(English) Turbine LCD watch revs up a new version. (MkII)

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is Turbine LCD (MkII).

Following the popularity of the original Turbine I decided  that I would like to make a more feasible version, as this seemed to be the biggest stumbling block with the original.

This version uses a simple always on LCD display in conjunction with a moulded lens in the shape of the original version’s turbine blades. The LCD would be constantly animated with a very simple two state animation which through the lens gives the impression that the blades are turning . When the Knob is pressed briefly the time scrolls across the top of the display and would stay on for 10-15 sec’s. When the knob is double pressed the time and backlight are activated. When the knob is pressed and held just the backlight is activated for illuminated animation. The knob can be pulled out like a conventional crown for setting the time, a date mode could also be possible.

Hopefully this version will appeal to the same people that the original did, people who like gadgets and gizmos, toys, big toys, cars and planes etc.

This design stands out due to its inspiration, always on animation and 3d lens. Also the range of special editions that could be available may make this design stand out.

UPDATE: Additional animations (Feb 21)

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(English) Turbine LCD watch revs up a new version. (MkII), 3.5 out of 5 based on 127 ratings

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82 Responses to “(English) Turbine LCD watch revs up a new version. (MkII)”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this concept to the blog! :D

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      You’re welcome. It’s an awesome design.
      I’m not really an aircraft enthusiast, but these encourage me to take an interest. The Zero one is fantastic and the NASA one too – my favourites. The theme of having specific planes from history is great.

      • avatar Pete より:

        Crikey my first TF comment, Thank you very much.
        The specific plane idea came from feedback from the original, Lance Davis asked for an A10-Thunderbolt version so here it is. The stealth one is my fave or is it the NASA one?
        Thanks again TF, keep up the great work! :D

  2. avatar Richard より:

    Hey I just had a great idea based on this and the preview on TokyoFlash’s post on this!

    It’s like the turbine but the ends are cut off so it does like a LED ring, but seperated as if there was the turbine over it! Instead of having it turn why don’t we use that and find a way to read time like that? It’s similar to the RPM, but the middle is shaped like a crater for the turbine! Whoa whoa that would be a modle that is possible to make AND cool! >:D

    • avatar Pete より:

      You idea sounds interesting. Like a hybrid of this and the time telling method of RPM.
      It could be awesome. Thanks for the interest, feedback and suggestion! :D

  3. avatar Gordon より:

    great adaptation to a wonderful idea, i think this would sell like crazy to kids. Nice work Pete!!!

  4. avatar mushy より:

    Cool Pete or should I say “Q”. :) Very glad to see this design on the blog. I like how you’ve recreated the effect of the blades turning. Nice and simple. I’m sure a lot of people would find this fun! 5 sets of turbine blades (*****) and yes!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I hope so Mushy, the original was so well recieved. If this does half as well I will be a happy chappy! :D
      Thanks for the comment and the “blades” :D

  5. avatar Heather より:

    the effect looks pretty cool, awesome way to rework the design in a plausible way. not my taste, though, but neither was the first one. i won’t vote on this one, but i can see it will be popular with guys! good luck with it!

  6. avatar Ben より:

    OMG I want the NASA one soooooo bad!!!

  7. avatar Matt より:

    Nice design, but I feel it is for a limited audience rather than TokyoFlash. Its more in line with the Click range of watches.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Matt, I think that it fits in with TF’s limited run ethos. Not all their current designs appeal to everyone, hence the large range of styles. Thanks for the interest and the comment! :D

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    Pete in the World!
    What I like Pete in the draft, it is the dream that dominates, to have the hour, that’s fine, but with a nice toy.
    5 * / Yes.
    (reactor, airplane, dragster, flying saucer, Formula 1 … are areas that I like it!)

    • avatar Pete より:

      hehe Patrick you are a fellow fan of quirky design. If the TF blog show us anything is that all avenues can be explored and all inspirations can be considered. Whether this results in a desirable design is for the blog to determin. Thanks for sharing the interest of the weird and the wondeful, the comment, the vote and the stars! :D

  9. avatar Colored circle より:

    Hi Pete.

    It’s good to see designs being ‘rebooted’. It gives people a chance to see aspects/potential in a design that may have been overlooked first time round. I checked the comments from your previous submission, and I just wanted to make you aware that the ‘Aesthetic’ of the Turbine -(Not the imaginative way you have employed it)- has already ben explored and produced by a company called Perrelet. A quick google search will yield various images. Im sure you already know this, but just for the benefit of those that might want to make a side by side comparison. Keep up the gr8 work, and apologies for the essay.:)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah I know about the Perrelet watch, and it is very nice indeed. The main difference besides the fact that the Perrete is an analogue watch is that the Turbine element is a feature as apposed to a theme as in this case. There is also another digital Turbine based design floating about which aims to use the blades like a digital analogue. All of which have thier merits.
      The original reason for using the turbine theme was that I wanted to use a virtual floating display and needed the hub to spin, so a turbine was an ideal visual for that.
      The feedback suggested that people liked the look but the feasibilty was the biggest doubt. So this is the reson for this version. Thanks for the feedback (and the essay) :D

  10. avatar Firdaus the herbalist より:

    hope it works, good luck pete with this one as well as tricircle lcd ;-)

  11. avatar CLP より:

    Wowow… I loved the original but this is even more awesome! I love the stealth one especially if it had a green backlight. This needs to be made! 5 stars and Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thankyou for checking out both versions. The extra details add a little something although perhaps won’t be to everyones taste. I thank you for your wowow and your vote! :D

  12. avatar Graham より:

    Im loving this new version, it still looks cool but should be really easy to make with TF’s skills. The A-10 is my favorit. Would be cool if there was a analog mode too. I love it so *****/Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im glad you likey, yeah I think this would be realy easy for TF to make should they choose too. I did think about an analogue version/mode but chose to stick with the original format as it was popular the first time around. Its something worth thinking about if it was developed further for sure. Thanks for the comment and the stars! :D

  13. avatar DW より:

    Simply awesome! This is very cool. I want the stealth one! 5* and Yes!

  14. avatar Samukun より:

    Woooooow the turbiny flickering LCD is so cool *~* I also like the different aeronautic themes you made. This one or the original one – Turbine needs to propell our wrists ;) Good luck for us, hehehe. 5*/YES without any doubt.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Sam, Id be happy to see either version on someones wrist, This one would be easier to develop from TF’s perspective should they choose too of course. with out any doubt I thanky you! :D

  15. avatar Firdaus public より:

    This is a very good approach, can be developed even more, hope there’ll version 2.1

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Fifir, yeah there is plenty of potential for improvement on this one. Different time telling methods, different animations, different styles ect. Fingers crossed TF agree! Thanks a lot :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi TF,
      Could you please moderate these links to the new animations or add the new animations to this post asap.
      I appreciate they may not influence the rating that much at this late stage but every little helps.
      Thanks in advance,

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks TF for Moderating that comment! :D

  16. avatar Pete より:

    I have added some new animations to my fb page PF Design of alternative time telling methods.
    Hopefully they will be added here soon too.
    Untill they are please click on my yellow name and check them out! :D

  17. avatar Joe より:

    Too many effects, some of the time is displayed!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Joe,
      Hopefully the new time telling examples will be added soon. They include an analogue style display, a large digital display that uses the whole display and a RPM style display.
      If you wish to get a sneak peek click on my yellow name to link to my fb page, go to the turbine album in photos and look at the animation links listed under the text description. Thanks for the feedback! :D

    • avatar Makkovik より:

      Is the turbine alway turning the same way or switching side ? It would be nice if the color of the numbers was different than the turbine.

      • avatar Pete より:

        The animation of the blades consists of just two images, your eyes trick you into thinking they are turning, if you look around the face clockwise it looks like they are turning clockwise and visa versa. You could backlight the areas of the dial in relation to the numbers which would allow them to be a contasting colour.
        Thanks for the feedback! :D

  18. avatar Pete より:

    Please see the three new time telling method animations above! :D

  19. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding the new time telling method animations! :D

  20. avatar Nil Jackson より:


  21. avatar gabriele より:

    Hi i would like to produce it how can i do?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Gabriele,
      If the design gets enough interest, votes, comments and shares and TF like the design enough they will develop it into a production item. So fingers crossed that will happen! Im glad you like it and thanks for the comment! :D

  22. avatar gabriele より:

    i’ll like to produce it may i do it? I’ve to pay something?

  23. avatar gabriele より:

    i like to produce it and sell it by myself may i do it?? How can i do?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Gabriele,
      As the design has been submitted to the Tokyoflash design blog, I would recommend that you contact Tokyoflash directly.

  24. avatar gabriele より:

    if you give me the authorization i can make it by myself did u give me?

  25. avatar gabriele より:

    if you can help me please contact me on ghighi75@gmail.com i’ve to do it soon

  26. avatar Makkovik より:

    I would only buy if the wristband was a single color.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im sure if TF produce this design they would do a plain version. The original Turbine was plain (single colour) which is why I did more variety this time around. I like both the simple colour combinations as well as the more complicated ones. Thanks for the feedback!

      • avatar Makkovik より:

        It’s nice when you can show multiple possibility for the wristband paint job. I should have mentioned that I don’t like military airplane and NASA & this is why I would buy a plain version. On second thought, the hurricane version is nice. I love the crown positioning.

        Two others ideas : a radioactive/biohazard symbols placed where the dot are on the F-ZERO version on a black wristband.

        • avatar Pete より:

          This design does seem to lend itself to various colour combinations and I could imagine a range of special editions. Yeah a bio-hazard version would be cool, could have black and yellow warning hatchings in places. So many possibilities.
          If this design is chosen TF could have a poll/compeition where people submit colour/graphic designs for the finished watch! That would be sweet!
          Thanks again for the feedback and comments! :D

  27. avatar Makkovik より:

    I love the optical illusion created by the display under the fixed turbine.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im glad you like the effect, its very simple and could be allways on without using too much power.
      Thanks for the comment! :D

  28. avatar Pete より:

    Time is quickly running out for this entry so will just quickly thank everyone who supported this design, thanks to the external blogs that featured it and TF for posting it on the blog. Thanks all

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK :D