Picasso watch shows time using Cubism.

Design submitted by Heather (USA) and Peter (UK).

Heather & Peter say: Artist Pablo Picasso was one of the pioneers of the 20th century avant-garde art movement called “Cubism”, where objects are broken up, analysed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form. The digits created for this watch design were inspired by his work.

The Picasso watch has a rhombus-shaped case, which “frames” the always on LCD display which presents the time with hours read top to bottom, and minutes read left to right.  Although the digits are somewhat abstract, they can be learned and recognised quickly.

This design can easily display time in either a 12 hour or 24 hour mode.  The same layout can similarly display the date with a press of a button. There is a backlight for reading the time in dark places.

To tie the display in with the strap it features accents of the color matching the LCD display.

The Picasso watch will appeal to those who appreciate art and enjoy a cryptic, read-at-a-glance display.  It is a unisex design with a unique and elegant shape, which has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.

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Picasso watch shows time using Cubism., 3.8 out of 5 based on 78 ratings

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44 Responses to “Picasso watch shows time using Cubism.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Thanks for adding this design to the blog TF! :D

    • avatar MARTEL says:

      Cette montre est trop belle, je n’ai jamais vu une montre aussi originale, on affiche à son poignet une vraie oeuvre d’art et on ne doit pas se lasser de l’admirer…et de la faire admirer.

  2. avatar Cory says:

    Pretty sweet design! I like the digits as well as where the buttons are on the case. Nice clean flow to where the strap is as well.

    Quite a classy looking watch!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah the rhombus shaped case suggested the unusual postion available for the buttons and the chevron shape to the links. Im glad you like it. Thanks for the classy comment! :D

  3. avatar Naggarok says:

    Very nice graphics and case, but that’s to be exepected :)


    I’m not a fan of how the numbers look, personal aesthetic perferences aside, I can see two problems:

    -Four has an uneeded extra line.
    -And five doesn’t make sense within the logic of the other numbers. As when unsplit in the same way as the other numbers it’s a zero, not five. (It could be that’s a mistake, if it was flipped there wouldn’t be that problem)

    It’s also not remotely cubist :P

  4. avatar Mindwatches says:


  5. avatar Samukun says:

    This one rocks! You both are a great team! I like the numbers (the 4 could maybe have the opening on the top right…) , I like the watch (very nice connection of rhombus and straps!) , I like the name (yeah baby yeah) This concept is really tokyoflashy (cryptic looking but readable, extravagant looking but fashionable, and simple and feasable but effective). Very well done! 5♦/YES!

    • avatar Pete says:

      The display influenced the shape of the case which influenced the strap, a circle…er rhombus of influence. Yeah hopefully TF will think it is Tokyoflashy too! ;) Im glad you likey! Thanks for the feedback and the positive comment! :D

  6. avatar Ranjan says:

    Really a great innovative design … once again targeting out of range … soon one day, TokyoFlash watches will be the best and “Over the Top” … vivid n’ futuristic watch … nice design … nice collection of color … with little sweetness of Love = Heather n’ Peter’ watch … :-)

  7. avatar David Frasturo says:

    Oh god….I’am a fans of Picasso! hope i can get one…
    Great design Heather & Pete…
    (Rated 5 stars)

    • avatar Pete says:

      I’m glad you like it. I hope one day you will be able to get one! As you are a Picasso fan you clearly have good taste, which is a great endorsement for this design! Thanks a lot for the great comment an the vote! :)

  8. avatar Dianekmt says:

    I really love the design of the strap and case, but I am not a great fan of Picasso, maybe that is why the digits look a bit messy to me. Overall it is a clever design though.


  9. avatar Benjamin says:

    Personally, I think this watch is pretty amazing. The numbers, the design… I would DEFINITELY buy this watch. Very smart design.

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  17. avatar Makkovik says:

    That’s a good design. I love the button position & the case shape. 5* ( even if I wouldn’t buy it, the abstact digits not being my style )