(English) NINE, re-invents the analog watch – with style.

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says : This analog watch design is inspired by number “9″.

The mechanism of this watch design is almost the same as my previous “Art in A Watch” except the time reading order is read from bigger to smaller discs (hour-second-minute).

This design is suitable for people who loves cryptic looking analog movement watch that is easy to read.

Uniquely different but mainstream enough for easy to read analog watch design, this watch demonstrates contrast identity when the back-lighting is on and off in bright and dark environment.

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(English) NINE, re-invents the analog watch - with style., 4.2 out of 5 based on 94 ratings

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18 Responses to “(English) NINE, re-invents the analog watch – with style.”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow ****!!! Another hit my master Fir, I would say Interesting ! Looks very nice. Interesting, with how less details you achieve such a cool result. Simplicity is the key. 9*/YES ;)

  2. avatar Sandra より:

    Very cool, I like it! Very simple but absolutely brilliant idea :) Nothing to complain about. I would buy!

  3. avatar Cory より:

    The last image reminds me of my Rogue SR2, and this is not a bad thing! Love it. Simplicity rocks.

    Case is a little too square for me, but that’s mostly just personal taste (I likes me the curvy)

  4. avatar Firdaus public より:

    Thank you Tokyoflash for posting this design.

    Thank you for the comments Samu-chin, Sandra-chin, and Cory-chin!

  5. avatar mushy より:

    This is a bit like your other design Firdy, but I like this one more. I don’t know if it would be feasible, but maybe you could have interchangeable hands of different shapes so that people could change them according to their interests, mood etc. Anyway, just a thought. :)

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Firdaus, the “9″ looks like a sympathetic character who tells the time with his pointed nose (I must be the one to see this character?)
    Firdaus is one of my favorites on this blog, because its design is often subtle and seductive.
    5 * and Yes, no problem!

  7. avatar Firdaus public より:

    Thank you for the comments mushy-chin, burter-chin and Patrick-chin!

    9 is very inspiring and cryptic isn’t it?


  8. avatar Pete より:

    Very pretty design Firfir, the case is simple and elegent, the display is clear and stylish, whats not to like?
    Inspired by the number 5 thats how many stars I award and Yes! :D

  9. avatar Ignatius Reillius より:

    :O I had a similar idea some time ago that I would like to submit to Tokyoflash, but I wonder if having seen this one they think that mine would be a copy…

    Anyway, love it. :) I love the concept and the design. In my opinion a round case will look better.
    5* and YES (And if I had more money, aside to help pay for my studies, I’d buy two, a green one and one white)

    Good luck Fir ;)

  10. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thank you for the support Pitukun. Thank you for the comment Ignatius, don’t worry about your idea because great minds think alike (but my IQ is low). Arigatou mina!

  11. avatar Swift_451 より:

    I like this one… although I see sixes and not nines :D

  12. avatar Tim より:

    Maybe call it the 69er watch . ;) Nice concept.

  13. avatar Firdaus より:

    thank you guys. 9 sounds more commercial ;-)

  14. avatar Dianekmt より:

    This is a lovely design, and the case looks classy. Unfortunately it does remind me of a phone logo.
    It does look quite elegant though and is a good concept.


  15. avatar sillyworm より:

    How about a Face in 3 parts? Lines up at 12:00 Or **** Female/Male “shape” lines up at 12:00 or Billaiard Table w numbered balls?(Would be stunning!)

  16. avatar Firdaus the herbalist より:

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I’m not ashamed to tell its inspired by very common number 9 shape, and can be similar to anything. Round shape, why not say it reminds us to moon or blah blah blah… Sillyworm-chin, sounds like ***, could be fun, you can put any shapes, might work.