(English) Gravity LCD watch puts time into free fall!

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: Since I made my tilt sensitive watch concept, I thought about a more impressive way to use a tilt sensor. Gravity is a concept, in which the numbers aren’t attached to the display as we know it but freely falling around, depending on the orientation of the watch.

An internal tilt sensor measures the orientation of the watch. A small program translates the orientation data into gravity data that make the numbers fall. Whatever the wearer does, the numbers won’t hold still until he or she touches the display. Doing so, the numbers align in two rows of four digits – one for the time and one for the date. Instead of touching the display with the finger tip but with the half finger activates the backlight. If the finger is removed from the display surface, gravity affects the numbers again. I am suggesting a dense LCD display here, hoping for acceptable energy needs and a satisfying refresh rate.

I kept a sober design using a square case in which the numbers do their dance. This could be adapted to whatever is wished, but I think a neutral design that goes well with many people’s taste is the perfect choice.

Gravity is a playful watch concept with an interesting display that would make everybody talk.

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(English) Gravity LCD watch puts time into free fall!, 4.7 out of 5 based on 237 ratings

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47 Responses to “(English) Gravity LCD watch puts time into free fall!”

  1. avatar Patrick より:

    Where can I buy it?
    5 * / Yes.

  2. avatar Lock より:

    If you could change this from a touchscreen to a button, I’m sold. I have one of the RogueTouch watches and while I love the idea of a touchscreen watch, the screen just gets horribly dirty and looks bad. And of course cleaning it activates random modes which is more of a pain.

    Love the idea, but no more touchscreen watches for me.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      This one should work with buttons too. I just thought, if the numbers flee the finger, it feels more magic. I wonder how tough the touch screen issue is actually in these days. Now I magine how the Star Trek TNG consoles must have looked after a working shift xD

      But cool, that you like the general idea. Thanks Lock!

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Actually, I kind of agree, Lock. I’ve got an On Air Acetate, which is really cool…but I’m always reluctant to touch the screen…

  3. avatar Firdaus public より:

    If nobody would make this an app, I definitely would buy this watch. It would be complicated considering amount of segments required for the LCD, or limitation of E-ink, but as designer you did a great job here. I found a fine single color LCD on my mifi display, or LCD used in earlier phones like nokia 3310, possibly applicable for this design. That is.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you for your technical consideration and the possible purchase Fir!

      I took the Nike+ SportWatch as orientation for the display – it’s dense and it’s existing. That would be a new terrain for Tokyoflash, no doubt. Limitations later ;)

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    8O Two watch concepts shown today! Thank you Tokyoflash for posting this one!

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Check out the youtube video, if you like motion:


  6. avatar Pete より:

    I would buy this! nuff said!

  7. avatar Laszlo より:

    Love at first sight! I would love to wear one!
    o n
    r a
    t u
    l atio
    n s t o
    y ou S

  8. avatar mushy より:

    It’s a fun idea Sam. Well done. 5Y.

  9. avatar dzign555 より:

    The poor numbers. They’re bumping up against each other and constantly getting injured, not to mention very dizzy.

    t a s
    r 5 t

    Push the button for your score.

  10. avatar Heather より:

    9.8 stars for you, Sam! I would buy this watch in a heartbeat. :)

  11. avatar Vincent より:

    Elle est dispo quand ???? Je la veut. Superbe travail. Trés originale.

  12. avatar Burt より:

    Sorry this design is no different then an IPod Nano wrist watch. However the Nano has way better graphics. Try Again!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I have got an IPOD Nano wrist watch and wasn’t aware that you could get a accelorometer controlled watch face. Is it a downloadable app?

      But please bear in mind that Sam could have created smooth/perfect numbers for his images but he used realistic pixelated numbers that reflect better on what would be possible for TF to achieve. Which in my mind is a sensible move so when/if TF made the design it wouldn’t be compremised in comparison with the original concept images.

  13. avatar logan より:

    Sam, this is a great example of one of your fun designs, and it’s perhaps the most practical of them. I like this and can imagine it selling very well beyond the typical Tokyoflash market. About the technical aspects of the LCD, I can only say that I’m not sure a high refresh rate is critical. This will still look good even if the digits fall in (somewhat) slow motion. There can be a little lag, I think. A clear idea that works!

  14. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow! Answering time!

    @ Samukun: yeah man, cool video!
    @ Pete: short and crisp, thank you!
    @ Laszlo: this sounds lovely, köszönöm szépen!
    @ Lloyd: As they say in Australia, thank you very much! Nice scrambled text :D
    @ DZ: The 0 get’s hit the most, cause it’s a zero xD Now, after 8 hours I finally got the anagram, lol. Thanks DZ!
    @ Heather: My math skills tell me, that’s an awesome rating! Thanks for coming by and leaving some love!
    @ Vincent: Oh merci bien monsieur. Je ne peux pas dire quand ou si cette montre va sortir à la réalité. Vous et vos amis pouvez soutenir ce concept ici autant que vous le souhaitez :)
    @ Burt: But noone at Apple had this cool idea. The Nano watches are rather sober, right, although the display is capable of so much more. As for the shell, Apple didn’t invent the rounded square. My intention was a neutral and simple case to concentrate on my display idea, of which you didn’t say, if you like it or not. Graphics, shmaphics ;) The Nindendo Wii has uglier graphics but way more creative games than the PS3. If this concept will ever be considered to be made real, I think the best technology for it will be chosen. Thanks for your input so far Burt.
    @ Logan: Yaaay! Yes maybe mentioning LCD wasn’t the best idea. Current technology is able to do it, it just has to be made in this size. I can see Tokyoflash ruffling their hair, when I say “just has to be made” hehe. Yep, you see it right, it’s a clear idea and I hope people love it. Thank you Logan for your technical insight and your nice words!

    • avatar Heather より:

      Hey, Sam! I gave you 9.8 stars because the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/sec^2 if memory serves… ;)
      (negative, actually, but I went with the absolute value)…
      Otherwise, I had every intention of giving you 5! stars (that’s 5 factorial) lol.

    • avatar dzign555 より:

      Actually, I made a mistake, Sam, and put two ts – which would make “start,” not “stars”. Hurry up and “start” manufacturing this, TF!

  15. avatar Andy より:


    I prefer not to comment concept, but yet I need to say that it’s one of the best concept. Very deep and amazing idea. Good luck

  16. avatar Ranjan より:

    Sam Sam Sam … please one for me … A great great great design … Love At First Sight … Watch from Heaven …

  17. avatar Somnium より:

    Love it ! Want it ! Do it plz !

  18. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Ranjan: Wooow thank you for telling me!
    @ Hi Somnium, thanks too for your comment! Your name would be a cool watch name ^^

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  19. avatar Vincent より:

    This watch is awesome and the design is really good!
    Where can I buy it ?
    Good job guy!

  20. avatar Ebu より:

    Here comes the Revolutionary Sam :D . I really want to see this on my wrist. Perhaps, there should be some interesting interaction with alarm settings ;-) .

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Ow yeah, interesting hint! Shaking the watch to make it stop beeping would be cool. The beeping sound could vary depending on which corner is populated by numbers. Big fun potential, hehe.

      Thanks for the cool comment Ebu!!

  21. avatar Loopingstar より:

    I WANT this watch.
    Where and when can i buy it ???

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Hi Loopingstar! If this watch is recieved well by rating, commenting and sharing, it could make Tokyoflash consider to make it. Nothing is definite but people can influence the chances to let each concept on here become real. Thank you for the comment and good luck ;)

  22. avatar jeremy より:

    awesome…sign me up

  23. avatar Samukun より:

    :idea: I thought maybe shaking the watch to align the numbers for 5 seconds would be a cool alternative. Touching or a button for light then.

  24. avatar Kobinator より:

    Very cool!

    One thing I would recommend is an algorithm that looks for a certain acceleration pattern and re-assembles the time upon that pattern. I find myself glancing to my wrist to get a quick view of the time, and it would be inconvenient to always use both hands to view the time display (also proves difficult for people with disabilities).

    For instance, you could map the motion of someone moving their wrist up to their face to see the time, then bake that motion into the watch and it will assemble the time when that motion occurs. How sweet would that be?! For simplicity, you could also use more definite motions like shaking your wrist, rotating your wrist, etc.

    Good luck!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Wow yeah, these are nice suggestions! If this watch used an accelerometer, then it should be used as much as possible. Implementing a touch sensitive display would mean unnecessary extra costs for a feature, that’s not really needed. Phew, it’s fun to improve this design on here :D

      As for people with disabilities I think ambidexterity is a premise to attach a watch to the wrist first ;)

      Kobi, thanks for the inspiring comment and the luck!

  25. avatar FredJ より:

    I would buy that bad boy right away… I like the comment of Kobi regarding the algorithm to get time setup while moving your arm to see what time it is.. either way that is just a really nice design, well done

  26. avatar Makkovik より:

    nice design. 2 suggestions : 1 ) it should have button. 2 ) it should have the symbols between the digits.

    • avatar Makkovik より:

      I would buy.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Yep I totally agree with the button. Touch feature would be too expensive for the little effect it causes. And I thought about letting : and / appear when the numbers line up. They shouldnt be part of the display when gravity affects it. I liked it pure there. But in order to have some reading comfort, they should be there. Thank you for the comments!

  27. avatar Samukun より:

    Thank you all so much for the support and the improvement ideas. I see, I’ve reached alot of people with this little idea ;) Maybe this concept makes the next step in the future. We will see…

    Thanks a again. Stay tuned and spread the word!

    Sam from Germany