time.

(English) Design submitted by Nurdinov from Kyrgyzstan.

Nurdinov says: Inspired by a film about the time with Justin Timberlake. Laser light falls on the hand, and there appears, as in the movie.

You could see it displayed on a mirrored display is when a long sleeve shirt

Hours for all. Especially for film fans. They help to manage time)))))

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59 Responses to “(English) Laser watch is just-in-time.”

  1. avatar Max より:

    Ohw i need it !!!! I really need it !!

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    5*/YES Fantastic idea! I liked the movie and the watch idea is a cool adaption!

  3. avatar Dave より:

    This is amazing, I have seen other ‘projection’ type designs and this one is by far the best.
    Great design. Something like this, I would definitely pay a premium for.

  4. avatar Larry Cohen より:

    MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar Matt より:

    Awesome idea. I would love this watch, its sick! Nice work.

  6. avatar leon より:

    I in no way think it could/would happen,BUT IF it did I want the first one!!

  7. avatar John より:

    Excellent idea/concept. I will be the first one to order providing that stainless steel case with blue laser one is available :-)

    • avatar Jonshah より:

      I would love to have a Black Stainless steel with yellow laser color, Man that would be great.

      If their were variety of color what would you get?

  8. avatar dzign555 より:

    Great idea, Nurdinov. Personally not my cup of tea, but I’ll give it 5* for boldness, originality and the funky design.

  9. avatar Ranjan より:

    After long time … something innovative … really like the concept … stylish, jolly n’ lively one … nice color …

  10. avatar edo より:

    please available in black color and i will but it for sure…:D

  11. avatar Firdaus public より:

    I’m more fancy towards laser watch design by TF but I’ll give this one a chance. 5*

  12. avatar Pete より:

    If it can be done, count me in! the watch itself looks very nice even if the laser proved too difficult or expensive. 5/Y best of luck! :D

  13. The problem with this design is that when the light is too bright, you won’t be able to read the time. The one from Yanko has better design, because the shade from the watch shades the area that displays the time. Still, nice idea.

  14. avatar Toby より:

    That’s awesome :)

    Not sure of the techicality of how it would work, but if there is a way I would buy :)

  15. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    I came up with a design similar watch design some time ago, which I called: Vapour.
    My version of this idea / design was to create a torque band style watch that had two projector heads, one on each arm of the Torque Band.
    Each would projector would project the time the horizontal (instead of vertically) to create an illusion of a three dimensional holographic watch display. On the Time could be projected across the user’s wrist instead of up their forearm as you have shown in the: Laser Watch.

  16. avatar Jeffrey L. Richter より:

    i MUST HAVE ONE!!!

  17. avatar Kaz より:

    great idea. I’ll buy it! Man appears in the evening, these hours will be out of competition. then it does not matter that somewhere there will be problems with it (the quality of light) is important idea, and if all goes as in the picture it would be very cool!

  18. avatar Timur より:

    Nice design! 5 * / Yes.

  19. avatar Chyngyz より:

    Very nice! I want such a cool watch!!!

  20. avatar bobzer より:

    need it

  21. avatar Knash より:

    Holy ****! I must have this! NAO! Give to Knash!!!!!!!

  22. avatar Edz より:

    hmmm…wouldn’t work with a longsleeve/coat…

  23. avatar Timo より:

    Hey Nurdinov!
    It also doesn’t work on my furry arm! Anyway, the height is too small for a successful projection! But I can imagine the desktop version, just as it already exists! I’m sorry, but didn’t win my choice, try another concept!

  24. avatar Will I Am より:

    Too lile!

  25. avatar Benz より:

    OH i need to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s very very cool!!

  26. avatar Anita and Elphie より:

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE this design. Please make it happen! Would be nice if there were a couple of colour options, but this one is definitely more true to the colour in the film, ‘In Time’.

  27. avatar Nhova より:

    I love this concept, i want it :D

  28. avatar SimonS より:

    I Want One !!
    Make it, just make it … :)

  29. avatar ryo より:

    Trop bon. La grande classe

  30. avatar Rus より:

    Классно придумано. Хочу такие же часы..

  31. avatar Siggloo より:

    Give me!!

  32. avatar Zaks より:

    Just awsome bro’ ! I really like this idea.. I encourage you to work on this project!!

  33. avatar mx5ssp より:


  34. avatar CaMaK より:

    Please !!! DO IT !!!

  35. avatar Chris より:

    It’s a good think.
    It’ll be a great think if u product it.
    When it’ll arrive in france???????????????
    GOOOOOOOOOOOO Product it

  36. avatar kaya より:


  37. avatar jeanpierrr より:

    Really attractive, i hope it will be readable in the Daylight and no lazer pertubation with the arme’s hairs.

  38. avatar Franck より:

    Shut up and take my money!

  39. avatar Warka0OO より:

    Do it quickly! Need to buy this awesome watch!

  40. avatar song より:

    J’en veux une moi aussi !!!
    Produisez la et vite !!

  41. avatar qcecch より:

    Need !

  42. avatar Djinn より:

    Where can I buy this? Want 10 pieces

  43. avatar Tu より:

    I need want!

  44. avatar gars より:

    just do it !
    I want one

  45. avatar Zapuiri より:

    So good think, I buy it when we can.

  46. avatar Maxime より:

    Even if it costs a million, i would buy it.

  47. avatar Orville より:

    cool idea bro.. love it!

  48. avatar Pixar より:

    Great, i will buy it !!!!!!!!!

  49. avatar Neo より:

    Awesome !

  50. avatar Tom より:

    Everybody writes about superlatives!
    Why? Too many sharing also suspected for me.
    Otherwise, no extra addition of stolen ideas.

  51. avatar ryo より:

    Must have

  52. avatar AURELIO MACEDO より:

    Of course, I’ll be in front line a day before to get it!

  53. avatar Tom より:

    I can’t withhold my opinion! It’s a sh*t

  54. avatar Josh Methven より:

    I would love a watch like this. I’m trying to make my own out of a laser projection alarm clock I dont use. But I’d always be really clunky and piecey. This concept is genius, fans of the hit movie will love it! It could be a hit seller. Love it with my guts.

  55. avatar Joe Scullin より:

    Greatest Thing Ever!!!
    I am always going to have money saved at all times for the second this watch gets made!!!
    but will it still work if im wearing a sweatshirt or jacket or something?

  56. avatar Lucus より:

    I Want !!!